The Reality Management Therapy Center and Technology Showroom

The Reality Management Center functions as a showroom for RMT and InnerSense technologies and a Therapy Center that utilizes the technology to enhance Consciousness.

The Reality Management Therapy Center #1 and Technology Showroom

Welcome to the Reality Management Center

The Reality Management Center is a co-creation between InnerSense, Inc. and FwdFuture LLC.  InnerSense has a 40 year history as one of the original pioneers of light, sound and vibrotactile technologies in the U.S. and had been named as one of the top 200 companies in the world for transformational technology by TransTech. FwdFuture has over 120 years of combined experience in business startups, management, video production, advertising and marketing.

We named our center the Reality Center for Sensory Wellness because the science behind what we are doing is based on those three concepts:

  1. Reality – The ability to create one’s own reality is vital to evolution and transformation from animal to spirit.  It’s really just a matter of being able to manage it.  This is the main goal of the work here at RMC.
  2. Sensory – We observe reality though our consciousness.  The only connection that consciousness has with reality is via the mechanisms that we use to sense our internal and external environments.  The technology used at RMC synchronizes the senses into coherent states that allow one to take control of and manage their reality in more elegant, smooth, calm, and profoundly relaxed way while also feeling divinely inspired, productive, creative and progressive at the same time.  This Zen state of awareness balances the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system.
  3. Wellness – This is the hot word around town these days with anyone interested in health and vitality.  The word wellness is defined as “the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal”.  It is also used to indicate a way of measuring a person’s progress toward wellness.  The term applies to physical, mental/emotional and spiritual health.  The science and advanced technology used at RMC represent the state of the art in transformational technology. 

Day to Day Operations

Our staff are all highly trained in their expertise.  Tarun Raj is our CEO.  The chief operations officer is Jonathan Chia, a veteran partner who heads up our Veteran outreach program.  And myself, who am the chief science officer of the group.  We all have now passed the level of simply facilitating sessions on the technology and now consider ourselves to be certified Reality Managers.  We have several people in training for becoming certified facilitators and other staff who help us with the day to day functions of the center.

In addition to vibrational therapies and consultations, RMC also functions as a showroom for the technologies of InnerSense and RMC’s development partner Reality Management Technologies RMT.

You can view all of our technologies and set up a demonstration times for any of the technologies at the Reality Center…or go to the website to find out more about the specific technologies at

All of the services we offer at RMC utilize combinations of light, color, sound, frequencies, tactile vibrations, music and other forms of frequency vibration.  These are all different forms of transformative technologies that have proven themselves to assist users into achieving non-ordinary states of mind that can effect true and lasting positive change.  

These types of mind states can also be created with psychedelic plant medicine, which has become all the rage in modern medicine’s approach to PTSD and other forms of mental illness with ketamine and other drug clinics popping up everywhere now.  The services offered at RMC are safer, faster, less expensive and more effective as determined from research and testimonials from those who have experience both approaches.

Eight Person Group Experience
Eight Neuronaut Group Experience


VibraSound Massage Table – Feel, See and Hear Frequencies and Music in every cell of your body with your eyes closed.  Single, couple and up to eight person group sessions can be booked on our website.

The VibraSound Massage Table

VibraSound ZeroG Reclining Chair – Float away into InnerSpace in a proprietary position.  Single client only.

The VibraSound ZeroG Chair

VibraSound WaveTable –  Hydrosonic (Fluid) Transducers turn your body fluid into a speaker.  Become One with the Sounds, Music and have an AHA! Moment.  Single client only.

The VibraSound WaveTable

Fundamentalizer Voice Analysis –  Discover your own Personal Vibratory Signature and Energy Distribution.  Used to write personal programs on the other experiential services.  Single client only.

The Sensorium III Sensory Interface

Portacle Quantum Biofeedback – Experience the quantum geometry of your voiced expressions and resolve the difference between your Instrument and the Player of the instrument.  Single client only.

Personal Reality Profile – A working, updating, personal file, accessible only by the person who posts to it, that allows artificial intelligence to find patterns in their personality via biofeedback, biorhythm, enneagram, gene-key, human design, Myer’s/Brig personality profile and other forms of personality profiling.  All of these are combined and patters are revealed that describe that personality in the most accurate way possible.

Personal Reality Profile

The Personal Reality Profile

Retail Sales –  In addition to the typical offering of T-shirts, Hats, Essential Oils and other products that enhance our brand, we offer unique forms of light, sound and vibration equipment, CDs, DVDs, and other methods and devices that aid in human transformation.  

Education – One of our primary goals is to bring human awareness to the realities of InnerSpace.  We offer periodic free and fee based workshops and seminars based on the subjects of human transformation and vibrational therapy.  

Call today or go to to schedule an appointment for your Personal Reality Profile and life-changing experience…

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