Superconscious Mind Encourages Sensory Wellness

Superconscious Awareness Leads to Sensory Wellness

One of the most talked about subjects these days in science, medicine therapy and other fields is consciousness.  There are now even theories that it is the true essence of reality and existed before the physical universe appeared…the source of all…the first cause of reality.

If the existence of the subconscious mind is hypothesized then, in order to be congruent with the triune nature of reality, the actuality of the superconscious mind must also be postulated.  This trinity of mind constitutes the totality of human experience and represents the only connection we have to reality.

SuperConsciousness Mind
Figure One: Triunity of Consciousness

This triple configuration of mind explains the connection between body, mind and spirit, where the body holds the actual past experience, mind observes the becoming present and the future is held within the potential  mystery of spirit.

Figure Two: Triune Nature of Reality

Mind connects to reality though the sensory mechanisms that observe, measure and respond to the universal vibrational spectrum that makes up the physical nature of the universe.

There are least 8 main sensory mechanisms…sight, sound, smell, taste, tactile, vestibular, proprioception and interoception.  However, up to 40+ have been identified including magnetic, heat and other forms of sensory awareness.  Humans can sense only a small portion of the universal vibrational spectrum with variety of sensors each of which cover very narrow bands.  These sensory mechanisms are the only connection that consciousness has with the internal and external environments.

One of the major sensory mechanisms we that humans have is rarely acknowledged, researched or even talked about…that being the sense of spiritual receptivity.  Whereas many people think that spirit is an entirely different and unrelated phenomenon to physical or mental reality, the truth is that they are all intricately and intimately connected. 

The inherent imagination and spiritual receptivity is a personal, individual unique trait, talent and ability that is inherent within the chemical endowment of the glandular system of the third ventricle.  This mechanism that resolves the difference between the body and spirit sits in the “citadel  of the mind”.

Figure Three: The Physiology of Spiritual Experience

In other words, the ability to receive spiritual communication is regulated by the harmonics of the glandular system in the center of brain…the relationship between the pineal and pituitary glands.

In the early 90’s Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Christopher Hills, myself and a few others formed an study group called The Institute for Cellular Communication to discuss and explore the connection between spirituality and biology.  Dr. Lipton posted a great video about this concept of the connection between the endocrine system and spirituality…the universal field of cosmic consciousness…or spirituality.

Out of this group also came the idea that consciousness lives on the membrains of the integumentary system and not exclusively in the brain, which is its processing center.  For more information on this related concept please read the blog on membrane consciousness on this site.

Although emotional excitement can increase the intensity of such an experience it is not the ideal spiritual stimulus…meditation makes the contact of mind with spirit.  Both profound relaxation and the level of inspiration determine the capacity for spiritual receptivity…or the ability to tap into and communicate with the cosmic field.  Whereas meditation sometimes implies tuning out and escaping from the rigors of life, true meditation is actually a process of tuning in…more of what could be called contemplation of the field…understanding one’s place, meaning and value in the universal scheme of things.

Relaxation and Inspiration are perceptions of consciousness that lead us into sensory resonance because both are considered a challenge instead of a threat that results inn sensory dissonance.  The diagram below graphically illustrates how this relates to the human autonomic nervous system of sympathetic and parasympathetic shifts in metabolism and how the choice between threat and challenge leads to life or death.  For more information on sensory resonance versus dissonance please read the blog on Multisensory Integration in the Learn Menu this website.

Going both ways at the same time is the only way to exceed the limits imposed by homeostasis.  This can lead to Sensory Resonance with its associated Self-Realization and Self Mastery. 

Sensory Resonance
Figure Five: Sensory Resonance

Sensory Resonance enhances the ability to make contact with the higher self…the Superconscious.  The subconscious is focused on the past whereas the superconscious is directed toward the future.  The conscious mind is left to deal with the present moment, but it can’t really because the next moment of the future occurs every 5.26 x 10>24 seconds. 

The present moment happens so fast that the mind cannot grasp it in time to act on it.  Therefore the only time worth focusing on is the “next” moment.  The current imperative “stay in the moment” should be upgraded to “what are you going to do in the next moment”.  For more information on this concept please read the blog on this website titled Unit of Time Perspective.

The subconscious mind requires analysis as the experience has already occurred.  The superconscious mind is an experience.  Conscious mind  is associative.  It balances analysis and experience by resolving the difference between them and promotes balance.  Regard must be given to both.

The conscious mind reaches up to the superconscious mind via the higher emotions like love, peace, joy, inspiration, ecstasy, connectedness, etc.  It drops down into the subconscious through the lower emotions like hate, discomfort, sadness, boredom, greed, need, expectation, anger, etc.  High  levels of emotional intelligence (EQ) are required in order to directly commune with the superconscious.  And all of this is taking place within an individual’s inuversal sensorium. 

Results of Superconscious Experience

Spiritual Experience – Communion with the Divine

Manifestation of Goals and Desires

Astral Travel – Out of Body Experiences

Unit of Time Expansion – Living in the True Present Moment

Enhanced Emotional Intelligence – (eQ)

How to Enter a SuperConscious State

Active Pursuit – Does not Perfect without Practice. 

# of Times/Day – Sincerity of Desire


Breathwork – The Fuel for the Journey

Sensory Stimulation and Synchronization – The Vehicle

Sensory Metrics – The Directions

BiofeedBack – The Map

Support – Friends, Groups and Professionals

Intent – Keep it Spiritual Oriented 

Maintain a Perspective of Challenge

Stabilize the Emotions

Communication with the Machine/Instrument/Body

Communion with the Higher Self – The Spirit Within/Thought Adjuster

For your own superconscious experience please call or visit the Reality Management Center at the beach in Santa Monica, California.


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