Sensorium Quantum IV Voice Analyzer and Sensory Feedback Interface


The Sensorium Quantum IV is a combination of two correlated softwares that combine a state of the art breath and voice analyzer with the multi-sensory capabilities of the light, color, frequency, sound, tactile vibration and music capabilities of the original Sensorium.  This is an upgrade from the former Sensorium I, II and III versions.  Whereas the Sensorium III is still available, it has been greatly improved upon with the release of the new Sensorium Quantum IV.

It contains all of the former functions of the Sensorium III but with the addition of a completed version of the Fundamentalizer…a state of the art breath and voice analyzer that has been in research and development since the late 1980’s.  Not only does this system allow one to capture the essence and fundamental and/or complement frequency of a person’s voice and breath, the information can also be transferred back to the Sensorium feedback software and adjusted to provide octave related frequencies from either the fundamental and/or complement of the the user’s breath or voice.  With this method the user can see, hear and tactically feel their own unique, personal vibratory signature that can help them tune-up their body,  mind and spirit, just like a musician does with a musical instrument.  For more information about how the breath and voice are the biometric of choice to determine who a person is and what they want please study the many articles about such on the www.innersense-inc website under the Learn menu.

The Sensorium IV is available as a software upgrade to those who already have the Sensorium III…or as a new system that includes all of the hardware necessary it to run.  For more information about the new Sensorium Quantum IV, what it is capable of and what the package includes please visit the website mentioned above and read the first article at the bottom of the homepage.

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The Sensorium Quantum IV Breath and Voice Analyzer and Sensory Feedback Interface