Experience GooseBumps on a Vibroacoustic or Vibrotactile Sound Table

A Vibroacoustic Sound Table can Illicit Blissful, Ecstatic and Thrilling Goosebumps

Whereas the common notion of having goosebumps has a negative connotation of experiencing fear or being really chilly, another meaning of the word defines a phenomenon whereby the skin reacts to an emotional response during experiences of extreme beauty or thrills. Scientists call this the pilomotor reflex.   

goosebumps frission pilomotor reflex
Goosebumps and Standing Hair from Music

Goosebumps are often created from a blissful spiritual experience. Sometimes just the thought of an entity creating all of reality is enough to get one’s hair to stand up. The realization of how amazing, wonderful, beautiful and exciting life can get the goosebumps flowing all over the body.

Music Ecstacy

With regard to music, this reaction is called Frission. It has been shown that people who experience frisson are more open to new experiences than others, and other studies described higher levels of creativity and intellectual curiosity.  In other words, the appreciation of beauty is built into our human nature, and frisson is just a turbo-charged version of that esteem.

It is best described as a sudden rush or wave of emotions that some people have when listening to an emotional piece of music. Frisson is the French word meaning to ‘shiver’ or to have ‘chills’. But in this case, we’re not shivering because we’re cold, we’re shivering because we’re stimulated by music.

It’s one thing to hear and be enthralled by a beautiful piece of music. It’s another thing altogether to feel it. Vibroacoustic and vibrotactile sound tables convert most of the sound into physical vibration that can be felt in every cell of the body simultaneously. This is especially true of extremely low frequencies that go below the limit of hearing at 20 Hz. The low vibrations allow one to feel every single peak and valley of the wave and create oscillation that shakes the entire body with gentle but powerful pulsating waves.

These waves travel through all of the body’s membranes releasing dielectric charge that tenses them and keeps them stretched out like a drum skin. It’s like an internal massage with the frequencies or music being generated inside and unfolding outward through all of the tissues and organs. Special, unique frequencies can be used to target different areas and parts of the body.

These waves finally reach the skin and the other components of the Integumentary system and cause the goosebumps to release the energy of the wave to the outside. This release causes the hair to stand up straight and increases the body’s surface area due to the bumps. This, in turn, creates a nervous system response that causes the extreme, thrilling feelings of ecstasy and bliss associated with goosebumps. Nothing “feels” better than this…some have even claimed that it was better than sex! It is the ultimate form of healthy pleasure. There is a huge difference between healthy and sordid pleasure.

The Pleasure Freeze

Unfortunately, some people cannot experience pleasure. Hedonism is a common word that most people know about. However, Anhedonism is a term many are not familiar with. Anhedonia is a disease that causes a person not to be able to experience pleasure. It is also known as the Pleasure Freeze. It is the first symptom of all disease. Sufferers first stop doing things that pleasure them like walks in nature, listening to favorite music or having fun with friends. All of a sudden they find themselves cutting off from friends and family and becoming shut-ins. At this point disease settles in and takes over.

A Tingler is a tool that can trigger goosebumps by gently stimulating the skin or scalp with small finger-like wires. We use it to determine whether or not a person has Anhedonia. This device is slid down over the scalp and the fingers gently stimulate the skin. Almost every one shivers and experiences intense goosebumps from this but those that don’t can be suspected of having anhedonism. A few have even become irritated and claimed that it felt bad. These people need to work with a sound therapist to gently change this reaction to one of pleasure and, over time, learn to experience it once again.

the tingler goosebump stimulator
The Tingler Goosebump Stimulator

Experiencing Goosebumps on a Sound Table

As mentioned earlier, vibroacoustic and vibrotactile sound tables can enhance the ability to experience pleasure and create blissful, ecstatic goosebumps. This feeling is greatly enhanced when the other senses are brought into the experience with synchronized sound, light, color, and aroma are added to the vibrotactile experience initiating Sensory Resonance. To have your own thrilling experience please visit or call the Reality Management Center to book an appointment. Or if you are interested in owning technology that allows you to do this at home, share it with others, become a facilitator or use as an adjunct to your own professional therapy please visit

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Thank you for sharing all this new information and sensory products. I have used Sound Health, Sound Wealth CD’s, by Luanne Oakes, Ph.D. from Nightingale Conant for 25 years. I have shared your newer technology and product information with my grown children which will help them in the new now.

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