Spiritual Technology and Experience – 1

Part One: Religion, Philosophy, Mysticism, Ecstasy, Inspiration and Spiritual Technology

Religion versus Spiritual Technology

Spiritual Technology represents a technological method of resolving the difference between spirituality and religion. There’s currently a lot of discussion about the difference between religion and spirituality. Unfortunately, the word religion has been hopelessly and erroneously connected to the institutionalize religions. Many of those not connected to the traditional paths have turned to the word spirituality as a substitute.

However, both words originate from, and lead to, the concept of communicating with the universe, its origin and destiny, and/or the bigger picture of reality. For the purpose of this paper, all references to this experience of the Divine will combine both aspects into a process simply called communion

A Scientific Image of a Spiritual Experience Implies How Science Relates to Spiritual Technology.
A Scientific Image of a Spiritual Experience Shows How it Relates to Science

What is Spiritual Experience?

Strangely, it’s sometimes easier to defining what something is by describing what it’s not before clarifying what it is. True religious experience comes only from a one-on-one realtime relationship one is having with the Divine. True spiritual experience is not

  • A slavish belief in threats of punishment or magical promises of rewards.
  • An idealistic, mystical1 experience…when philosophy inclines particularly toward the spiritual level, it becomes idealistic or even mystical. Faith leads to knowing God, not merely to a mystical feeling of the divine presence.
  • Credentialed by unrestrained enthusiasm or rampant religious ecstasy.
  • Sharable because it then becomes philosophy and not true religion.

True spiritual experience is:

  • The highest form of direct spiritual communion between an individual and God, occurring in real time and not dependent on prior acts of belief, tradition, and authority. Speaking and listening to God through one’s higher self.
  • Providing dedicated support to a fellow human being
  • Stepping out into the unknown in Faith with confidence in eventual success
  • Worship: Knowing the Universal Parents and wanting to be around them, to please and emulate them. Allowing them to live in one’s life on a moment to moment basis. In recent times the concept of “religion” has taken a beating. There are so many different dogmatic ideas about this subject that it has become one of the most serious blockages and detriments to civilization. Spirituality has attempted to fill the gap, but falls short because it is based on brotherly instead of parental love.
  • If we are all brothers and sisters, we must have the same parent. The ethics brought about by brotherly love are arbitrary and change from time to time depending on the current mores. Morality, however, the ability to choose between right and wrong, comes from parental love, which goes beyond ethics and endures forever.

Organized religions like Christianity, Judaism, Islam and others have a very clear conception of the parenthood of God, but a very confused to almost non-existent concept of the resultant sibling-hood of humankind. If you don’t believe exactly as they do, then you are not a brother or sister and will either wind up in hell, become non-existent when you die or suffer some other eternal misfortune.

On the other hand, the New Age religions and returns to old-world ones like Buddhism, Hinduism, the Goddess Cults and others have a deep understanding of the ethics of brotherhood and sisterhood, but believe that the concept of a creator parent is purely fictitious and have little regard for distinguishing right from wrong.

The truth is that both things are true…there are universal parents and we are all brothers and sisters. True religion is an individual’s unique, real-time communion and experience with Origin. When that personal experience is shared with another human being it becomes philosophy…not religion. All of the institutionalized religions are actually philosophies. A simple resolution would be to have two temples…a temple of philosophy where everyone can discuss and even argue for what God is and what it wants…and a temple of worship, where everyone gathers and agrees that there is only one Origin, which they all want to emulate and be around all the time…in other words, worship. 

Therefore, true spiritual experience must be a combination of both. A realization and acceptance that there is an origin and destiny of reality and that humankind and even alien-kind are all related and exist in unique positions that are a relative distance and direction from Origin. This is the true spiritual essence behind the physical science of calculus. Each individual has the right to their own personal experience with the Divine. When shared it must be remembered that it becomes philosophy, which is relative, debatable and not absolute. 

The Purpose of Spiritual Experience 

The purpose of spiritual experience is not so much to satisfy curiosity about God but more to provide intellectual and philosophic security, stabilize and enrich human living by blending the body with the spirit. It is through spiritual experience that human idealities become realities. 

In addition, it is to initiate communion with Source. Prayer always has an element of self-interest involved, but Worship of the divine source is for its own sake. This experience leads to true faith and trust. Faith is not a noun, something that is possessed, but rather a verb, something that has to be exercised…like a muscle. When weak, it becomes hard to find in those moments of emergency when it’s really needed.

The opposite of Faith is Fear, a prevalent and current major problem in the world today. Spiritual experience leads to faith and trust in your fate2 and its place within the universal plan. 

