Sound Therapy and the Manifestation Cycle

Sound Therapy can be used to take control of the Manifestation Cycle

There are three main components of wave phenomenon…Frequency, Amplitude and Phase. The diagram below shows this microstructure of a wave..

MicroStructure of a Wave Phenomenon

Frequency is the number of peaks of a wave in a given time range. The image above is three seconds in length with three peaks…or one peak per second. This signal would be labeled as a l Hz signal or one cycle per second. Amplitude the height of the wave or its Volume or Intensity. Phase is the distance between two different peaks of the wave.

In Phase Space there are two domains of reality…Real and Imaginary. The Real plane represents the Ordered Actual aspects of a thing, whereas the Imaginary plane represents the Chaotic Potential of it.

The Manifestation Cycle of Phase

Thought is purely imaginary. You can think whatever you like without it becoming real. It may cause some internal turmoil but does not leak outside of the Imaginary plane and become real. However, when that thought is expressed by speaking, writing or even a gesture it moves into the real plane and begins the process of manifestation.

Once the thought is fully expressed, Action can be taken on the Expression and when the action has been fully accomplished the thought will manifest in the real world. This flow of energy is known as the Manifestation Cycle from Thought to Expression to Action and final Manifestation.

However, many times a person gets stuck in one of the quadrants and the process of manifestation comes to a halt. Some people have great thoughts and intentions but cannot easily express them or put them into words that can be written down. Others, the great majority, constantly say I’m going to do this or that…start a new business, build a new center but never take any action on the expression. Others skip the expression quadrant all together and jump from the thought directly into action without fully expressing it or building workable model first. When the action fails they just jump right back to the thought quadrant and think about it some more.

Rarely does one find a person who has equal energy in all four quadrants. If the phases of a spoken expression are measured for phase, a perfect phase space would be 25% in each quadrant. A person with a perfect phase distribution would be the perfect employee because they wouldn’t have to be micromanaged. You could give the a job and they could think it out, make a plan, take action on the plan and then manifest the outcome.

The Clockwise Manifestation Cycle of the Natural Flow of Nature

This model of the Manifestation Cycle can be expanded into two different modes. The clockwise flow of it represents the natural flow of manifestation. A person has a thought, which is put into expression, action and finally manifests itself at 90˚ phase. The manifestation is then nurtured into perfection at 180˚ phase. At that point the 2nd law of thermodynamics (entropy) steps in and begins to disassemble it, which finalizes at 270˚ phase. So, there we are, with everything we’ve worked for disassembled back into all of the pieces. At that point a decision must be made.

The Counterclockwise Manifestation Cycle of Effecting Change on the Natural Flow

Does the person step back and “go with the flow” and allow the universe to decide what happens next? If so, the parts are readied for reassembly with a new thought and the person gets what the universe has prepared for them. On the other hand a person can realize that perhaps they need to take charge, make some changes in their plan, reassemble the scattered parts in a different way and try to reassemble them into a new version of the manifestation.

Sound Therapy and the Manifestation Cycle

All human biometrics follow one of these two flows. A person’s reaction to these flows shows up in brainwave, heartbeats and even their voice. Doing a phase analysis on a person’s voiced expressions about a particular subject can reveal where they lie in the manifestation of it.

The InnerSense Portacle Quantum Biofeedback System can reveal a person’s status in the flows. Below is an image taken from a Portacle’s realtime Indices:

The Quantum Indices from a Realtime Portacle Voicing

As can be seen this person is at 83˚ in the natural flow of manifestation and 144˚ in the counterclockwise flow. Both flows indicate that they are very close to manifesting what they are talking about.

These real and imaginary flows are then processed and sent to a pair of headphones with the real going to one channel and the imaginary going to the other. At the same time a special algorithm is used to draw these flows onto the computer screen so that they can be seen and observed as a person speaks.

These real and imaginary flow can also be transferred to the Sensorium III Sensory Interface so personalized frequency programs can be written that further allow a person to resolve the difference between their real and imaginary (actual vs potential) selves. The potential relates to the instrument that they live in and the actual relates to the parts of themselves that is playing their instrument.

For a personal experience with the Portacle please visit or call the Reality Management Center or even better order you own copy of the Portacle and be able to do it where ever and whenever you like.

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