Mirror Mirror in My Mind – Whose the most Beautiful Inside

Mirror Mirror On the Wall

The very best beauty salons and cosmetic surgeons take great pride in the art of helping their clients not only look better on the outside, but also feel better on the inside.  This is the essence of the fine art of master health professionals.  There is a deeper meaning and value to the true beauty that lies beyond the mirage on the surface.  This is the image of your self that lies within the unconscious mind…the land of the greatest nation on earth…the imagination.  How a person thinks and feels in this inner-world has more to do with the way they look on the outside than anything they’ve done to cover up evidence of the dis-pleasure they’re currently experiencing.

The triune nature of reality leads to the things, meanings and values that make up our world.  The study of things leads to truth, whereas exploration of the meaning of the truth reveals its beauty, and investigation into the value of the beauty manifests its goodness.

This, in fact, is the essence of one’s personality, and defines who they are as a human. How does one determine who they are?  We each have two manners…one of being and the other of doing.  Our manner of being is how we are in the world.  If you were trying to describe someone you know you would use adjectives to define them like happy, sad, enthusiastic, calm, loving, generous or another one of the many different states of being. 

Beauty is Inside

This manner would also include the outside physical beauty.  On the other hand, a person’s manner of doing is what they do with their time and energy.  These two aspects, for the most part, define who a person is.  In the formal algorithmic terms of automata[2], this is called state space and rule space, which define how an individual is and behaves in their own space and how they relate to the other spaces and individuals around them.

mirror mirror on the wall beauty is inside
Beauty is Inside

This dual nature explains why a person with great physical beauty on the outside can be seen as a bad person, because they are misaligned on the inside, as both being and doing are required to describe the full essence of who one is.  It’s not enough just to be beautiful on the outside; an inner-beauty must shine through in order to represent a fully integrated human.  Another example is the commonly held difference between pretty and cute.  A pretty person is beautiful on the outside, whereas a cute one is beautiful on the inside.  Having both is considered lucky for both parties when it comes to relationships.

Our common habit of greeting others by remarking “how are you?” is another misalignment of this duality, where we have scrambled the w, h and o of who into the h, o and w of how.  We should be asking “who are you” instead, because that way a person would have to tell us how they are different from the last time we saw them instead of how hard they have it and all the challenges they have to endure.  It would be a much nicer world.

Within this realm of all possibilities lies the key to real beauty…the perfected inner image of your own self. Such a perfected image of one’s self is not an easy attainment.  We are so trained and instructed from birth to focus only on the actual parts of a situation that we totally miss the potential parts.  Most people see themselves as only that, which has actualized or manifested into reality.  That which still lies hidden in potential is often missed.  It is revealed in the Mirror Mirror.

However, it’s a mistake to place a +/- sign on an event or situation, because everyone has had that experience where at first an occurrence appears as a crisis, but six months later your declaring “thank God that happened!”  You just never know whether it’s going to turn out positive or negative until it fully plays itself out…and even then.

It’s this potential inner-self that lies shrouded in the mystery of the imagination, wherein lie all of the possible outcomes of a person’s life.  The challenge is to learn how to collapse the wave function into the most desirable one[3].  This is also the key to one’s inner-beauty.  It all comes down to perception…how does one see their self?  How does one view into the Mirror Mirror on the Wall?

All human suffering stems from the difference between who one claims to be and who they really are.  Some will say they are lazy and worthless even though they occasionally rise to the challenge, whereas others will declare themselves to be all this and all that, even though they don’t live up to that ideal all the time. This is all revealed by peering into the Mirror Mirror on the Wall.

The difference between these two aspects of oneself creates a tension, which functions like a black hole that draws in people, events, situations and circumstances in an attempt to resolve the tension.  It’s this tension of personality mis-integration that leads to all of the stress that is prevalent in our current experience.  Even the medical profession itself now admits that 80% or more of disease is caused by stress.

Of all of the many things that block a desirable self-image, the one that does the most damage is this stress.  Keeping your shield up all the time drains you of good energy while replacing it with the bad kind that leads to anxiety and feelings of threat.  It shortens life by interfering with normal mind and body interactions leading to disease, and makes us look older due to restricted circulation causing spots and wrinkling and muscular deterioration that leads to the poor posture that ruins a person’s countenance, or how they present themselves.

