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The New Technedelic Revolution is Replacing Chemical Drugs and Plant Medicine

By the 1960’s, humanity had become conscious enough to want to see more of the “bigger picture” of reality.  It was no accident that Albert Hofmann “accidentally” discovered LSD in 1938…it was inevitable and preordained that the world would begin to realize the the “normal” state of mind can be expanded to non-ordinary states that open the mind and consciousness to higher, more aware states. 

While psychedelics were used extensively in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s by psychiatrists who found little medical use for it, it was popularized in the 60”s by Timothy Leary and others into a counterculture that dominated many universities and institutions of higher learning.  They are recently experiencing a comeback with institutes of higher learning doing research and development along these lines and many doctors calling for more studies into how they can help heal and transform. There is a big need for a way to better understand and evolve these concepts…a new Technedelic Revolution.

The Technedelic Revolution and Digital Psychedelics

My experience with it began in the mid-60’s when I was attending a small college in North Georgia that was one of the few colleges at that time who’s psychology department was based on humanistic and gestalt psychology, a field of study that is now being referred to as “transpersonal psychology”.   Although obscure, it packed a wallop of a punch when it came to some of the courses and programs that were offered there and many well-known scientists and musicians attended or were affiliated with this school.

These unique characteristics led to a school that somewhat embraced the new psychedelic counterculture and some of us began to do our own research.  Unfortunately, the government eventually outlawed it and the rural south became a dangerous place for anyone even claiming association with any kind of recreational drug.  But of course, they all loved their alcohol and prescription drugs!  I began by just experiencing the effects of such agents on my consciousness. 

The studies that Dr. Hofmann continued led to the development of other psychedelic substances such as psilocybin (magic mushrooms), MDA (mdma) and others.  I also delved into to more natural approaches used by ancient cultures like Peyote and Morning Glory seeds, and wound-up identifying almost 15 different substances that fall into the category of psychedelics including Mescaline (Cactus), Ketamine, 2-CB and others.  I designed a protocol that would allow me to gain further understanding of:

1.  Why do people want to use psychedelics?

2.  What changes occur in mind, body and spirit during a psychedelic experience?

3.  What’s the true purpose of psychedelics?

4.  Why did they show up for human consciousness when they did?

5.  Are there other methods that can achieve the same results? Can technology and digital psychedelics be used to create a new Technedelic Revolution.

For me personally, I never had a “bad” trip and didn’t observe that much in others until the government declared it illegal and people started cutting it with strychnine and other hallucinogenic agents that have terrible effects.  I took my experiential data to the next level of observing others during exposure, noticing how they act and recreate their environments when they’re under psychedelic effect.

A few things I learned early on were:

1.  When people popped the pill they would immediately turn down the lights, turn on black-lights and surround themselves with as many colors as possible.  In other words, they would start to modify their environment with color, flashing lights, music, smells and become very touchy-feely…in other words, their senses would come alive and begin to expand.  The eyes dilate and open up allowing more light.  Hearing fine tunes, and the body’s tactile senses become ultra-sensitive.  It became obvious that only connection between consciousness and its internal and external environments are the sensory mechanisms.

2.  The brainwaves of people undergoing psychedelic experience expand into a dynamic, multi-octave distribution as opposed to static “focused” states like epsilon, delta, theta, alpha, beta, gamma and zeta.

3.  There exists a blood-brain barrier at the base of the brain that only allows substances to pass that the brain makes itself or has receptors for.  This indicates that the brain has receptors for psychedelics and therefore either makes them or substances similar to them.

4.  In any given moment, consciousness can either be experiencing what’s going on or analyzing the experience. It’s near impossible to do both at the same time without a lifetime of training.  Experience can only result in pleasure or pain.  Since pleasure has become somewhat of a taboo in western societies, most do not go there, instead preferring to stay on the analysis side of the equation. 

However, the analysis is never remembered and therefore these people wake up when they’re eighty years old wondering where their life went because the were never “there”.  Psychedelics encourage users to experience the moment.

Part of my research involved involved the realization that the only connection consciousness has to the internal and external environments are the sensory mechanisms.  Whereas there appear to be only 5 major senses, I discovered that there are many more external sensors such as the ability to sense balance, magnetic fields, heat, pain as well as internal senses like hunger, thirst, proprioception and other forms of organic awareness of internal conditions.  That’s why I named my company…InnerSense.  Some scientists claim to have discovered 21 or more.

The Theory of Sensory Resonance
Figure One: The Theory of Sensory Resonance

Sensory Resonance

In the mid-80’s I wrote a paper called Sensory Resonance™ that put forth a theory about what occurs when all of the sensory mechanisms are synchronized together into a harmonious experience.  The eyes, ears, nose and body are brought into a coherent state providing the Reticular Activating System (RAS) with the safety, security and need to investigate novelty it needs to let go of the current control of the brain, which immediately begins to expand into higher and more meaningful states if mind…feelings of peace, well-being, connectedness, trust and a knowingness that all is okay and excitement about what the future may bring. 

The VibraSound VR WaveTable - Sensory Resonance Vehicle
Figure Two: The VibraSound VR WaveTable – Sensory Resonance Vehicle

I began to create technologies that would bring about this state of Sensory Resonance.  A multi-sensory, multi-media experience was developed that synchronizes sound, frequencies, music, light, color, aroma and tactile vibration with virtual reality and the VibraSound® VR Sensory Resonance Vehicle was born.  Fifteen years of experience with this technology produced many reports of improvements in mood, relationships, health and other physical and mental issues and validated the concept of technedelics with the general public.

Even more so, amazing reports of out of body experiences, astral travel and being in different places and times continually surfaced, many of which leaned toward what could only be called a “spiritual experience”.   I began to realize I that I had finally been successful in creating a technology that could naturally create a substitute for the synthetic, chemically induced, psychedelic experience.  For me, this was the beginning of the new Technedelic Revolution.

