The Sensorium: Multisensory Integration


The Sensorium multisensory integration is a sensory interface that combines next generation software and hardware to allow the simultaneous synchronization of all main sensory mechanisms into one coherent experience.  This state of mind is coined Multisensory Integration.  It utilizes light, sound, frequencies, tactile vibration, color and synchronizes them with music.  Can access iTunes or any digital music file so any music or playlist can be used.  Three stereo channels of input with ten outputs.

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Behringer Midi (Real Time Controller), Light Arm (Adj Arm, Stealth Visor, Mount), Sensorium Hardware (8 Ch. Interface, Headphones, Glasses), Sensorium II Software (Windows/Mac), Sensorium III Plus Hardware, Sensorium III Software w/ Fundamentalizer & HyperSpatializer (Mac Only)

The Sensorium LSV III is a complete update and recompiling of the original Sensorium LLV II and IIC to 64 bit architecture featuring:

  • A dramatically improved resolution to 16 decimal points of accuracy and enhanced graphics. 
  • A  Tone Bank has been added that accepts up to 12 tones with user definable frequency, phase and amplitude settings. 
  • A Harmonic Scope provides visual graphics of each tone as it is added to the bank, so a complex wave can be observed as it is being built from simple waves. 
  • An Analysis Scope allows a higher definition view of the complex waveform being created by adding tones. 
  • A Fundamentalizer function can extract the user’s true fundamental frequency along with 11 of its most prominent overtones and save it to the Tone Bank where programs can be written using an individual’s own personal waveform.

The LSV III also includes all the features of the Sensorium LSV II, the world’s leading functional vibrational therapy system.

This computer based software/hardware system that represents the next generation of light and sound devices that far surpassed those of the past, which can coordinate and synchronize any form of vibrational therapy or device into a timed, push-button session. Light, sound, frequency, music, color, em fields, and other forms of vibration can be programmed and then fed back to users by RGB light diodes, headphones, speakers, monitors, projectors, coils and other forms of vibrational devices.

The Sensorium is comprised of a software package and several pieces of hardware, all combined to control The Vibrasound or any other sound/tactile chair or table.  They can be purchased as complete kit or individually. The image below shows the User Interface of the software package:

Sensorium II Software Only – Mac & Windows
(OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard – 10.10 Yosemite  & Windows 7+)

Sensorium IIC Software Only – Mac Only
(OSX 10.11+ )

SENSORIUM III  Software – Mac Only
(OSX 10.11+ )

All software packages shown above require the use of the Sensorium Hardware: