InnerSense Makes Sound Tables with Vibroacoustic and Vibrotactile Technology

VibraSound®️ by InnerSense are Vibroacoustic Beds, Sound Tables, Chairs and Pads

InnerSense Makes Sound Tables with Vibroacoustic and Vibrotactile Technology.

InnerSense, Inc. has been engaged in researching, developing and making sound tables and vibrotactile technology since the early 80’s. Until recently, it was not well-known in the  medical establishment that sound therapy has tremendous effects over health and well being, not to mention that it is now being used in many medically oriented  therapies to effect lasting and positive change on many human ailments. 

However, the world of established medicine is finally taking notice and utilizing  various sound technology in a wide variety of medical and paramedical  applications. Until four or five years ago there was only a handful of companies  around the world with this type of technology. All of a sudden there are scores of  new companies emerging with an entire plethora of technologies utilizing sound to  treat various human health conditions.

Vibrotactile Technology

The world has finally caught up with InnerSense over the past few years with sound tables, chairs and pad showing up everywhere recently. InnerSense still leads the way by producing technologies that are considered around the world to represent state of the art in neurotechnology and has endorsements from leaders in all of the fields that support consciousness enhancement and neuroscience.

The VibraSound WaveTable - the ultimate sound and vibrotactile table
The VibraSound WaveTable

Its flagship technology, the VibraSound®️ WaveTable, is a fluid, hydrosonic transducer that turns body fluid into a speaker the allows vibration to be deeply felt in every cell of the body with little to no impedance loss. The warm, safe, womblike environment that it provides leads to profound relaxation but also to incredible inspiration at the same time using frequency and music therapy.

The VibraSound Massage Table - a vibroacoustic sound table
The VibraSound®️ Massage Table

In addition to the WaveTable, similar technologies are utilized in the production of Massage Tables, Chairs and vibrating Pads.

The VibraSound ZeroG Reclining Sound Chair
The VibraSound®️ ZeroG Chair

As humans, we have a number of sensory mechanisms that allow us to experience  phenomenon in many different bands of this vibrational spectrum. We can see,  hear, feel, smell and sense these various vibrations with the multitude of sensory  mechanisms that we were born with. All in all, there have been upwards of 40  different sensory mechanisms discovered in the human body.

The VibraSound Dolphin - Hand Puppet and vibrotactile transducer.
The VibraSound®️ Dolphin

Since the only connection that consciousness has to the internal and external environments are the sensory mechanisms, any research into to consciousness must begin there.

It appears that the  one most commonly known and used for different types of therapy is sound. The  important thing to remember, however, is that sound is only a very specific narrow  range of the entire universal vibrational spectrum. Sound only represents a small slice of the entire vibrational pie as shown in the image below. Human beings have the ability to to sense other bands of the spectrum as well like light, color, vibration, aroma and even electromagnetic fields.

The Autonomic Nervous System

There is a small bundle of nerves at the base of the brain called the reticular activating system that functions as a sensory relay station that receives and routes all sensory input to different parts of the brain. The RAS therefore has a lot of influence over what a person pays attention to and how they respond to it.

It prioritizes attention and can quickly focus awareness onto things that are deemed important, like hearing your name in a crowded room or smelling smoke when there should not be any reason. It can also block out things like sounds coming from the environment that are habitual and of no importance like traffic on the street outside.

It’s a wonderful mechanism and is probably one of the main thinge that has insured our survival over the years. It is important to look both ways when crossing the street and be aware of our surroundings in dangerous situations. However it blocks access to all of the good things like feelings of peace, well-being, connectedness, that we are on the right track and can trust our fate to guide us. Sound, light and tactile therapy can play an important role in synchronizing the senses and balancing the RAS.

Sensory Resonance

Sensory Resonance™️, developed by Don Estes is a theory that shows how sound therapy, light entrainment, and tactile tables can greatly enhance higher levels of consciousness and improve human life. For more information about Sensory Resonance™️ please read the blog/article on this website of the same name.

Sound therapy has a long history of being efficacious in treating all kinds of disease and illness since the beginning of time. The ancients used to dance around a flickering fire with drums, bells and wooden instruments. Plant medicine was found to numb the RAS and expand consciousness at the same time. Meditation was developed to quieten the RAS to allow more spiritual experience to take hold.

InnerSense, Inc. – Transformational Technology

InnerSense, Inc. was created in 1984 to explore all of the possibilities of sound tables, sound therapy and vibrotactile technologies along with Sensory Resonance by creating hardware and software that synchronizes light, color, sound, aroma and tactile vibration with music. Figure one above shows many of these next generation technologies that can be used to enhance consciousness and lead to higher levels of order.

Now in its 13th generation of advancement, these technologies have resulted in multisensory integrated state of the art sound tables and beds, reclining vibrotactile chairs, light/color projectors and control software along with various forms of virtual reality that they now call InnerReality or iR. For more information about iR, please read the blog/article of the same name on this website. For information about how to purchase or use this technology please contact us or visit/call our showroom in Santa Monica, Ca. called the Reality Management Center.

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