Spiritual Technology and Experience – 2

How to Achieve Spiritual Experience – Continued from Spiritual Technology One

Using Spiritual Technology to Put Captain Kirk to Sleep

The RAS wants safety and sensory coherence. Over the years many methods have been developed to deal with the reticular activating system…drugs, ecstatic fire dancing, self-mutilation, meditation, plant medicine and even religion. Instead of trying to calm it down, shock it or numb it out, why not just give it what it wants…safety, security and a realization that there is nothing to check out…just like Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise. It calmly gets out of the way and the mind instantly elevates to the higher levels where all is okay…a place we call the Starship InnerPrize.

The Starship Enterprise that we refer to as the Starship InnerPrize when we use our Spiritual Technology and Experience to help others transform.
The Starship Enterprise

There are un- intended side-effects when using other methods of approach: 

Plant Medicine – Numbs out and overwhelms the RAS

Mystical Experience – Dangerous if observed as the same thing as true Spiritual Experience (See blog by same name).

Meditation – Quietens the RAS down, but doesn’t always inspire

BreathWork – Can be insignificant or somewhat dangerous if not done right

Plant Medicine 

It is now common knowledge that serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine, norepinephrine, endorphins and other neuropeptides have have tremendous influence over state of mind. In addition to mind capacity, there is evidence that different neurotransmitters, specifically gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA) and glutamate, are involved in religious and spiritual experiences. 

Users of LSD, Mescaline, Peyote, Psilocybin, Ecstasy, Ketamine and other psychedelics have also reported intense spiritual like experiences. However, they all have compensatory lag times afterwards because they over-utilize certain naturally produced brain neuropeptides that take some time to replenish. In addition, they suddenly throw users into the experience instead of a slow, step by step approach that can be remembered. They may show someone that there’s a bigger picture going on, but don’t teach one how to get there, and therefore need to be repeated. In addition, they can’t be stopped if found to be unpleasant and present other safety concerns as well…not to mention possible addiction issues.

A Psychedelic Visual Experience
A Psychedelic Visual Experience

DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine) is a hallucinogenic tryptamine drug that occurs naturally in many plants and animals. It is also referred to as the “spirit molecule” due to the intense psychedelic and spiritual like experience it causes.2 Even though it’s manufactured and sold as a recreational drug, many investigators believe that the human pineal gland produces DMT. Therefore, methods and technologies that stimulate or increase the function of the pineal gland are considered to be capable of increasing the DMT levels of the brain’s chemistry system. Consuming DMT from external sources has the same problems as the others…does not teach that the brain has its own ability to make such chemicals. 

These substances mimic chemicals made in our brains. Our unique, personal natural ones are much more powerful and designed to enhance our ability to realize and understand the big picture in addition to memorizing the directions and map of how to return to the experience. 

There’s a pharmacy inside our brains and we are the pharmacist. We can write a prescription to think and feel anything we want. However, many will not do that. Instead, they will allow someone else, or some situation they’re in to write the prescription for them. Learning how to write the prescription at will is the epitome and essence of creating one’s own reality. 

Mystical Experience

Mysticism is a great technique for developing, improving and enriching consciousness of the presence of God. However, when such practices result in social isolation or religious fanaticism they are extremely dangerous. There is great danger associated with the habitual practice of religious daydreaming; mysticism may become a technique of reality avoidance, albeit it has sometimes been a means of genuine spiritual communion.7 

Hallmarks of a true spiritual experience range from physical things like goose bumps, kundalini rushes and parasympathetic flushes all the way through extremely constructive mental thoughts and realizations and spiritual euphoria and bliss followed by calmness and profound relaxation. The acid test for validating the authenticity of a spiritual experience is: 

Does it result in better physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health? 

Cause ethics and morals to progress despite animal tendencies?

Create trust in fate in the face of bitter disappointment?

Generate courage even when physically challenged?

Maintain poise and countenance even with disease?

Turn belief into faith and a knowingness of the unity of reality?

Does it increase the joy of living and sharing religious and spiritual experience in the face of the day to day mundane realities of life?

Does it encourage one to fully and joyfully to socialize their religious experience?

Does it enhance love for, and appreciation of, truth, beauty, and goodness? Does it conserve currently recognized social, moral, ethical, and spiritual values?

Does it increase spiritual insight – God Consciousness? 


Meditation is a practice in which an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness, or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity – to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state. Meditation is practiced in numerous religious traditions.8 It has been shown to relax and calm the RAS by quietening down the mental noise. 

Unfortunately, it takes many years of practice to truly master the art of meditation. All kinds of support and accessories have been developed to enhance and speed up the process. Special music, frequency therapy, guided imagery, breathing techniques and even extreme physical challenge have all shown efficacy in increasing the depth and quality of meditation. From the Sufi’s to the modern age, ecstatic dance has been known to be a method of deep meditation. Having the space, time, energy and training necessary to achieve really deep states with this method is not common but it works. 

