Can Evidence Based Science Validate All of the Vibrational Therapies

What is Evidence Based Science?

In practice, evidence-based science communication involves combining professional expertise and skills with the best available evidence from systematic research, underpinned by established theory.

An evidence-based practice is a practice that has been rigorously evaluated in experimental evaluations – like randomized controlled trials – and shown to make a positive, statistically significant difference in important outcomes.

So, evidence based science is based on:

  • Professional experts with skills
  • Best available evidence from research
  • Established theory

Regarding Vibrational Therapy, there are many professionals all over the world that have been researching and developing these types of technologies.  Studies have shown that they have applications in medicine, psychology, sleep science,  disease prevention, stress reduction, cellular memory, bone-regrowth, cognitive improvement, emotional and physical trauma, pleasure enhancement, music therapy, color therapy, light therapy, tactile therapy and many other fields. 

Evidence Based Science In Vibration Therapy
Levels of Evidence Based Validation

Professional organizations have been created and certifications have been issued in this field.  The purpose of this paper is to show that sound, light, color, tactile vibration, aroma, subtle energy and other forms of vibrational therapy are proven to be efficacious in the treatment of many human issues by the observed evidence these professionals have been documenting for many years.

Validating Experience

Certain types of change, growth and transformation are hard to measure.  Simple things like metabolism, heart rate, brainwaves and skin temperature can easily be measured with technology that can determine the status of a person’s physical and mental health, but how would one measure a person’s emotional or spiritual status.  How could you measure whether a person’s love increased or decreased because of a particular therapy?  Or their degree of compassion, level of God consciousness and other forms of subjective experiences?


The only connection that consciousness has with the internal and external environments is through the sensory mechanisms of the autonomic nervous system.  Therefore, human biometrics is the preferred method of measuring what’s going on within and around a person.  There’s a huge difference between an “indirect” biometric of receiving a signal to inform someone that a goal has been achieved and a “direct” biometric from one of the sensory mechanisms where the feedback is their own personal vibrational signature.  The goal of Sensory Resonance is to provide a feedback signal that assists a person into balancing and resolving the difference between their senses.

The Portacle Light, Sound and Vibroacoustic Quantum Biofeedback System.
The Portacle Quantum Biometric Interface

Biofeedback usually measures and feeds back only the physiological aspects of being. However, our technology utilizes components that include mental/emotional and spiritual facets as well.  This has a depth of discernment not available within indirect biometrics because of it’s “artificial awareness” algorithms that can examine and manipulate the most fundamental building blocks of a person’s reality that govern their manner of being and doing.  Whereas one might conceive of biometrics as an “emotional engine”, our technology can be seen more as an “awareness engine” that extends into those extra domains of mind and spirit.  

This provides a continuous stream of transliminal stimulus to effect transformation replete with its several side effects of opening perception, expanding awareness and increasing creativity.  However, the effect of direct feedback is more experiential than measurable and therefore requires other methods than just the physical outcomes to prove what’s going in.  This is especially true of evidence based science.  It is very hard to measure the true effects of light, sound and tactile therapy.

The Sensorium III Sensory Interface


There are so many personal and professional testimonials and endorsements regarding all of the sciences and technologies, utilized in Sensory Resonance therapy, it seems impossible to disregard the fact that it is indeed an efficacious, viable resolution to the world’s most physical, mental/emotional and spiritual challenges. Searching online services reveals billons of hits on all these subjects. However, personal experience plays a major role in evidence based science.

The Reality Management Center

The Reality Management Center is a co-creation between InnerSense, Inc. and FwdFuture LLC. InnerSense has a 40 year history as one of the original pioneers of light, sound and vibrotactile technologies in the U.S. and had been named as one of the top 200 companies in the world for transformational technology by TransTech.1 FwdFuture has over 120 years of combined experience in business startups, management, production, advertising and marketing. (Please add more about Fwd Future if you like). 

We named our center the Reality Center for Sensory Wellness because the science behind what we are doing is based on those three concepts: 

1. Reality – The ability to create one’s own reality is vital to evolution and transformation from animal to spirit. It’s really just a matter of being able to manage it. This is the main goal of the work here at RMC. 

2. Sensory – We observe reality though our consciousness. The only connection that consciousness has with reality is via the mechanisms that we use to sense our internal and external environments. The technology used at RMC synchronizes the senses into coherent states that allow one to take control of and manage their reality in more elegant, smooth, calm, and profoundly relaxed way while also feeling divinely inspired, productive, creative and progressive at the same time. This Zen state of awareness balances the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system. 

3. Wellness – This is the hot word around town these days with anyone interested in health and vitality. The word wellness is defined as “the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal”. It is also used to indicate a way of measuring a person’s progress toward wellness. The term applies to physical, mental/emotional and spiritual health. The science and advanced technology used at RMC represent the state of the art in transformational technology. 

We offer a wide range of services: 

1. VibraSound Massage Table – Feel, See and Hear Frequencies and Music in every cell of your body with your eyes closed. Single, couple and up to eight person group sessions can be booked on our website. 

  1. VibraSound ZeroG Reclining Chair – Float away into InnerSpace in a proprietary position. Single client only.
  2. VibraSound WaveTable – Hydrosonic (Fluid) Transducers turn your body fluid into a speaker. Become One with the Sounds, Music and have an AHA! Moment. Single client only.
  3. Fundamentalizer Voice Analysis – Discover your own Personal Vibratory Signature and Energy Distribution. Used to write personal programs on the other experiential services. Single client only.
  4. Portacle Quantum Biofeedback – Experience the quantum geometry of your voiced expressions and resolve the difference between your Instrument and the Player of the instrument. Single client only.
  5. Personal Reality Profile – A working, updating, personal file, accessible only by the person who posts to it, that allows artificial intelligence to find patterns in their personality via biofeedback, biorhythm, enneagram, gene- key, human design, Myer’s/Brig personality profile and other forms of personality profiling. All of these are combined and patters are revealed that describe that personality in the most accurate way possible.
  6. Retail Sales – In addition to the typical offering of T-shirts, Hats, Essential Oils and other products that enhance our brand, we offer unique forms of light, sound and vibration equipment, CDs, DVDs, and other methods and devices that aid in human transformation.
  7. Education – One of our primary goals is to bring human awareness to the realities of InnerSpace. We offer periodic free and fee based workshops and seminars based on the subjects of human transformation and vibrational therapy.

Come check out how our science and technology can help prove it to yourself through your own experience at the Reality Sensory Wellness Center in Santa Monica, Ca.

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