Experiencing Spiritual Reality 

How does one find, create or in some other way have a spiritual experience? How, what, when and where can this experience be found?  The Christians would say that it is the experience of opening one’s heart and accepting Jesus as one’s savior. The Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and others have similar beliefs and all believe that their way is the only way to God. The truth is that there is only ONE God…not yours and mine, not them and there’s…only ONE. We may all have different ideas about who, how, where it is and what it wants, but there is only ONE.

Even though the universe has made it possible to experience the concept of spirit on the most simplest of levels, whatever the belief system used to attain a spiritual experience has certain prerequisites that determine the quantity and quality of the experience: 

Prerequisites to Spiritual Experience

  1. The purity of mind, body and spirit – the definition of holy is purity. If something
    is 100% is true self, then it is holy.
  2. The level of physical health – the body is the dwelling place and structure of that hold the mind and consciousness. It’s structure determines the quality of the signals to be produced.
  3. The level of mental health – the mind is the controller of the the body. It can effect change upon the body.
  4. The level of emotional health – emotions can be positive levitating up to the superconscious, or negative, gravitating down into the subconscious.
  5. The level of consciousness – consciousness can be either subconscious (past), conscious (present), or superconscious (future).
  6. The level of spiritual receptivity – The ability to receive spiritual communication depends upon the function of the body’s glandular system and for spiritual signal transmission and reception.
  7. The level of Faith – Faith is not a noun but rather a verb. It steps out on the belief because it assumes the belief is correct. It has to be exercised to stay strong.
  8. The level of Sensory Coherence – The only connection that consciousness has with reality is through the sensory mechanisms. Energy is first provided to the physical level. What’s left over is given to mental and emotional processes. Anything remaining belongs to spirit. Coherence of the senses is vital for the creation of spiritual energy. 

(1-5) The Body/Mind/Spirit Connection and Levels of Consciousness

The first five prerequisites are bound together in the body/mind/emotion/spirit complex. The first step of achieving a spiritual experience is the purification and stabilization of mind. The integration of body, mind and spirit determines the quality of the spiritual experience. The better the quality of the current physical, mental and emotional health, the higher the quality of the spiritual experience will be. Inherent mind capacity and processing speed enhance the quality of the experience. 

Reality is unified into ONE through the action of triunity. Everything has a dual opposite that is triunified by a third associative force that works toward resolution and integration of the two polar opposites. In human terms this manifests as body, mind and spirit. We are neither the little angel (spirit) that appears on one shoulder nor the little devil (body) that appears on the other…but rather a consciousness sandwiched in the middle having to choose between the advice being offered from each. In universal terms this results in spiritual personality on one pole and physical nature on the other with cosmic mind arising to resolve the difference. 

Available energy is appropriated first for physical survival. Any remaining can be applied to mental thoughts and/or emotional expression. Whatever is left over after that can be applied to spiritual pursuit. The pathway to spirit is a journey through the mind to its highest level. 

Mind operates on successively increasing levels depending upon the quality and capabilities of the mechanism that is experiencing it. It operates in three main realms…the sub-conscious, conscious and superconscious domains. Human consciousness reaches down to the sub-conscious mind through the lower emotions and upward to the superconscious via the higher emotions. 

Levels of Consciousness (Sub - Consciousness - Super)
Levels of Consciousness (Sub – Consciousness – Super)

The seven circuits of conscious mind operate on the teachable level of material mind in from the animal level through the highest levels of worship and wisdom. Intellectual, social, moral and spiritual evolution are all dependent on the the function and action of these circuits. 

In order to set the stage for a spiritual experience these levels of mind must be successively mastered and conquered in order to reach the highest level of mind to find the spirit (essence) residing therein. Notice that worship of origin is not the highest level. However, that ability leads mind up to the point of having wisdom, which can answer any universal question, solve any issue, take action and manifest any intent.

Sitting at the very pinnacle of thought…in the citadel of the mind, is one’s higher-self who can elevate human thought into a new form of spiritual, cosmic thinking that transcends conscious mind and catapults thought into the realm of the superconscious. Direct communication with spirit is achievable at that point without all of the interference of one’s external and internal experiential filters. 

6. Spiritual Receptivity 

The 2nd requirement for the ultimate spiritual experience is the inherent ability to receive spiritual information. Whereas this has always been thought to be some kind of meta or non-physical issue, it is now the current school of thought on how spiritual information is received in the mind. The quality of spiritual reception is glandular and depends upon the status, function and energies of a person’s seven glandular/ hormone centers.  Scientific evidence points to the pineal gland as being the location of the spiritual thought adjuster.

