Video: The Portacle Introduction

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i did this and EVEN though i generally do NOT trust “technology” (i am a DEEP Earth kinda gal ) i like my Medicine from the Earth…This however IS something different. For the most part i do a lot of Ancestor communication and the visions matched my Spirit Beings and i saw some of my Friends ( Spirit Guides) come through so did the Guide that was taking the notes as the program ran….it was truly amazing to share those visions with Her too… Father (i cared for Him at home as well as my Mother 8 years ago) passed 8 months ago as well as HUGE losses with others i thought really cared about us attacked me (they were processing their unresolved stuff so they attacked out of guilt i tried HARD not to take it personal, however it DID hurt a lot) i had some serious loss & it was THE most devastating event in my Life ..LOL and i have had a VERY interesting Life (NEVER a dull moment as they say) it was huge..i have been trying EVERYTHING to cope ; YES DEEP Deep breaths , letting go , Herbs etc..nothing was working until i tried this….i KNEW it was the thing for me…connected right away with my Guide; she was amazing Sweet Being too…i was happy to share the visions with her..i do feel better in my Heart ..i CAN’T wait to try it again and keep it in my Life…with Sincere Gratitude eileen Martinez Carey

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