About InnerSense

About InnerSense

As our name implies, for every outer sense, there’s an inner one. When we dream, we see, hear, smell and sense that inner-world just as accurately and precisely as we do the time domain we live in. Our methods and technologies are designed to turn the focus of attention inward toward the greatest nation on earth…the imagi-nation, the reciprocal spectral domain, innerspace…the “other side”.

InnerSense, Inc. was formed to design, develop, manufacture and distribute advanced transformational technologies to the world.

InnerSense Patented Technologies

Almost everyone has something they would like to change, so applications for transformational technologies are vast. Ours is considered worldwide to represent…state of the art. Our science is based on a theory put forth by one of our founders in the late 80’s called Sensory Resonance, which is a new and expanded model of the human autonomic nervous system or ANS. The theory is rooted in the fact that the only connection that consciousness has with the internal or external environment is through the sensory mechanisms.

The basic premise of the theory is that when the reticular activating system that controls levels of attention in the brain is provided with a coherent multi-sensory experience in a safe environment, it relinquishes control of attention to higher states of mind…feelings of peace, well-being, a connection to the circle of life, a feeling that all is okay and that one is on the right track.

These feelings, of course, lead to better health and all of the other good things in life. Our products and services were developed to help a person achieve sensory resonance, wherein lies access to the higher self and AHA! is a common peak experience…a Fusion of Science and the Senses. Some have even referred to them as Spiritual Technologies.

Our goal is nothing short of effecting true and lasting
positive change upon planet earth.

All of our products and services were designed for one main purpose…to assist users and recipients in consciously evolving to higher and higher levels of order. We have three main corporate divisions. Our VibraSound Sensory Science division designs and manufactures sensory resonance vehicles based on its 30 years of experience with transformational sensory technology.

A second division, consults with TGR Ltd. in the UK, which utilizes our patent, the Separation and Reintegration of Real and Imaginary in the Temporal Domain to create state of the art sound enhancement and quantum biofeedback technologies. This patent assists users in resolving the difference between the actual and potential components of a thought or stated intention and is the underlying principle in many of our products and services. Such resolution reduces tension and allows change and transformation at the most basic, fundamental level of reality where everything originates.

A third corporate division, Harmonic Law Publications, provides access to our research and development archives, blogs, white papers, books, music, charts and study aids.
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The team at InnerSense have come together from diverse backgrounds and yet all share a passion for creating tools for the betterment of mankind. During the past 25+ years, we have developed numerous independent businesses in a wide variety of fields. These include transformational tools and relaxation therapies, as well as medical, environmental and computer based businesses.

Our Team

Don Estes

Don Estes currently serves a CEO and Director of InnerSense Inc.  He is a certified medical technologist, laboratory director and neuroscientist. He has lectured worldwide on sensory science and vibrational medicine, appearing on CNN, NBC, ABC, Entertainment Tonight, Science Frontiers, the Discovery Channel and Next Step, which won an Emmy award in 1994.

His work has been featured in Wired, Computer Design, Los Angeles Magazine and in national and international media. Estes’ book Harmonic Law: The Science of Vibration, illustrated by a large wall chart entitled the Absolute Scale of Relative Cosmic Reality, is one of the most complete compendiums of scientific and philosophical knowledge assembled. 

Don is the inventor of VibraSound® Sensory Resonance™ technologies, used by both professionals and nonprofessionals for music, sound therapy, relaxation, entertainment and expanded states of mind. His theories include proprietary knowledge and patents in the fields of light, color, sound, music and algorithmic automata.

In addition to being a consultant to rejuvenation retreats, day spas, mind spas, medical professionals and entertainment facilities worldwide, Estes designed, built and operated three award-winning facilities: InnerSpace™, MindWave™ and the Aha! Spa™ and the new InnerSense Studio in Santa Monica, California.

Since 2001 his company, InnerSense, has partnered with Psiometrics in Glastonbury, England. Together they have pioneered a new science of universal automata, which defines the physical and mental mechanisms behind the manifestation of intention. They have also designed and constructed a world-class supercomputer that can render a microcosmic emulation and analog model of any reality in  formal mathematical language.

Don currently lives the Aha! experience on a daily basis with his wife and two children in the Santa Monica Mountains of Los Angeles.

Randy Stack

Randy Stack has spent most of his life exploring and transforming esoteric sciences into practical applications. As a young Catholic with aspirations of becoming a priest, Randy was inducted into Western Esoteric Tradition at the age of nine and, over the years, came to specialize in the adaptation of ancient esoteric knowledge to modern technology.
In 1977, Randy acquired his first computer and became a self-taught programmer. At 15, he gained early admission to Edison State College in Fort Myers, Florida and continued his formal education in computer science. Within two years, he began teaching computer science at the same school and introduced the then-emerging resources of digital media technology into  the arts & humanities curricula. During his tenure, he co-authored an early college text on BASIC language programming.
Because of his long-time interest in music, Randy took a break from teaching to study electronic music under Dr. Robert Moog, inventor of the electronic music synthesizer, at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. It was there that he learned to combine his love for computers and music into a single pursuit.

Randy became an early adopter of the MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) standard, departing from its conventional applications to create game-like software and interfaces to teach musical fundamentals such as interval, rhythm, harmony and timbral complexity.

He also coded real-time signal processing algorithms for use in music production, often employing these as the basis for integrated stand-alone systems for a variety of interactive acoustical environments for studios, art installations, dance troupes, museums and other public and private venues, often in collaboration with artists seeking to include his technology in their work.
Randy then attended New College in Sarasota where he met and Dr. Rick Doblin, who later went on to establish MAPS.org that develops medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics.
During this period, Randy was also recruited by Rife Laboratories to act as board advisor on frequency, spectra and arbitrary waveform synthesis technology. and assisted Dr. Valery Hunt in her search for the human aura.
In 2002, his company Psiometrics began working with AHA! Ventures and InnerSense, Inc CEO Don Estes, a “twin spirit” and someone who paralleled Randy’s, goals. Together they explored universal automata, vibrational science and harmonic law. Their joint developments are covered under U.S. Patent #8788557, Bi-Phasic Applications of Real & Imaginary Separation and Reintegration in the Time Domain.

The diversity of their backgrounds allowed each to make valuable contributions and, as a combined resource, they prove to be a valuable asset to the groundbreaking projects of InnerSense, Inc.