The ability to connect and respond to the seven mind circuits will determine the level of mind that an individual can attain to. Spirit reaches down into physical reality through the brain in order to commune with humans. 

Mind is not a physical evolution, but it is solely dependent on the mental capacity afforded by inherent genetic and environmental circumstances. The structure of human brains results from the action of physical laws, but the subsequent endowment of mind is the bestowal of the conscious mind circuits4 in accordance with inherent brain capacity. 

The Physiology of Spiritual Experience
The Physiology of Spiritual Experience

The Third Ventricle Glandular System 

Spiritual receptivity is a glandular experience. The brain receives spiritual information via the Pineal Gland, which is projected across the third ventricle to the Pituitary Gland, which produces the neuropeptides that determine behavior and experience. This is the way in which spirit attempts to influence physical behavior, but is blocked by our internal and external experience. Only by focusing both inside and outside sensory mechanisms outside and inside senses can the spiritual signal been unblock and allow through the spiritual message being conveyed by the pineal gland. 

The tunnel through which this takes place is the third ventricle, known in ancient times as the cave of brahma. The surfaces of the thalamus and hypothalamus are covered 

with cilia that transfer information back and forth between the the pineal and pituitary. A surgical microscope reveals that the information flows back and forth like wind across a wheat field. The ceiling and lateral walls of this cave is the thalamus which is connected to all the external sensory mechanisms. The floor is the hypothalamus that is encircuited with input from the internal sensory mechanisms. So, an individual’s external and internal experience interferes with the flow of information from the pineal to the pituitary and prevents a real-time transfer of information from the true self. 

Dancing around a fire, self-mutilation, vision quest, transcendental meditation, drugs and other methods have been used to lessen the effects of this blockage and lead a person into a mystical experience. But is that truly a bona-fide spiritual experience? 

(7) Faith

Faith is Trust in a higher order, a knowingness that all is okay. The opposite of faith is not love but rather fear. The level of fear experienced is proportional to the lack of faith and trust one has in their beliefs, expressions or actions. Faith leads to worship, which results in wisdom…the highest level of mind. 

(8) Consciousness and Sensory Science 

The 3rd. requirement for optimum spiritual experience is sensory coherence. The only connection that consciousness has with both the external and internal environments (reality) is via the sensory mechanisms. Consciousness does not exist in the brain but rather on the “membrain” that separates self from non-self…the integumental system…the skin, retina, eardrum, tastebuds, nasal passage and other membranes that separate ourselves from everything else. 

The Integumental System of the Outside Membrain

The Integumental System of the Outside Membrain

The Integumental System of the human body is detailed in the blog The Membranes of Life, excerpted from Harmonic Law: The Science of Vibration, by Don Estes, Harmonic Law Publications, 1999.

What blocks one’s ability to achieve spiritual experience all the time in unbroken communion? The Reticular Activating System (RAS) at the base of the brain is a wonderful mechanism that serves as the brains security guard. It’s a relay station for the sensory mechanisms that pays attention to everything you see, hear, feel, taste and smell and routes that information to the appropriate brain center for processing and action. It wants to make sure that there is no threat and that everything adds up and fits the picture.

However, unfortunately, it blocks feelings of peace, well-being, connectedness, that all is okay, you’re on the right path and that you can trust, take faith and abandon anxiety…feelings that are hard to come by these days. 

The RAS is intricately connected to the sensory mechanisms. It can narrow focus the mind into immediate action or diffusely release the mind to feeling instead of thinking. It can allow you to hear your name in a crowded, noisy room or block out the noise of the train track running right next to your home…in other words…it controls the level of consciousness and how it relates to spiritual reality.

Sensory Resonance versus Sensory Dissonance and the Human ANS
Sensory Resonance versus Sensory Dissonance and the Human ANS

As mentioned earlier, there are many ways that have been designed to work around the RAS. However, the only way to truly get it out of the way is to give it what it wants… safety, security and that everything it’s experiencing adds up, fits the picture and makes sense. Like Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise…security issues raise the shields and things that don’t add up are assigned a committee or research group to figure it out.

However, where does everyone want to go when the captain is not on board and all is okay…they want to go to the Holodeck, where they can be anywhere they want, whenever they want in virtual reality. However, no level of virtual reality no matter how advanced, can match the power of the human mind to virtually create an experience without the help of drugs or technology. Lucid dreaming is vastly superior to virtual reality with regard to creating an experience that truly suspends disbelief. 

The characteristics of the mystical state are diffusion of consciousness with vivid islands of focal attention operating on a comparatively passive intellect. 

Group shared belief systems are philosophies… not religions. 

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