New Digital Psychedelics vs. Plant Medicine?

Digital Psychedelics in the Modern World

Even though the so-called psychedelic revolution happened over 60 years ago, mainstream science is just now beginning to take notice and all of a sudden clinics are popping up everywhere touting the efficacy of psychedelic therapy and offering entire catalogs of different substances, referred to as “plant medicine”.  Psilocybin, LSD, Ketamine, Ibogaine, Ayahuasca…and the list keeps growing.

Little known in mainstream science is that there were pioneers in this science and technology that began in the 60’s who have realized that plant medicine was necessary in allowing humans to understand that there is a bigger picture of reality than the limited, mundane one that humans spend so much time in.  Originally called “altered states” of mind the agreed upon term came to be “non-ordinary” states of mind.

A Digital Psychedelic Experience at the Reality Center in Santa Monica
Figure One: A Digital Psychedelic Experience at the Reality Center in Santa Monica

These scientists and researchers are becoming convinced that plant medicine is the way to combat physical, mental, emotional and spiritual depression and trauma.  However, it’s beginning to become apparent that these substances can actually be made in the human brain.  We have just never been taught how to achieve those transcendent states internally.  The truth is that there is a pharmacy inside our brains and we are the pharmacists.  We can write a prescription to feel anyway we want, but many will not do that, instead preferring to allow someone else or some situation they are in to write it for them.  

There is a “compensatory lag time” after taking a psychedelic and researchers over the past 60 years have learned how to achieve such states without popping the pill.  Or at the very least, have created sciences and technologies that can dramatically enhance plant medicine.  Governments now have entire departments that deal with psychedelic therapy, especially militaries who have PTSD issues.  Many doctors are getting certified to use Ketamine to treat depression and a whole host of other mental, emotional and spiritual issues.

Endogenous versus Exogenous Transformation

All of these methods are exogenous…their effects are applied from outside of the human body.  Self-talk, psychotherapy, prescription drugs, virtual reality and all the various forms of physical activity to reduce anxiety also fall into this same category.

The past 60 years since the original revolution has provided an entire plethora of methods of achieving similar states without the need to for the external substance approach.  The human brain with the right knowledge, practice, determination, intention and direction can produce such states at will without the need for outside stimulation.  These kind of experiences produce endogenous neuropeptides.  

The fact that humans reject each other’s organs unless restricted from negative reactions with drugs that shut down the immune system is proof of the fact that we each have our own unique personal chemistry and each molecule we allow in our brain should one that we have receptors for.  In other words, one that we can make ourselves or make the compliment to. 

Therefore, it makes sense that the endogenous method of achieving expanded states has an advantage over anything that can come from the outside that was prepared at a different frequency.  As said earlier, perhaps a combination of both is in order to achieve the ultimate goal, which is to help someone learn how to do it themselves, without the need for plant medicine, technology or guidance.  This is the true essence of a transcendent human being…an evolutionary, physical creature who has been transformed into an eventuated spiritual essence while still in the flesh.

Increasing Neuropeptides with Digital Psychedelics

The purpose of this paper is not to put down psychedelic therapy.  In fact, this science and technology would not exist without the fact that plant medicine had something to teach us about our own brain.  It’s easy to forget that during evolution we were once those plants and, because the universe conserves order, those advances of consciousness were carried forward into what life became when it evolved into humankind.  However, it is important to remember that science carries forward and the things learned during one phase can be used to enhance the knowledge and find different ways to use it. 

We have learned that humans can achieve these states themselves.  The science, drugs and technologies are only there to show us the way forward to the realization that the human being is the most sophisticated technology ever created and everything we need is inside. This inner world unfolds inside-out into the time domain in which we live.  Dopamine is only one of the major neuropeptides that control pleasure and satisfaction. There are various ways to increase or enhance its production along with all of the other brain chemicals:

Nutrition and Digital Psychedelics

Eating protein, probiotics, and limiting saturated fat increase the amount of dopamine available. Supplements that contain L-Dopa, which is a precursor to dopamine is helpful.  One good source is velvet beans (Mucuna pruriens).  At Reality Center we offer a special structured water that has similar effects to all four neuropeptides.  Called Transformant™️, it is an Allasso Concentrate that carries with it the resources of Transformation.