Meditation takes time. In ancient times it could take up 40 years or longer of active pursuit to achieve the highest levels of spiritual insight…so-called enlightenment. The hectic nature of modern life demands that time be compressed with faster methods and technologies such that enlightenment can be achieved in less time.

Another form or meditation is called contemplation, which is a method of tuning in instead of tuning out…finding one’s meaning, purpose and direction in life. Spiritual experience is something that has to be pursued and time has to be taken out of each day to maintain a healthy spiritual relationship. Finding leisure time for meditation is vital for developing a positive, lasting relationship with the Divine. 

Regardless of how this is conveyed, through meditation or contemplation, sincere petitions to the universe expressed in faith greatly expand the capacity for spiritual receptivity. 

In 1954 John Lilly PhD, invented the sensory deprivation tank in order to enhance the process of meditation. The idea is to delete all sensory input such that the user sees, hears and feels nothing. In other words, it does not allow any information to enter the RAS. This provides the need of the RAS for synchrony and safety and it eventually does calm down and get out of the way, opening the paths to higher states of mind. However, it has a few drawbacks. 

Many people feel uncomfortable so fully enclosed in a small chamber and some even become claustrophobic. Having to entirely disrobe and shower is another issue. The fact that one must bath in someone else’s previously used water can also be somewhat of a a turnoff, especially with the current health crises going on. Holotropic breathing in such a closed space can become problematic. Not to mention…what’s in the water? And, music traveling through water has sound but no vibration. Showering once again and putting on clothes afterwards takes even more time. All in all, it’s a nice experience if you have the time and courage to share water with others. However, it’s not ideal or for everyone. 


So much has been writing about the efficacy of breathwork in achieving altered or non- ordinary states of mind that I will not spend a lot of time here to reiterate. Proper breath is absolutely necessary to achieve the deep states of relaxation and simultaneous inspiration required for true spiritual communion. Holotropic or other fire breathing techniques create the fuel necessary for the journey (oxygen). Other methods that involve deep breathing like ecstatic dance can add their own special enrichments to the experience.

Personality Integration

Technologies that enhance the integration of body, mind and spirit can also increase spiritual receptivity. Being able to resolve the difference between the spiritual and physical selves through mental/emotional expression and actions can bridge the gap between human and divine and open up lines of communication otherwise unavailable. 

Every dynamic thing consists of both impersonal and personal components…operator and machine, driver and vehicle, player and instrument…and it’s easy to observe that quality of integration determines the nature and value of the outcome. This hold true for human beings as well…we live inside of an instrument, but we are the player. 

Personal Spiritual Experience

The most important factor in developing unbroken communion with Origin is active pursuit…the ability to stay focused on spiritual evolution instead of the mundane, day 

to day realities of life…self-maintenance, self-perpetuation and self-gratification. The degree of a person’s spiritual realization is revealed by the amount of time they stay focused on spiritual matters. One person may be 80% God-conscious whereas another might only be 2%. Of course, while that in no way affects their spiritual worthiness, it does affect the depth the experience. The more time spent in spiritual consciousness the deeper the relationship with the higher power becomes. 

It is to the mind of perfect poise, housed in a body of clean habits, stabilized neural energies, and balanced chemical function—when the physical, mental, and spiritual powers are in triune harmony of development—that a maximum of light and truth can be imparted with a minimum of temporal danger or risk to the real welfare of such a being.9 

The big question then is…how can we have our own spiritual experience? There are things that can add to or detract from one’s ability to create a spiritual experience. Some of the things that can enhance a spiritual experience are: 

1. Belief and Faith in a Higher Unifying Power – Without the mechanism of spiritual reality, there is no way for reality to survive eternally and no reason for religion and/or spirituality to exist in the first place. 

Belief is important but always fixating, limiting and binding. Faith is expanding, releasing and liberating. It is a living experience concerned with spiritual meanings, divine ideals and supreme values. It is God knowing and human serving. Beliefs can be shared by a group, but faith must remain personal…it can only rise up in the heart of an individual. 

2. Spiritually Conducive Environment – The right environment greatly enhances a spiritual experience. A beautiful cathedral, temple or even a special outdoor environment can add tremendously to the formation of a spiritual experience. Turning the focus of consciousness inward is the best way to start. Everything good in life comes from inside…every thought, device, event, babies and even the future itself. Our spirits exist in the citadel of our minds at the very highest level of spiritual thinking. 

