Unique Transformation with Sound Therapy

Transformation with Sound Therapy has Become a Major Technique to Effect True and Lasting Change

Human Transformation is a very wide range of changes from something as simple as a shift of mood all the way up through location, health, finances, career and relationships to the highest form of Allasso…transformation of a evolutionary material creature into an eventuated spiritual essence…who one is going to be on the other side in eternity.

What is Human Transformation?

  •   To Transcend…go beyond and become more than Human.
  •   To Progress from Imperfect Evolutionary Material Creature into Perfected Existential Spiritual Being.
  •   To Grow and Change.
  •   To Actualize all Potential via resolution of Real & Imaginary.
  •   To Become the True Self…whole, pure, and unified…the greatest challenge in life.
transformation with sound therapy
Figure One: Transformation with Sensory Resonance

Requirements for Transformation

  • Establish a Universal Standard and its governing principles…Harmonic Law…a reference against which all else can be compared.
  • Gather the necessary Resources.
    • •  Intention (Willed Affirmation)
    • •  Energy (Fuel for the Journey)
    • •  Tools (Map and Instructions)
    • •  Dedicated Support (Sounding Board)
  • Remove all unwholesomeness…the things done or not done that keeps one from creating life the way they want it.
  • Active Pursuit…Making Change a Periodic Event.
  • Become whole, pure, and unified.

Methods of Transformation

  • Evolution (Spiritual Ktisis)
  • Self Analysis, Discovery, Mastery & Free Will.
  • Sensory Resonance – Synchronization of the Senses
  • Transformation with Sound, Light, Vibration and Aroma Therapy
  • Automata
    • – The Underlying Code
    • – Control Handles for Operating the Machine
    • – Navigator (Spirit) Captain (Mind) Ship (Body)
    • – Regard for both Actual and Potential
    • – Rules for working with Automata

Transformation with Sound Therapy

Sound therapy can be employed to dramatically shift someone into a transformative state. Even moire so when it’s combined with light, color, tactile vibration and aroma, engaging and synchronizing all of the sensory mechanisms into one coherent state…the essence of sensory resonance.

Sensory Resonance
Figure Two: The VibraSound Sensory Resonance Wavetable

Results of Transformation

  • Peak Experience…Alert but Relaxed…Secure but Inspired…
  • Encircuited across the Entire Universal Vibrational Spectrum
  • Re-assemblage of Oneself…Change…Growth toward Perfection.
  • Transcendence of Human to Spirit Domain.
  • Purpose…Finding Meaning and Direction in Life.
  • Sensory Resonance…Turning Threat into Challenge.  Perceptual  modification.
  • Purification…Drives out all Unwholesomeness.
  • Actualization of Potential…become the True Self via Purification over Time.  Allows the
  • Creation of One’s own Reality.
  • Expansion of Unit of Time Perspective.
  • Unity of all the various parts, establishing an Origin of Certainty becoming a radiating source of harmony.  One becomes an Oscillator instead of just a Resonator  (See An Automatous Challenge Archive).
  • Health, Happiness, Success, Progress, Change, Growth…Perfection

The Development of Transformational Technologies

  • Transformational Technology has a long history tracing back to ancient times.
  • Transformation in today’s hectic modern world requires time saving methods.
  • The Buddha would wear a walkman!  Each new generation takes advantage of its advancing technology.
  • All technology leads to the realization and development of Spiritual Technology and terrestrial escape.
  • Best of these incorporate some type of feedback loop (output returned to the input) – Iteration.

InnerSense Transformation Technologies

In addition to supplying all of the resources listed above for Transformation our futuristic, cutting edge technology is based on:

  • Origin and Destiny in addition to History.
  • Consciousness technology as opposed to Physical or Spiritual.
  • Satisfaction of the Requirements for Transformation listed above.
  • Sensory Resonance and Peak Experience – Simultaneous Relaxation and Inspiration.
  • Balance between Analysis and Experience…Diffuse versus Narrow Focus.
  • Total regard for Harmonic Law with Intention as its source.
  • Effecting change at the level of Automata via the Algorithm of Transformation.
  • Bridging to the Other Side by Conversion to Universal Time…the Great Diesis.
  • Natural Resonance Biofeedback…Enhancing what’s right not fixing what’s wrong.
  • Actualization of Potential via integration of the Real and Imaginary.
  • Providing a complete set of tools for exploring one’s Spectral Essence.
  • Personality Integration via Redistribution of Available Energies.
  • World Class Supercomputer called the Chronoldek.
  • State of the Art Multi-Sensory feedback technology called VibraSound®

To experience your own Transformation with sound therapy please visit or call the Reality Management Center.

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