PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and a Unique Vibrotactile Sound Therapy

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy

The National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder says that about 12 million adults in the U.S. have certified PTSD during a given year.  However, this is only a small portion of those who have gone through a trauma.  Trauma, of course, is any shocking and dangerous experience that one observes or has happen to them.  Trauma resulting from belief that one is going to die from the event is especially harsh. 

 PTSD and VibroAcoustic Sound Therapy
Figure One: PTSD and VibroAcoustic/Vibrotactile Therapy

Whereas soldiers and veterans are well known examples of those who develop post traumatic stress disorder it can happen to anyone in a multitude of ways.  Armed robbery, spousal or child abuse, accidents and other major crisis can also cause severe cases of this disorder.

Types of Therapy 

Many techniques and technologies have been developed to treat or at least lessen the consequences of PTSD.  Google lists the following as the most prevalent current types of therapy for this condition.

  • Stress Management Therapy
  • Cognitive Processing Therapy
  • Prolonged Exposure Therapy
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
  • Stress Inoculation Training
  • Medications…and recently even Psychedelics

Whereas all of these methods have some benefit, none of them tackle the true source of the issue, which is being unmindful that the experience occurred in order to teach that overcoming tribulation enhances courage and allows  personal growth in ways that would have been impossible were it not for that particular experience.

I know that this might sound a little unsympathetic or even esoteric to some, but this is the nature of reality.  We learn through experience and overcoming tribulation is our main teacher.  

Many people now claim that we create our own reality, but the truth is that we co-create our reality.  It is a mixture of choices made by us mixed with actions taken on the other side by universal forces.  So, it was that potential recruit’s decision not to want to go to war, but the universe’s desire to exert pressure on the government to draft and force him to.  There are those of us who believe that there is no such thing as an accident or coincident…everything happens for a reason.  

This phenomenon can be graphed out like this where time moves forward from left to right but events occur that cause loops in the fabric of time… 

The Omega Cycle of Time Flow
Figure Two: The Omega Cycle of Time Flow

PTSD and Time

We’re just going along on the real plane minding our own business even perhaps with a plan in mind, but suddenly an event occurs, which throughs us into the vertical plane of imaginary potential. Through various realizations, choices and actions we return back to our path on the real plane of time. 

This creates a time loop that that continually moves forward, but also takes a step backward to deal with events, especially traumatic ones.  In this way we require some time to resolve such occurrences.  These interruptions in our daily lives are important as they are the only thing that can open up and reveal the potential outcomes of the events occurring within our sphere of influence.  

So, it makes sense that severe trauma can cause intense response and lead to serious medical conditions that effect mind and body. Many organizations such as veterans, alcoholic anonymous, trauma therapists and others have reported that the true answer to any discord between the mind and body is the concept of a spiritual reality. 

This validates it because it follows the triune nature of reality that requires two opposites associated  with a third to resolve differences.

Our animal selves are opposed by our spiritual selves with our mind sandwiched in the middle having to resolve disputes.  The connection between mind and spirit occurs in the citadel of the mind in its highest state.  Many believe this to be the pineal gland…a small antennae like structure that controls “wake and sleep cycles” in humans.  

PTSD and Psychedelics

This is why therapists have had some relative success using psychedelic substances to treat PTSD.  The Pineal Gland is known to produce DMT which is the active ingredient in many of the psychedelics used in experimental therapy.  But, what if there were a way to encourage the pineal gland to produce more of its own personal version instead of consuming it from an outside source. 

It’s true that plant medicine has shown efficacy in treating a whole host of psychological problems but it’s also true that during one stage of evolution we WERE those plants.  And, the rules of evolution point to the fact that it conserves order with each new mutation so we must have within ourselves the ability to make similar substances. 

The scientific literature abounds with articles about how the human body does indeed have the ability to make such substances.  Most of them take their effect by modifying the serotonin molecule that is important to many brain functions.  What if there was a way to teach oneself how to self-modify this molecule that lives in all of our brains?  

The human brain has the amazing ability to remember and act from past experience.  Once something is learned fully, it is easy to perform its associated action without even thinking about it…almost becoming automatic.  The ability to ride a bike is never lost.  Once a destination has been visited enough times you don’t need a map to get there. 