3. Tools for the Journey – Having a spiritual experience is like taking a journey and gathering the right tools is important…map, vehicle, fuel and directions are vital for the trip to go forward without hesitation or interruption. This is where the concept of spiritual technology comes into play. Is it really possible to create technologies that can assist people into enhancing their spiritual receptivity? Technology that can actually help people learn how to generate their own unique, personal brain chemistry to think and feel anyway they want?

4. Unbroken Communion – Not saying Amen and checking out when praying. A Personal Spiritual Experience require constant and never-ending communion with the Divine. This allows the Divine to live in and experience the physical reality that it has created.  

Spiritual Technology 
The VibraSound Hydrosonic WaveTable
The VibraSound Hydrosonic WaveTable

Many of the “transformational” technologies being promoted as spiritual are actually more of what would be called consciousness or mindfulness technologies that help users learn how to be more aware of their surroundings and thought patterns. Being aware of how one is being aware is even higher state of being. However, a true spiritual technology would be one that enhances spiritual receptivity, provides leisure time, a conducive environment and the right tools to make the journey as efficient and elegant as possible. 

Many tools have been created since the beginning of history that help people enter this sacred space that is shrouded in the mystery of potential. Temples, choirs, voices and musical instruments are just a few of the tools religionists have used for years to assist believers in entering that divine realm. The past few years have seen a revival of the notion that tools can be used for spiritual pursuits and a whole new generation of technology is now being aimed at those goals. 

All of the methods and techniques mentioned above work toward enhancing spiritual experience. Imagine them all combined together into a single experience! A technology so simple yet so profound that it not only greatly enhances the experience, but in addition teaches users how to achieve those states themselves without the need for external stimuli. 

No need to get undressed or shower…just lay down and relax. You are floating on a special membrane that allows sound to enter every cell of your body via a vibrating fluid mattress…hearing sounds and music that are hyperspatialized into another dimension as you to climb on board and breathe while surfing their waves…and seeing the same frequencies inside your head with your eyes closed via a proprietary LSV sensory interface…colors, geometries, patterns, tunnels, landscapes and more… 

You speak and your personal optimized vibrational signature is there for you to see, hear and feel all over your body. Your imagination runs wild. You are now in Sensory Resonance and can feel the profound relaxation and incredible inspiration it brings about. With the right intent and expression, appropriate music and proper breathing technique any experience imaginable can be created…lucid dreaming, astral travel, spontaneous healing, sudden enlightenment, profound epiphany or Aha! Moment that changes life forever.  

No virtual reality experience can compare with the capacity of our brains to create sensory content. However, with non-combative, non-competitive and non-violent forms of virtual realty added to the eyes open (front end) of end of such an (eyes- closed) inner-experience can only enhance it ever further. 

Continued use of spiritual technology can lead to a memory of how to achieve such states of body, mind and spirit integration so that all former methods of attaining nirvana are no longer needed. The ultimate goal is to achieve direct communication with the indwelling spirit…one’s “higher-self”. 

So, why not give the Reticular Activator what it wants…safety, security and satisfaction that everything is adding up and making sense. Feelings of peace, well-being, connectedness, faith and trust suddenly arise and the mind is ready for an Aha! Experience. This is the primary goal of sensory resonance…a state of simultaneous relaxation and inspiration and the basis of the technologies used at the Reality Center. 

VibraSound® Sensory Resonance Tables, Chairs and Beds
SensoriumTM and LSV Sensory Interfaces (Light-Sound-Vibration Controller) CynemaTM Digital Cymascope
FundamentalizerTM Voice Analyzer
HyperspatializerTM Audio Dimensionalizer
The PortacleTM Quantum Biofeedback
Sensory ResonanceTM Experience 


Transformation represents a wide range of change from something as simple as shift of mood all the way up through health, relationship, career and spiritual evolution that terminates at a type of transformation called Allasso by the ancient Greeks…transformation from a evolutionary material creature into a eventuated spiritual essence…what we are going to be after we die and pass to the other side.

Spiritual technologies can assist humans into achieving that state before death. This should be the purpose, goal and mission of all of spiritual technologies. So, relax, experience something inspiring, be willing to accept the need to change and grow, release all resistance, remove any unwholesomeness in the way and then be willing to let go of the old (burn the bridge) and step out into the new on Faith. 

How does a spiritual experience become validated? This question defines the difference between religion and spirituality. Reality consist of things (science), meanings (philosophy) and values (spirit), which lies beyond all the successive levels of mind. Religion doesn’t derive from the reason of science or logic of philosophy, but rather from the experience of divinity and its eternal realities in time…the opportunity to experience spiritual realities while in the flesh. A personal experience with the divine is true religion. When that same experience is shared with another…it becomes philosophy.

To have your own unique Spiritual Technology Experience, please visit or call the Reality Management Center for an appointment.

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