Listening to Music with Digital Psychedelics

Listening to music can be a fun way to stimulate dopamine release in your brain.  Several brain imaging studies have found that listening to music increases activity in the reward and pleasure areas of the brain, which are rich with dopamine receptors.

A small 2011 study investigating the effects of music on dopamine found a 9% increase in brain dopamine levels when people listened to instrumental songs that gave them chills.  Because music can boost dopamine levels, listening to music has even been shown to help people with Parkinson’s disease improve their fine motor control.   Hundreds, if not thousands, of other studies have proven the positive effects of listening to music for pleasure, healing and transformation.

The HyperSpatializer Audio Dimensionalizer's Psiodelic Audio Visualizer
Figure Two: The HyperSpatializer Audio Dimensionalizer’s Psiodelic Audio Visualizer

Each person has a different style of listening. A lot of that personal style has to do with how a stereo signal is resolved within the brain since each ear is connected to the opposite side of the brain. The only difference between music that is played live and the same music recorded in a multi-track studio is the environment. In a live setting the music leaves the stage directly into the listener’s ears in addition to absorbing, reflecting and refracting off of the walls, ceilings, floors and objects in the venue. This is called the Phase Space of the environment.

The music played at the Reality Management Center is processed through a new patented audio dimensionalizer that creates a perfect phase space and listening environment. It’s like sitting in every seat of the house at the same time. Called HyperSpatializer, it adds an entirely new dimension to any live or recorded sound and greatly enhances any form of contemplation and meditation.

Meditating with Digital Psychedelics

Meditation is the practice of clearing your mind, focusing inward, and letting your thoughts float by without judgment or attachment.  You can do it while standing, sitting, or even walking, and regular practice is associated with improved mental and physical health.

New research has found that these benefits may be due to increased dopamine levels in the brain.  One study including 8 experienced meditation teachers found a 65% increase in dopamine production after meditating for 1 hour, compared with resting quietly.

These changes are thought to help meditators maintain a positive mood and stay motivated to remain in the meditative state for longer period of time.

Sensory Resonance and Digital Psychedelics

These feelings of pleasure and positive mood greatly enhance attitude, energy, compassion, motivation, self-esteem, patience and state of mind. It’s a glandular experience that influences relationship, finances, career and health of body, mind and spirit.

Sensory Resonance and Digital Psychedelics
Figure Two: Sensory Resonance and Digital Psychedelics

It used to take 40 years of dedicated, serious pursuit but, as it has always been, humans use whatever technology is available to them to enhance the quality of experience and shorten the amount of time it takes to learn how to achieve it all by oneself.  A book written in the 80’s pondered whether or not the Buddha would wear a walkman, but the consensus was yes because of the reason stated above.

Most scientists now agree that the fundamental, primary level of reality is consciousness and the only connection that it has to reality is through the sensory mechanisms. Synchronizing them into a single coherent experience results in feelings of peace, well-being, connectedness, trust and faith in the universe, feelings that are hard to come by these days.  This state of mind is called Sensory Resonance and it satisfies the part of the brain that blocks access to higher states of mind (RAS) by giving it what it wants…safety, security and making sure that everything adds up and makes sense.  The experiences offered at Reality Center :

  • Promote Sensory Resonance by satisfying the RAS, resulting in profound relaxation and inspiration.
  • Enhance the production all of the various personal neuropeptides
  • Combine all the ways to enhance neuropeptide production
  • Promote a unique form of Self-Care and focusing on oneself
  • Build Relationship – Couples hold-hands or Partners can converse
  • Enhance Meditation – Rapid descent into deep-aware states
  • Music Therapy – Personalizes the experience with a theme
  • Create PEMF where the field is electric, magnetic and sound
  • Provide emotional support – The staff at Reality center has many years of research, development and experience from a wide variety of sources including veteran affairs, musicology, bodywork, human biometrics and light, sound and vibrational science.
  • Promote Laughter – Having an epiphany or AHA! Moment often results in laughter at how silly it is to be in anything other than a serious experience of gratitude and appreciation for one’s life.

The Reality Management Center

We have years of evidence based feedback, testimonials, endorsements and studies that support these claims.  Reality Management does not treat disease or perform any type of healing.  To experience digital psychedelics yourself, please visit or call the Reality Management Center or visit our website at

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