Quantum Structured Water

Experience the most powerful water on the planet

transformant structured water

Water that lives.

Vibration affects everything, especially the quantum memory of water. Our proprietary process requires water to become the agent of its own transformation by surviving a deadly crisis, encoding the water with the experience of disassembly, rearrangement and reassembly to a higher state of order.

The power of water

It has long been known that water is the best storage material because it is 

the most resonant form of matter.


Our supercomputer created algorithm requires water to go through a death and rebirth process that transforms it to its next highest state…vapor


Transforming from one state to another programs that intense experience in to the water permanently, transferring those memories when consumed.


Water takes on the vibration of anything it comes in contact with, so it easily looses its memory unless it’s locked in by intense experience. TransFormant is that memory.

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Water encoding

A world class electro-sound water structuring device

Transformant Process

Utilizing our patented separation and reassembly technology, water goes through its own experience which allows it to stay pure and encoded with the resources of transformation:  acknowledgement of the need to change – release of resistance –  removal of impurities – letting go of the old and stepping out into the new.  The water implodes, disassembles, rearranges and reassembles into pure vapor which is condensed and consumed… transferring the resources of transformation into mind, body and spirit.