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Healthy Pleasure and Sound Therapy

What is Healthy Pleasure and Sound Therapy

Healthy Pleasure, Dean Burnettis a noted neuroscientist and author writes “is our ability to experience pleasure, as in the fundamental sensation of something being enjoyable or ‘nice’, is a product of what’s known as the reward pathway, a small but crucial circuit found deep within the brain.” Dopamine is the main neurotransmitter involved in the function of the reward pathway. So, if the activity of dopamine in the brain makes a vital contribution to the sensation of pleasure, and pleasure is a key aspect of happiness, then it stands to reason that boosting your dopamine levels will make you happier, right?  Well, maybe, but it’s not the only way to increase good forms of pleasure.

Consciousness is dominated by Perception, which is experienced in one of three modes; pleasure, disinterest or pain.  All conscious experiences are perceived as either pleasurable, painful, or not even worth paying attention to. This is the function of perception, which, in many people, is based mostly on the subconscious level of mind. Bringing perception into the conscious would require paying attention to how one is paying attention, which is a very hard thing to do and maintain. Super-conscious perception would be the equivalent of total self-realization and mastery, a level of mind visited by only a few. 

Unfortunately, in many societies, religious fervor has confused sensory with sensual, and therefore the concept of pleasure has been forced underground as a taboo. Healthy pleasure has been confused with sordid pleasure. Therefore, many people live with a medical condition called an-hedonism, or the inability to experience pleasure. This “Pleasure Freeze” leads to all types of physical and mental illness, substance abuse, crime, and violation of human rights. 

In any given moment, consciousness can only be experiencing what’s going on or analyzing the experience.  It is almost impossible to do both at the same time. Whereas Eastern societies are mostly based on Experience, Western societies are more focused on Analysis.

Healthy Pleasure and Modes of Consciousness
Figure One: Healthy Pleasure and Modes of Consciousness

In a society where pleasure has become taboo, the only other choice of experience is pain. Continuous experiences of pain eventually teaches one how not to go there. If pleasure is not allowed, and pain is too intense to deal with, the only other experience left is the static wait state of disinterest. This explains why so many people live in this un-engaging experience of consciousness, or else stop going to the experience side of consciousness all together, which results in the other common state of mind…the analyzing and conceptualizing mode. This is where many people in western societies live most of the time. Sound familiar?

Normally, in a healthy and happy person, this system is balanced and both modes function properly. The Sympathetic should come alive under stimulation and withdraw when there is none. When metabolism slows down, the Parasympathetic should take over and allow the body to re-energize and repair itself. There is a built in mechanism that keeps metabolism from moving too far in either direction called Homeostasis. These three modes again reveal the triune nature of reality discussed in other papers on this site.

However, when something goes wrong and the ability to experience rest or pleasure becomes limited or impossible, the body becomes susceptible to depression, fear, and eventually disease. The entire cycle of the ANS is referred to as metabolism and reveals itself as the frequency and timing (periodicity) of various chronobiological life cycles such as breath-rate, heartbeat, brainwaves and other circadian, ultradian, annular, and generational repeating spirals. For more information about this subject please read the blog on Sensory Resonance on this website.

Types of Healthy Pleasure

Certain factors can block access to higher states of mind such as lack of required energy and fear of the process of some change that it might bring.  In addition, emotional obstacles, inability to give up control, lack of appropriate technique or technology, lack of available time to devote self discovery, too much focus on the outer sensory world (hedonism)or its opposite an-hedonism (the inability to experience pleasure) can also block access to super-conscious levels of mind.  Furthermore, the fear of being labeled “weird” or having inappropriate behavior is also extremely limiting to higher consciousness.    Healthy Pleasures are experiences that lead to a happier and more satisfied life.

Healthy versus Unhealthy Pleasure
Figure Two: Healthy versus Unhealthy Pleasure

The illustration above gives some examples of the differences between healthy and unhealthy forms of pleasure.  Healthy Pleasures are forms of pleasure that lead to increased health, as opposed to pleasures that lead to illness and destruction. Healthy Pleasure improves access to the SuperConsciousness. Unhealthy habits lead to The Pleasure Freeze, the root cause of many terminal illnesses.

The Pleasure Freeze 

Although there a many causes of disease, one of the major ones is a medical condition called “anhedonism”, which is the inability to experience pleasure.  In fact, there are some professionals that believe this is the first step of all disease.  The symptoms of pleasure freeze are not doing the things that once provided pleasure, not hanging out with family and friends as much as usual, reduction in work, exercise and other conditions that eventually result in a “shut-in” condition, with little outside engagement. 

