Sound Bed – The Amazing VibraSound®️ WaveTable Hydrosonic Music Bed

The VibraSound WaveTable

The VibraSound®️ Hydrosonic Sound Bed is the Ultimate Vibroacoustic and Vibrotactile Sound Table

Whenever vibration is transferred from one medium into another, there is a loss of signal due to the differences between the two mediums. The VibraSound®️ WaveTable is a sound table that features a Fluid Mattress filled with a colloidal mineral solution, which matches the sound transferring characteristics of human tissue fluid. This removes any impedance loss between the WaveTable and the human body and insures complete transference of the signal into the body.

The combination of liquid, heat and vibration insures a very warm, snuggly womblike feeling that promotes profound relaxation. In addition, appropriate frequencies and music can lead to blissful levels of inspiration. This “expanded” state of mind leads to deep levels of Open Focus and encourages non-duality in thinking.

The VibraSound®️ WaveTable, the Ultimate Sound Bed

The WaveTable is the ultimate tool for professional Sound Therapy. Also known as Vibrotactile therapy, they all revolve around the concept of bringing physical, tactile vibration back into human experience.

The VibraSound WaveTable Sound Bed
The VibraSound®️ WaveTable

There are a couple of major differences between tables that output vibroacoustic sound and those that produce vibrotactile vibration. Speakers produce sound from about 20 Hz. all the way up to about 20K Hz. Therefore, they are very loud and usually require a sound proof room.

Vibrotactile tables, on the other hand transduce most of the sound into low frequency physical vibration and are therefore, much quieter. In addition, tactile transducers are much more powerful than speakers and produce much lower frequency vibrations. For more information about this subject please read about the difference between them in our latest article Sound Tables vs Vibrotactile Tables.

Whenever a signal is transferred from one material into another there is a loss of signal, called impedance, due to the difference between the physical characteristics of the two materials. The human body consists mostly of tissue and water…so does the fluid and structure inside of the VibraSound®️ mattress. The connection between the hydrosonic mattress of the VibraSound®️ vibrotactile sound table and the fluid within the body is the best way to transfer frequencies and music directly into the body.

However, signals travel five times faster in water than they do in air and therefore sound boomy and muffled. A sophisticated automatic equalizer must be used to flatten the signal so that the quality of the sound is equal to that of a speaker in air. The VibraSound®️ Impedance Processors has been professionally engineered to solve this issue and produce a high quality sound at very low frequencies that can be felt in every cell of the body including the bones, tissues and resonant cavities.

The VibraSound Sensorium III Sensory Interface
The VibraSound®️ Sensorium III Sensory Interface

Sensory Integration with a Sound Bed

One really nice feature of the VibraSound®️ sound table is that it was designed to synchronize with light, frequencies, color and aroma via an optional control module called the Sensorium III™️. This hardware/software combination can generate and program any known type of vibrational phenomenon and synchronize them with any music of choice. There are so many features of the Sensorium III™️ that it would be impossible to discuss them here. For more information about the Sensorium III™️ please visit its product page on this website .

The VibraSound®️ Massage Table
The VibraSound®️ ZeroG Chair

The VibraSound®️ sound table technology has been expanded to include a massage table version and a ZeroG reclining chair for those who have portable or smaller footprint needs or requirements. In addition, there is a VibraSound®️ music library, suggested music playlists, operation and music therapy training resources and periodic online workshops to answer questions are learn how to better operate the technology.

For more information on how to purchase and use the the VibraSound®️ WaveTable contact us at and we will have one of our technicians answer your questions and help you get set up with a VibraSound®️ Sound Table or visit/call the Reality Management Center for a demonstration.

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