The world's first group
Multi-Sensory Experience


Based on the theory of Sensory Resonance, we will synchronizes all your senses into one simultaneous multi-sensory, multi-media experience of profound relaxation and intense inspiration.

Pulsed Light & Color

Our InLuminX lighting & color system is the next generation of live event visual effects for creating reality bending group experiences.

True Living Sound

This proprietary audio process makes you feel like you’re on stage with the artist experiencing every frequency, amplitude, phase and nuance

Full Body Vibration

Lie down on a private massage table which vibrates perfectly in sync with the performance, so the sound can be felt in every cell of your body.

Group Light Entrainment

Our proprietary InluminX lighting delivers over one million lumens of perfectly synchronized light in each show, creating the world’s only group entrainment experience.  With a faster pulse rate than any other LED lighting system, InluminX can provide a profound sense of connection and relaxation as it harmonizes with your brain and provides a “technodelic” experience.

This is Inner Reality

Our patented psychoacoustic and psychovisual effects create an audio, 

visual and kinesthetic experience that is designed to blow participants minds.

A multi-sensory journey like never before

Go deep into your senses and join 30 other travelers as we travel to Inner Space. 

Beginning with collective breath work, immersive 360 visuals react in real-time to the frequencies of the group.  


These scientifically perfect visualizations along with the sound and vibrations allow the group to experience their energy like never before.  


The journey continues and eyes close as the InluminX brain entrainment lights take over as one million lumens take you to Inner Space.

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