A similar thing occurs in addiction.  Habits cannot be simply dropped or broken…they can only be replaced with another habit.  Such is the situation for alcoholism and other additive behaviors.  They must have an alternative, which has to be more constructive and ordering instead of chaotic and destructive. It’s vital to understand why people become addicted to things. These days hardly anyone would argue against the idea that one of the main causes of addiction is trauma and distress. 

There aren’t a lot of great options to replace bad habits.  Some of the things that can help are increasing the ability to relax and let go, reducing stress and work time, and remembering the things that use to give us pleasure.  In our view, one of the the best solutions is one that leads to Sober Fun.  This form of stress is called Eustress instead of distress. 

Distress is a double edged sword that robs one of good energy and replaces it with bad energy.  Eustress is actually good for reducing stress and improving mood.    The major thing that is missing in the pleasure freeze is a concept called fun.  Any type of therapy that leads to a fun experience is uniquely qualified to help in both disease and addiction.  

Now, it’s obvious that the world is currently plagued with an over-indulgence in pleasurable pursuits, but this is exactly the point…for the most part, people don’t know how to fully experience pleasure in simple healthy terms, so they go searching for more radical sordid forms. Of course, never ending healthy pleasure might lead to disconnection from reality, and never enjoying an un-healthy pleasure could cause one to become too uptight. A healthy balance would lead to a lifestyle that leans toward the healthier forms of pleasure, while sneaking in an unhealthy one now and then as the need or desire arises.

The Effects of Healthy Pleasure

There are all types of healthy pleasures: experiencing music, taking a walk in nature, soaking in a hot-tub, making love, enjoying family and friends, massage, sports, arts, learning, and discovery. Many people would include meditation and even spirituality. The truth is… whatever it is that you love…that is the thing that gives you the most pleasure. Love is the highest form of pleasure. Worship is the highest form of Love. Unfortunately, much of the world has fallen into the trappings of unhealthy types of pleasure.  Because of societal mores, pleasure has had to go underground. Sensory has become confused with sensuous, and it is no longer politically correct to discuss pleasure. 

The time has come to change all that. Healthy pleasure is not only good for you, but also vital to your well being. Without it you will never look and feel your best, and in addition, potentially set yourself up for a whole host of serious illnesses. So take your choice…a life full of healthy constructive pleasure…or a life full of boredom, loneliness, pain, and fear. A trip to your favorite place to relax and have fun is in order! 

With all the time demands that modern life heaps on us, such stress free places can seem to be very far away. Sometimes the time and effort required just to plan, prepare, take a vacation, and catch up when you return, just adds more stress. What if there was an affordable way to get to one of those places in just a few minutes, without the hassle involved in planning a trip? What if there was a way to engage in an activity that was both relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time? What if there was a technology available that could make all of this possible? 

Healthy Pleasure and Sound Therapy

VibraSound is a proprietary technology based upon the Theory of Sensory Resonance, which states that the key to health and happiness is the ability to Experience life as much as Analyze it.

Too much analysis leaves one short of experience. Experience actualizes in human consciousness as either pleasure or pain. Sensory Resonance brings about a state of pleasurable experience. Healthy Pleasure has applications in just about every field of medicine, psychiatry, stress management, recreation, and entertainment. VibraSound®️ is the choice among professionals for the perfect device to transfer any type of vibrational information such as music, sounds, frequencies, light, colors, tactile vibrations or communication therapy.  

Sensory Resonance is a state of mind that occurs when one is extremely inspired, challenged or relaxed in a pleasurable experience. It cannot be achieved under conditions of boredom, threat, or pain. VibraSound®️ was designed to help users relax and become inspired at the same time by synchronizing their senses of Sight, Sound, and Vibration with a unique form of Music Therapy that allows them to simultaneously see, hear, and feel the harmonic vibrations. Being relaxed and stimulated at the same time can lead to states of Sensory Resonance that can bolster one’s health by helping to balance the Autonomic Nervous System, the body’s number one control mechanism.

VibraSound®️ has over 40 years of research and development and has been tested by hundreds of professionals all over the world to enhance Healthy Pleasure. InnerSense’s Medical Director, Dr. Michael Galitzer, MD. has tested the effectiveness in his multiple health centers for over 20 years and finds it to be almost 100% effective at improving a person’s mood and helping them achieve a level of profound relaxation that can’t heal.

He devoted a full chapter in his book Outstanding Health to the VibraSounds in his facilities. His wife, Janet Hraniky, MD, who coined the phase “The Pleasure Freeze”   has researched and written extensively about it in many publications.  VibraSound ®️ incorporates almost all of the many of the factors of Healthy Pleasure and Sound Therapy. It can result in:











Healthy Pleasure is FUN 

But, most of all it is FUN!  Make an appointment today at the Reality Management Center to check your level of the pleasure freeze and experience the excitement and fun associated with a VibraSound therapy session. 


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