In a similar way, when someone has experienced altered or non-ordinary states of mind a sufficient number of times they remember how to get there.  So, achieving such states without help is not impossible but does require some training, practice and devotion of time.  But, imagine that there’s a way to shorten the time it takes to learn how to go to those transformative spaces within your mind without popping a pill or consuming a plant extract?

Trauma Therapy and Transformation

Transformation requires active pursuit, the right tools and dedicated support.  It’s like taking a journey that necessitates a vehicle, fuel, map, directions and plans to complete.  Active Pursuit is the seeker’s responsibility.  However, many makers and therapists are now offering the tools and support needed for people to transform themselves to higher levels of order.  

PTSD and Sensory Resonance

Most of the therapies utilized in treating PTSD rely on calming the nervous system by reducing the sympathetic fight or flight response while increasing the parasympathetic relaxation response. 

The Theory of Sensory Resonance is an expansion of the standard autonomic nervous system model that shows how going either way too far results in homeostasis stepping in and returning consciousness to the center of the metabolic cycle. 

The only way to go past those built-in limits is to expand both ways at the same time…become so profoundly relaxed but incredibly inspired at the same time as to gain access to the superconscious. 

This expanded state is called Sensory Resonance and can only be achieved when the autonomic nervous system (ANS) is balanced and the experience is perceived as a challenge instead of a threat.  Sufferers of PTSD could improve their suffering if they perceived their situation as a challenge instead of a threat.   

Sensory Resonance - Expanded Model of the Autonomic Nervous System
Figure Two: Sensory Resonance – Expanded Model of the Autonomic Nervous System

Not to mention…but a challenge that they not only survived but can overcome by realizing it was a unique, personal, privileged learning experience about how to be thankful and grateful for life.  Appreciating life is like an investment appreciating by becoming more valuable.  The mind has the power to overcome tribulation through a better understanding of how time works. 

A person’s unit of time expands and they look further into the past for gathered experiential wisdom and project current actions further into the future for potential outcomes. The entire experience becomes something that was needed and gifted of instead of a crisis that ruined everything.

Sensory Resonance™️ is achieved by assisting consciousness into a relaxed but inspired state of mind.  It is achieved by synchronizing the sensory mechanisms into one coherent experience where the user is seeing, hearing, feeling and sensing other aspects of the same signal whether it be a voice, instrument, frequency, music or other form of audio. 

The part of the brain that keeps up with security and coherency of sensory input.  It just wants to make sure that there is no threat and that everything adds up and makes sense. 

When this occurs it removes its control and consciousness immediately rises to higher states of order like feelings of peace, well-being, connectedness, that all is well, you’re on the right track and you can take faith and trust the universe that there is absolute security in the presence of uncertainty.  These feelings are hard to come by these days but can be achieved with the appropriate tools and support.  

PTSD and Music Therapy

Another thing that has been shown to have a positive effect on treating PTSD is music therapy.  The sentic nature of music directly affects the emotional state of the listener so the right specific music can mightily stir the feelings of someone experiencing trauma and many times shift them into a different perspective of the situation.

Have them realize that there has been some potential good that has occurred because of it or relax and inspire them to the point of bliss and ecstasy that truly does transform their relationship with it. 

A third form of therapy that has shown some efficacy in helping with calming nerves is color therapy.  Color is directly tied to emotion and is used in many industries to either encourage the use of or warn users about potential problems of products and services.  

PTSD and Pulsed Light Therapy

In addition, a fourth therapy is showing promise at effecting lasting change on PTSD…pulsed light therapy.  This comes in many forms from EDMR to other forms that have been show to be efficacious in reducing the symptoms of PTSD.  Furthermore, various forms of frequency therapy like sound and vibrotactile therapy have also been tried and shown great promise in healing physical issues in the bodies of those suffering from PTSD. 


Combining all of these technologies into one is the essence of sensory resonance technology.  Light, Color, Sound, Frequencies, Vibrotactile Vibration, Aroma…all synchronized with meaningful music has resulted in a full spectrum of therapies all working together to effect true and lasting positive change on this pervasive disorder. 

Sensory Resonance can bring about a new perspective and understanding of how the human nervous system works and bring about a full nervous system reset.  In its most positive expression sensory resonance can bring about states of Metanoia or spiritual conversion that exerts life changing decisions upon those who experience it.

The Reality Management Center

To experience this amazing technology for yourself, please visit or call the Reality Management Center to book and appointment. 

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