VibroAcoustics in Treatment of Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue can be Treated with Vibroacoustic Tables

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What is Adrenal Fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue is an increasingly common yet sometimes controversial diagnosis used to indicate depletion of the adrenal glands. It is currently not an accepted medical diagnosis according to the AMA. However, it is one of the most frequently searched health conditions on the internet and many doctors, practitioners and therapist claim to be able to treat it.  

James L. Wilson, PhD, coined the term adrenal fatigue in his book Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Syndrome.  According to Dr. Wilson, “They’re the glands that first respond to stress, but also the first to suffer as a result of stress.”

vibroacoustic therapy treats adrenal fatigue

Adrenal fatigue is closely related to, but not to be confused with, Addison’s Disease, a disorder characterized by insufficient cortisol production due either to a pathology directly affecting the adrenals or a disruption of signaling between the brain and the adrenals. While symptoms of Addison’s Disease are similar to adrenal fatigue, the primary difference is that adrenal fatigue is considered a possible result of the overuse of otherwise healthy adrenal glands due to stress. 

Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms

Common symptoms of adrenal fatigue are thought to include:

  • fatigue, particularly upon waking, with intermittent “crashes” throughout the day
  • poor stress response and mood regulation
  • cognitive issues or “brain fog”
  • increased energy levels in the evenings 
  • cravings for salty and sweet foods 
  • overuse of caffeine and other stimulants 
  • a compromised immune system

Less common symptoms are believed to include:

  • insomnia
  • frequent urination
  • loss of muscle tone
  • poor circulation
  • depression
  • weight gain 
  • decreased libido

Causes of Adrenal Fatigue

Many doctors, who do not believe it is real, prefer to do further studies on individuals claiming to experience it to find the underlying causes. However, it is accepted that any kind of excess stress causes the adrenals to increase cortisol production. Adrenal fatigue is thought to occur when the adrenals have been overworked so much that they can no longer provide enough cortisol adequate for optimal function.

Potential stressors include environmental and dietary influences, as well as anxiety and emotional stresses. Experiences such as grief, trauma, and autoimmune conditions are considered to have a possible chronic negative impact on adrenal function. An overuse of antibiotics is also believed to possibly have detrimental effects on cortisol production.

How to Treat Adrenal Fatigue

The standard procedure physicians normally use to diagnose adrenal fatigue is to check the cortisol levels in the blood. However, any of the symptoms mentioned above can be used to self-suspect that something is going on with that system and seek professional help. 

Navigating this ocean of uncertainty is not an easy task.  Symptoms associated with this condition can have multiple causes. Learning how to regulate one’s stress response, stabilize hormonal output, meditate, be mindful, get plenty of exercise, rest and other forms of stress release are some of the ways one can self-treat this challenge.  Sometimes changes in lifestyle, relationships, career and daily routine is required.  In addition, dietary supplements like certain herbs may also helpful.  Above all else, consistency and active pursuit of one’s transformation is the only thing that can guarantee a true, lasting positive outcome.  

Alternative and complementary clinicians often have better results, because they usually spend more time with their patients than medical doctors and have access to alternative methods that have been shown to relax the adrenal system. 

Sound healing therapy has been shown to go a long way toward managing one’s stress, anxiety and/or depression.  Historical records are full of accounts about the efficacy sound has on physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being.  Certain sounds have been known to positively affect the adrenal glands.  However, the vibrotactile sense is even more powerful (2).  A third of the brainstem is given over to the processing of vibrotactile input. Adding that to a sound therapy session dramatically improves its effectiveness.  This is called the “vibroacoustic effect”.

Treating the renal area improves the kidneys’ function and, consequently, the blood quality. It has been corroborated that the vibroacoustic effect exerts a considerable positive influence on the renal area and the adrenal glands when vibroacoustic therapy is applied.  The vibroacoustic effect increases adrenal gland functions and thus the production of their respective hormones even in the case of adrenal gland dysfunction.  So far the influence of enhancing renal function or adrenal glands upon the organism’s systemic response can not be divided. Vibroacoustics increases the intensity of this process (3).

Sound and tactile vibrations represent two of the three primary sensory mechanisms of the human body, the third one being Light.  Studies have revealed that exposure to light can reduce the level of the stress hormone cortisol (4).  Red light therapy has also been shown to be very efficacious with regard to relieving the symptoms of adrenal fatigue (5).  Gamma therapy with flickering light has even proven to have a positive on Alzheimer’s disease, which is also connected to increased cortisol levels (6).  

If any one of these three main sensory mechanisms is effective in treating adrenal fatigue, then imagine what they could do if they were all synchronized together in a single coherent experience? This is exactly what occurs with a Sensory Resonance Experience (7). Combining light, sound, aroma, tactile vibration together allows the signal to be experienced in every cell of the body simultaneously with the eyes open or even closed.  See it, hear it, feel it and smell it!  This brings about a state of mind called sensory resonance that leads extremely profound relaxation and incredible inspiration at the same time.   Both of these nervous system responses can have a dramatic effect on lowering cortisol levels and thus reducing adrenal fatigue.

One such system that encourages sensory resonance is the VibraSound® Wavetable and Sensorium Sensory Interface.  Available in realtime at the Reality Management Center in Santa Monica California and other locations or online at  Learn how to ease adrenal fatigue by treating your mind and spirit.  It can enhance physical cures and even reduce the amount of medication needed (8).

To experience your own solution from adrenal fatigue please call or visit the Reality Management Center in Santa Monica.

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