A portal through to the other side… Innerspace/Inuverse/Invironment and a way to enhance spiritual receptivity.  And, even better, the discovery that it was actually a superior way of entering such states, was just icing on the cake.

After more years of developing this technology into its most elegant and efficient embodiment, I began to focus on making the experience personal instead of everyone getting the same input.  It quickly became obvious that the best way to personalize the experience is through biometric measurement of an individual’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual status.  In 1985 I began research into the various biofeedback methods to determine the parameters for capture and return of a person’s own optimized energy signature.

In the beginning simple technologies like skin temperature, resistance and sweat markers were used.  I worked with a 16 channel QEEG system that could both measure and return brain waves, and studied the QEEG methodology.  I utilized a state of the art Heart Rate Variability system to see it it worked better than brainwaves to transform users to their next highest level. 

I soon realized that almost every form of biofeedback was “indirect”…simply being notifications of the of achievement of certain goals.  I wanted create a personal biometric signature that could be optimized and directly fed back via the VibraSound®️ VR platform, a sensory resonance vehicle and technedelic revolution technology.

My experience as a musician ultimately brought me back to the realization that reality appears to be more of a musical composition than bunch of matter, which begs the question…who is the composer?…but that’s another story.  Advanced studies in the microstructure of music began to reveal that no music scale can be achieved that allows the octave to double in frequency without being “tempered” to adjust for a slight error.  Known in music theory as Pythagoras’s Dilemma, it’s a small difference that causes the octave to become a spiral instead of a circle…another story as well.

It was about this time that I met and partnered with Randy Stack of Psiometrics, Ltd. in Glastonbury, U.K. He had also been working on his own technodelic revolution.   He had discovered the same ratio of 125:128 as a universal time constant and bridge between the analog and digital domains and created a means of determining personal real-time psiometrics that could be directly fed back.  It was a perfect marriage for the multi-sensory and multi-media playback and biofeedback capabilities of the VibraSound®️ sensory resonance vehicle.

We began to compare notes and understandings that led us to further research the equation that defines a sound or light wave:

Complex Wave = Real x Cosine x Frequency + Imaginary x Sine x Frequency

A quick google search turns up thousands of references to sine and cosine but very little on real and imaginary. Research revealed that the real components of the any signal are generated over time, whereas the imaginary ones occur in the spectral domain of vibration.  It suddenly became clear that real could be seen as not unlike a player acting over time whereas the imaginary is not unlike the spectral instrument being played.

As in music, human personality is dependent on the integration between player and instrument, and all suffering stems from the imbalance between these two inner forces.  Therefore, the solution to human suffering is the resolution, balance and integration of these dual personality traits…the impersonal with the personal.  The balance between body and spirit can only be resolved from a third equal distant polarity by consciousness…the essence of Triunity.

With biometric research we determined that the best way to find out who a person is and what they want is best determined by measuring the thoughts and expressions they create with intentions and self-evaluation…what they desire and how having that will transform who they are…their manner of being and manner of doing. 

With that discovery we were able to create technologies that separate real from imaginary, optimize them and require the user to reassemble them inside their own heads by feeding them back with a multi-sensory platform that allows them to see, hear and feel the energy in every cell of their body.

The Technedelic Revolution

Terrance McKenna may have been the first but he wasn’t the only person to realize that the future of the altered state experience of psychedelics was in computers and technology.  The message of the 60’s was much more than just about hippies and free love.  The psychedelic revolution was fully underway. The good news is that it’s returning in a big way as a new Technedelic Revolution.

All of the technologies we’ve created have been designed to allow users to learn that there is a pharmacy inside our brains and we’re the pharmacists.  We can write a prescription to feel anyway we want, but many will allow someone else or some situation they’re in to write it for them.  Sensory resonance and direct biofeedback are the ultimate duo to help people transform themselves to their next highest level.  Learning how to control the neuro-hormonal-peptides in our brain is the answer to drug, alcohol and other forms of addiction. 

The latest craze in the psychedelic world is DMT.  However, research is beginning to reveal that we have the ability to create our own personal versions of the “God Molecule” with the right protocols, methods and technologies.  What if there was a way to teach people how to do this at will?  This is the beginning of a whole new generation of experiences that are more efficient, elegant, safer, and encourage users to learn how to enter these states without having to pop a pill. The new Technedelic Revolution can be used as an adjunct to, or even a substitute for, plant medicine.

The knowledge of real and imaginary and how it relates to the phase domain has applications in many fields.  Listening to music is certainly one of the major experiences humans enjoy.  Since the beginning of recorded music, engineers have sought to recreate the sound of live music by recording it on different media with various sound processing technologies.  The IRIS Flow audio dimensionalizer does much more than just making music sound better. 

It engages listeners in a way similar to what occurs in psychedelic experience where the music seems to envelope and integrate the body, mind and spirit and allows them to “become the music”.  It’s an out of this world, multi-dimensional experience that can be used as a natural substitute for the synthetic approach. HyperSpatializer™️ is another next generation technedelic revolution technology.

Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 6.28.02 PM

Perhaps the ultimate version of this technology, the Portacle Neuro CN-X Human Neurocomputer, is a direct quantum biofeedback system (AMDI) that allows a user’s expression or thought intention to activate the vagus nerve, which controls the parasympathetic nervous system and their ability to relax. 

In addition, it enables users to observe when they perform quantum acts like collapsing wave functions and listening to music generated by their own expressions and thoughts.  Proper use of this technology can lead to transformation to a higher level of order…even all the way to transcending the human state…the same ultimate goal of psychedelics.

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