Vibrasound™ Massage Table & Sensorium Package


The combination of the VibraSound Massage Table and the Sensorium Sensory Interface is the ultimate combination of light, sound, color, vibration and music.  Capable of producing Sensory Resonance where all of the senses are synchronized into a simultaneous, coherent experience that satisfies the brain’s need for safety and coherency and mind can elevate to higher levels of peace, well-being, connectedness, trust and faith in universal fate.

Vibrasound TR package

In this package, you will receive our VIBRASOUND table, synchronous LED glasses with mount, and Pro Quality Headphones.  We give you everything you need to power, program and enjoy the Sensorium from the comfort of your own home.


The foldable Vibrasound table represents the state of the art in portable vibrotactile/sound therapy tables. Constructed with high quality components; heavy duty hardwood frame, triple density foam, Reiki ends, professional wiring components, two patented transducers with proprietary mounting, durable leather-like black vinyl covering, ten foot cable, 150 watt amplifier, and manual.



The Sensorium is our fully functional vibrational therapy system which represents the next generation of light and sound devices, which can coordinate and synchronize any form of vibrational therapy or device into a timed, push-button session.  This package includes professional quality light therapy glasses and high quality performance headphones.


A 50% deposit ($2598) is required to place an order for one of these systems.  The balance ($2598) will become due prior to shipping within two to three weeks after the order date

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