What’s the cause of all this stress?  It’s the fact that our body and spirit, our inner core and outer radiation, have not yet been fully integrated by mind.  Whole brain integration was born in the 70’s but is only now achieving the full recognition it deserves as the associative energy that resolves the difference between these two polar aspects of oneself.  You are neither your body nor spirit, but rather a consciousness sandwiched in-between trying to resolve the difference and ease the tension…the mirror mirror.

The inner domain of the unconscious mind is of vital importance, not only to beauty, but also to health, happiness, and the ability to manage stress.  Everyone has heard the old adages about getting their beauty rest and that true beauty comes from within. These old sayings conceal the greater truth that what we think and how we feel on the inside is more important than what we do on the outside…an idea that medical research is now beginning to support more and more.

Many people use alcohol or take pills to alleviate stress.  However, these don’t seem to help all that much, fail to provide lasting relief, and eventually wind up making the problem even worse.  Exercise is better but still does not get to the real causes of stress.

There is currently a worldwide stress epidemic.  This is especially true of western societies, but is also true of eastern ones, which have traditionally had a more relaxed lifestyle. The epidemic has now spread to include most of the third world.  It has become obvious that it is not likely to go away.  In fact, indications are that it will continue to increase.  The only thing we can do about stress is to get a new perspective on it…to learn what it really is…and to apply that knowledge toward dealing with it more effectively.  For example, contrary to popular belief…NOT ALL STRESS IS BAD!

Research has revealed two radically different types of Stress.  The more common “fight or flight” type of stress is now called distress because it elicits the nervous system to move away from a balanced condition (homeostasis), and causes it to speed up into a sympathetic state of threat.  Pulse rate increases, blood pressure rises, and muscles tighten, as the body gets ready to fight or run.  In addition, the brain produces certain fear chemicals that shut down circulation to the skin, turn off the immune system, and provide pain relief as the body prepares itself to take on damage.

The lesser-known type of stress is called eustress, which also causes a sympathetic response, but in this case, the perspective is different.  In this case, the stress is perceived as challenge rather than threat.  A good example is two people preparing to jump from an airplane.  The first person is an expert, while the other has never jumped before.  Careful analysis of both individuals during their jump well illustrates the difference between distress and eustress.  The expert head immediately for homeostasis while the novice drops into abject fear and sympathetic dissonance.

Both show the signs of the well-known sympathetic nervous system response.  However, the professional is experiencing challenge and bliss, while the novice is experiencing threat and fear.  This shows up in marked differences in certain biofeedback parameters that indicate whether the person’s metabolism is moving toward or away from a balanced condition (homeostasis).  It can be seen in the Mirror Mirror.

In other words, there is a difference between distress (threat/fear) and eustress (challenge-inspiration). In time the novice skydiver learns to change the initial impression and turn the threat into challenge and finally into bliss.  This ability to turn threat into challenge is the best life-coping skill you could ever develop.  It is the single most powerful tool you could own for controlling your life.

In short…not all stress is bad!  Becoming challenged and inspired at the same time is the fastest and easiest way of reducing stress and helping yourself look younger and more beautiful.  Being inspired by your favorite music while you are relaxing is one way to learn this important skill.  Seeing a quantum image of an expressed intention while hearing the difference between the actual and potential components through binaural sound can enhance the experience even more and allow an even deeper sense of pleasure. 

Adding a third sense of feeling with a vibrational chair or table is the ultimate as you feel the experience in every cell of your body at the same time.  This new multi-sensory quantum approach to biofeedback that includes the psychological and spiritual aspects of being in addition to the physiological ones is called the Portacle. It is in reality a true Mirror Mirror on the Wall.

Our technology incorporates this Sensory Resonance with various forms of healthy pleasure in order to create the next generation of transformational technologies that have applications in meditation, transformation, personal development, medicine, business and many other areas. To find your true beauty inside please visit or call the Reality Management Center.

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