What is Reality and How to Manage It?

The Concept of Reality

The concept of reality is the most complex subject that can be conceived. It includes absolutely all physical matter within the universe as well as all mental, emotional and spiritual realities. Quantum mechanics has shown that we, more or less, co-create our own reality with our personal relationship with it. Therefore it’s hard to describe in a single way that resonates with everyone. 

In Sensory Wellness, some doors only open from the inside.

Reality has a triune nature. Scientifically, all reality originates in the reciprocal domain on the “other-side” as actual and potential components that are combined by intention causing it to unfold inside out into the time domain we live in. Anything that has actualized in our domain that isn’t 100% complete has a potential reciprocal self still un-manifested on the other side. The main purpose of the Reality Center is to assist people in actualizing their true self…to turn the focus of attention inward toward innerspace wherein their potential lies dormant, waiting to be acknowledged and actualized. 

Your personal reality is co-created with universal forces that are acting on the other side and unfolding it into your day to day life. Every thought you have, every expression you make and every action you take is reviewed by these universal forces and they work to cause events in your life that will help you find who you truly are. 

At the Reality Center we have created programs that can help people find their true selves. These programs are based on a theory published in 1990 by our co-founder called Sensory Resonance. The reticular activating system (RAS) in the brain acts as a relay station that receives all sensory input and sends it to the proper location in the brain where it can be utilized. It’s a wonderful system that helps us maintain safety and making sure everything adds up and makes sense. It’s probably the main thing that has helped us survive all of the uncertainties of life. 

However, it blocks access to higher brain functions like feelings of peace, well- being, connectedness, that all is okay and that we can have faith and trust in our fate. 

Getting this mechanism out of the way isn’t easy though. People have tried since the beginning of our history to deal with that part of the brain without 

even knowing that it existed or how it worked. The ancients used various forms of wild dance, plant medicine and self-mutilation to zone it out. Meditation came along in an attempt to calm it down and chill it out. Psychedelics showed up in the 60’s and has now gone mainstream with many medical doctors practicing and prescribing it. 

The technologies used at the Reality Center take a different approach. Instead of trying to quieten it down or zone it out, why not just give it what it wants… safety and assurance that everything adds up and makes sense…nothing to worry about or figure out. For more information about the RAS and how it interferes with spiritual reception please read the blog on the website entitled Sensory Resonance.

What is Reality Management? 

Reality Management is taking control and supervising one’s own reality. Becoming an overseer of the moment to moment experience and taking responsibility for every decision and action they make. It consists of several factors:  

Some doors of reality must open from the inside

Personality Integration

  1. Active Pursuit – The Seeker’s daily practice
  2. Gathering the Right Tools (For the Journey)
    • Vehicle: InnerSpace Sensory Resonance Vehicle using light, sound and vibration (VibraSound, Sensorium/LSV)
    • Fuel – Oxygen supplied through intense breathing (Holotropic Breathing)
    • Travel Plan – Establish the right state of mind and mood, choose appropriate colors for surroundings and create a personal algorithm. 
    • Map – Personal assessment of multi-sensory biometrics and personality evaluations like a Personal Sensory Profile, Astrological Chart, Eneagram, Human Design and Gene Keys or others. (The Portacle and Fundamentalizer)
    • Directions – Current state of mind, mood, and color preferences, health, intent and desired outcome.
    • Music – Personally oriented toward a past positive memory
  3. Communicating with Personal Automata (complex frequency signature)
    • Create Personal Algorithms to communicate
    • Machine like precision of Timings
    • Communicate with them visually, aurally and kinesthetically using various technologies.
  4. Finding Dedicated Support – Parent or Close Friend who really cares (Personal Contact) B. A Professional Therapist (Reality Manager). Become Your Own Dedicated Support with quantum biofeedback like the Portacle.
  5. Consume Allasso Concentrate (Transformant) or other substance with transformational resources. 

To create your own personal reality profile please visit or call the Reality Management Center to discuss specific technologies and techniques used athat can assist.

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