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A race to Innerspace is on. People all over the world are finally beginning to realize that the best things in life come from the inside. The challenge is that we were born without an operation manual, with no “users guide”. How would one ever learn what is going on in there?

spiritual technologies turn the focus of attention inward

All technology has a spiritual origin. What purpose does a fork have? Of course, its main purpose is to put food in one’s mouth. But what’s the spiritual meaning of that? What would a “spiritual fork” be? Could it be something that feeds one’s spirit? Our souls are talking to us, trying to give us the spiritual meanings behind our normal everyday common reality.

Humankind has been on a journey to make machines culminating in our modern society’s obsession with robots, only now beginning to realize that we are just trying to recreate what we already are! All our technologies have eventuated in order for us to figure out who we really are and finally be able to write our own operation manual and user guide.

The destiny of a person is tied to a process called Allasso, which is an ancient Greek word meaning transformation. But this is not just any kind of transformation, but one that would describe the journey from evolutionary material creature to spiritual, existential essence. A good operation manual would describe the various steps of this journey and provide a map and directions to the destination. More and more is science merging with consciousness to create methods of quickening this process to match the pace at which the current world is spinning. This is the essence of what is being called “ spiritual technology”.

A good spiritual technology would be something that encourages the user to reach their higher self, which is waiting in the citadel at the highest level of mind. In order to do that, a human must overcome the limitations of the autonomic nervous system, which works to maintain homeostasis between the two extremes of relaxation and inspiration. Any rapid run toward one extreme will be met with an opposing action that returns it back to center. All exciting experiences have this return mechanism. Sex and sports are great examples that show how rapid movement toward the stimulating sympathetic extreme will culminate with an equally rapid parasympathetic opposite force that returns a person back to balance. Likewise, relaxing and going to sleep is balanced by waking up.

Its not enough to be relaxed anymore, one must be inspired to keep going. In order to reach spiritual levels of mind and body, one must transcend these limitations and allow consciousness to drift beyond the normal bounds of what we call “ordinary” consciousness to a very “non-ordinary” state that is expanded all the way to the extremes of self-mastery and self-awareness at the same time. In other words, it is an expanded, open and dissolved awareness rather than being a narrowly focused state of being.

There is a small mechanism located at the base of the brain called the Reticular Activating System (RAS). This mechanism is what is responsible for maintaining homeostasis. It is concerned chiefly with paying attention to safety and novelty issues, somewhat like Captain Kirk of the starship Enterprise, who was always looking for anything that needed investigation or protection. It is a great survival mechanism, however it blocks access to all of the good feelings coming from inside like peace, wellbeing, connectedness with all of life and the deep understanding that all is okay. These feelings can lead to trust and faith in the universe and to the ONE who is its origin and destiny.

The Portacle is a “consciousness technology” that can assist us in expanding our state of being to these lofty levels of reality where all is well and life is full of truth, beauty and goodness. This can lead us to a greater understanding and experience of things, meanings and values through by expanding our science, philosophy and spirituality.

It is a technology that can help bring us into the new world we are all declaring into existence on this day 12/21/12. Wow, what a number!! It is the essence of the TWO being brought together into the ONE. The collapse of the duality into the unity that we know we really are at the most primal level. The Portacle™ can help us design and create user guides for our lives.

We will be at the forefront of this new emergence into higher levels of order. Thank you for joining our concordance of humans who want to come together to solve all of the many problems currently confronting our species. This is the dawning of a new epoch in human history, where technology and consciousness, science and religion…UNITE to catapult us into new manners of being and doing. We look forward to your participation. Have a wonderful, exciting, transformative, compassionate, inspiring and above all enlightening winter solstice. 2013 here we come!

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Red Lightning Acupuncturist here:) It was a pleasure meeting you and hearing about the inverse relationship with ourselves to bring a part of our consiousness into homeostasis. Are you tuning your frequencies to 432 hertz instead of 440 hertz?

Hi Davi~

Rather than A440, our tuning standard is based at approximately A430.538971, corresponding to a middle-C of 256Hz and a lesser diesis (i.e. diminished second) B# of 250Hz.

~Randy! :~)

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