InnerSense, Inc. Unique Sensory Wellness and Developmental Timeline

Developmental Timeline and Supportive Articles of Don Estes and InnerSense, Inc.

open the door to your own sensory wellness.

Don Estes Discoveries

1968 – Bachelors Degree in Biochemistry and Psychedelic studies at the University of West Ga.  Devotes his life to finding another way of achieving altered mind states without having to consume psychedelic substances.  Studies consciousness, the senses and vibration.

1969 – Discovers the phenomenon of pulsing light with fans mounted into a swim mask with a tube that would turn the fans by a person’s breath and create psychedelic-like visual experiences.

1972 – Graduates from college with a theory of Sensory Resonance

1975 – Receives a degree in medical technology (MT) while running 3 county laboratories

1976 – Invents VibraSound®and Light Entrainment technologies based on Sensory Resonance

1977 – Serves as technical liaison for Coulter Electronics (Medical Lab Equipment) until 1982

1982 – Receives a real estate license and earns enough money to buy a Horse farm and learned animal husbandry and human/animal communication.

Establishment of InnerSense, Inc.

1984 – Establishes InnerSense, Inc. and sells the first VibraSound® Wavetable.

1985 – Opens the Gateway Transformative Center in Helen, Georgia.

1989 – Opens fourMind Spas  in Japan 1989-1992 with Christopher Hills, PhD.

1991 – Opens the Aha! Spa in Pacific Palisades, California

1993 – Best Booth Award at Siggraph with first Cyberfin 3D Virtual Dolphin Encounter

1993 – Opens InnerSpace on 3rd St. Promenade in Santa Monica

1996 – Opens MindWave 3D VR InnerTainment at the 96 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia

1997 – Releases the original Sensorium LSV Sensory Interface (Stand alone)

1999 – Publishes Harmonic Law: The Science of Vibration (Book)

2000 – Develops and patents MesmerEyes, a randomized fiber optic projector

2000 – Develops Transformant Allasso Concentrate, an algorithmically structured water

2001 – Publishes the Absolute Scale of Relative Cosmic Reality (Wall Chart)

2001 – Opens the VibraSound® Studio in Venice, California

2001 – Develops Harmonic Resolution Voice Analysis as a supercomputer & internet process

2011 – Develops Psi-Fi Sound, an Audio Dimensionalizer

2012 – Develops the Portacle Quantum Biofeedback system (Voiced Expression)

2014 – Receives a Patent on the Portacle and Psi-Fi technologies

2015 – Develops the Portacle Neuro and CN-X upgrades (Thoughts and/or Voice)

2016 – Develops the Sensorium LSV II Sensory Interface (Computer based)

2019 – Develops the Sensorium LSV III (with Fundamentalizer Voice Analyzer)

2020 – Develops InluminX,a one million lumen reflected light entrainment system

2021 – Develops a high resolution Digital Cymascope

2021 – Develops TranscenDome – A group sensory experience with all of the technologies above

2022 – Opened a ShowRoom and Therapy Center with the above technologies in Santa Monica, Ca. called the Reality Management Center

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