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What is Sensorium

Music is meant to be seen and felt, as well as heard. Sensorium is a proprietary technology that allows the user to hear, see, and feel music in every cell of their body.

Features & Results

This world-class biofeedback system combines light, sound and vibration to create what we call Sensory Resonance, or a total synchronization of the senses.

Sensory Resonance

Being relaxed and stimulated at the same time helps to balance the Autonomic Nervous System, the body’s number one control mechanism.

How it Works

Play music from any live or prerecorded source, or use the onboard frequency generator to synchronize the light, sound and vibration to any desired effect.

The Sensorium

The Sensorium Sensory Interface & vibrational therapy system is the only consumer software which generates any frequency and seamlessly synchronizes them with sound, music, light & vibration.

the sensorium multisensory integration

Key Features

Each Vibrasound hardware component works together with the Sensorium software to provide an optimal sensory meditative experience.


A 4 Channel Stereo Visual Display that sends music as light pulsations to the eyes in perfect synchronization.


High quality Stereo Headphones that send music as well pure frequency to the ears so you can feel completely immersed.


Together with our Vibrasound vibrotactile platforms, music and frequencies are sent as vibration to the body.

Sensorium in action

Take a look at the most advanced frequency controller ever made for consumer use

A biofeedback revolution

Sensorium synchronizes the sensory mechanisms and encourages deep relaxation, profound inspiration, and emotional balance.