Sound Therapy, Epiphany and Metanoia

Sound Therapy, Epiphany and Metanoia: A Transformative Change of Heart…a Spiritual Conversion that leads to a change in one’s way of life…Miriam Webster Dictionary…

For years it’s been called Allasso…an Ancient Greek term that means transformation from a physical, material creature into an eventuated spiritual essence…who one is going to be when they pass to the other side.  However, it’s almost identical to the term Metanoia.  The difference is that Allasso is something that usually occurs at the end of life or the beginning of the next, but Metanoia is something that happens in the moment…a sudden epiphany that immediately. transforms. 

sound therapy, epiphany and metanoia
Sound Therapy and Metanoia

It’s possible that it’s been a long time coming and nurtured for awhile…but when the time is right a sudden inner-realization occurs that is received in a more impactful way than when it’s heard from another human.  When a person’s higher-self tells them something it’s more potent and dynamic than when another person says it.  It comes with its own spirit of truth and an inner validation that cannot be denied.  

As I’ve mentioned many times in other articles, transformation is a very wide range of change that can be something as simple as a shift of mood all the up through finances, health, relationships and other life experiences to the top at Allasso.  Our thought has always been if one is going to go through all of the hassle and challenge of transformation…why not go all the way.  There are beings who exist now as the persons they will be when they pass to the other side…spirits in the material world. 

Many studies are beginning to show that the only answer to true transformation is a belief in a “bigger picture”.  Dr. Joe Dispensa traveled the globe to interview people who had somehow spontaneously survived fatal diagnosis, some of them experiencing sudden miraculous healings.  The only thing he found in common between the cases he studied was what he called the Four Pillars of Transformation…A unique set of beliefs that:

1.  An innate higher intelligence gives us life and can heal the body

2.  Thoughts are real and directly affect the body

3.  We can reinvent ourselves through our thoughts, expressions actions and manifestations.

4.  We are capable of paying attention so well that we can lose track of relative time and space.  In other words, we simply just have to make up our minds and actively pursue our own transformation.

Alcoholics Anonymous has shown over the years that faith in God is the main or sometimes only thing that can release a person from the “spirits” of alcohol.  Studies with war veterans and others who have suffered great trauma have shown that the ones who survive and overcome the tribulation claim that a spiritual conversion took place…sometimes immediate.  It’s often been said that “there are no atheists in a foxhole”.

Spiritual Receptivity is Glandular and Influences the Endocrine System

Spiritual Receptivity

The physical components of spiritual experience, especially receptivity, are glandular.  In order for Metanoia to be easily achieved, the third ventricle glandular system of the individual needs to be optimized as much as possible.  This requires an understanding of this system in order to allow the signal entering the pineal gland to traverse the “cave of brahma” without interference from the internal and external experience and impinge upon the pituitary gland that controls human behavior.  The pineal gland is an antenna that receives a signal that represents your true self…the reciprocal, potential, un-actualized still lying in potential on the other side.  

Ideally, the signal traverses the cave without interference and a person can behave as their true self.  However, the roof of the ventricle is the Thalamus (external senses) whereas the floor and sides consist of the Hypothalamus (internal senses and therefore internal and external experience interrupts the signal and prevents is from getting through unscathed.  These glands are regulated by the Reticular Activating System (RAS) which requires security and coherence of sensory input. 

Over the millennia many thing have been tried to deal with the consciousness limiting effects of the RAS…self-mutilation to distract it, meditation to quieten it, and drugs to numb it.  However, it makes more sense to just give it what it wants…security and synchrony.  It just want’s everything to be safe, add up and make sense.  

Given those two things, it voluntarily removes itself and consciousness quickly rises to higher levels of mind…feelings of peace and well-being, connectedness, that one is on the right track, all is okay and that faith in Source leads to trust in fate.  

This is exactly what occurs in vibrational therapy where the user is coaxed into a deep, warm, profoundly relaxing experience and assisted into an expanded state of mind where such AHA! Moments can be experienced.  Increasing the integration and synchrony between the senses results in a state of mind called Sensory Resonance.  Technologies that can synchronize the sensory mechanisms into a single coherent experience lead to sensory resonance and expanded states of mind that encourage the development of such epiphanies.

Sensory Resonance and Metanoia

There are many ways to achieve sensory resonance but it can best be done with inner-space vehicles that can synchronize the senses into a coherent experience that gives the RAS what it needs to release control and allow the focus of attention to turn inward,  Technedelics combines light, sound, frequencies, color, tactile vibrations and aromas and synchronizes them with music, creating psychedelic-like experiences that transcend the normal state of mind.  This results in an altered state that allows profound relaxation with inspiration at the same time to expand the mind all the way up to its citadel wherein resides the higher-self.  When this voice speaks to you…it is essence of paradise that exists at the center of all things. 

Sound Tables and Vibrotactile Tables

The VibraSound®️ Sound Table

This concept can be taken to the next level with the construct of Destiny as a result of Origin and History.  This leads to the the correlated concept of eternal life and the final result of reality…both subjects for another time in another blog. 

For your own Metanoia experience please visit or call the Reality Management Center or one of it’s locations. Thanks for your time and attention.  As always, sending many blessings!

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