Breath is the #1 Fuel for Great Vibroacoustic Sound Table Journeys

Oxygen from Breath is the Propellant for InnerSpace Travel

Modern scientists are just now beginning to understand what sages and wise men have been claiming since ancient times–that the life force animating our physical bodies is regulated by breathing, and that the breath energy is controlled by the mind. 

Taking in air is the first action taken as an independent living being.  In the beginning was one’s word.  Voice is the mechanism we were given by Origin to say who we are and what we want, and breath constitutes the major part of the voice.  About 90% of all partials in the voice are generated by the breath…we were spoken into existence.

Science has established a direct link between the practice of conscious breathing and the electrochemical balance of the brain and nervous system.  It attunes us with the solar and lunar forces that lead to better health.  The sensory network of the nose is also vital to the reticular activating system’s alerting mechanism.

breath is the fuel for great vibroacoustic sound table journeys
Breath Creates Oxygen…the Fuel for the Journey

Aspiration Reveals Who and What We Are

Aspiration is the measure of life.  Mice breathe very fast and live short lives.  Tortoises and sloths move and breath slow and therefore live much longer lives.  It is unconscious and happens automatically through the involuntary muscle system.  This ties it directly into the automata at the most primal level of reality.  It has somewhat of a life of its own.  

Yogis and body workers place a lot of emphasis on learning how to deepen and lengthen both inhalation and exhalation.  They understand that it is the key to greater health and vitality.  Becoming more conscious of the breath and its patterns are the first step in this process.

PRANA (Sanskrit) – ” Life-force” is a yogic term for vitality and breath. It is the name of the upward moving respiration, which causes the spirit to evolve. It is the fundamental cycle that drives metabolism, and voice is an extension of the aspiration that shows how we aspire to be.

Inhalation and exhalation reveal the way in which we take-in life and express ourselves back out into the environment, and voice is the mechanism we have evolved to communicate who we are and what we want out of life. Whereas brainwaves reveal mostly what a person is thinking, and heartbeats mostly what a person is feeling…the breath and voice patterns weave both together in real time.  The way one aspires to be reveals everything about their life.  Therefore, it is the biometric of choice for evaluating the physical, mental, and spiritual essence of a human being.

Whereas most biofeedback is performed with sound, aspiration analysis provides the ultimate feedback source of vibrations that do not have to be arbitrarily converted from electrical signals like brainwaves and heartbeats.  A spectral evaluation of breath can reveal the past, present and future distribution of physical, mental/emotional and spiritual energies and provide a plan for disassembly, rearrangement and reassembly of oneself to the next highest level of order.  This is the essence of life!

complex spectral matrix of a person's voice on the portacle
A Complex Matrix of Person’s Breath on the Portacle

InnerSense offers a quantum biofeedback system called the Portacle. it is based on a patent that allows the separation of the personal aspects of a person from the impersonal…the player and the instrument…the actual and the potential. It then regulates the disassembly of the old pattern, assists in reorganizing it, and reassembling it back to a higher level of order. The two streams are separated and fed to opposite ears and fed into the body with a sound table, which requires the brain to resolve and reassemble them with binaural phasing as opposed to binaural beating. In addition, they are mapped onto a cartesian graph so that they can be visually observed and resolved with light and color.

For your own Aspire to Be, Portacle session or Observe your own personal Mandala, please visit or call the Reality Management Center to book a session.

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