Positive Use of Sound Massage Tables and Chairs

Vibroacoustic Sound Massage

Massage and body work have been a major players in the therapy field. The thought of human fingers sliding, kneading, tapping and rubbing one’s body is incredibly dreamy and appealing. In modern times all of that has been automated with massage chairs the claim to do the same, but many find the use of hands much more pleasurable. The proof of its efficacy is that many doctors and clinics now offer massage therapy. But what if music and specific frequencies are used to massage the body…a sound massage?

vibrasound sound massage
Figure One: The VibraSound TransporTable Massage Table

A new type of massage has appeared that uses sound, light, color and vibroacoustic vibrations simultaneously into the body, mind and spirit.1 The vibrations of force transducers can provide frequency, phase and amplitude tactile vibrations to any part of the body. It is much more specific, synchronized, repeatable, consistent and harmonic of any of the other methods. Sound tables vibrate the tissues of the body by shaking out the wrinkles and removing the dielectric charge on the tissues that create the feelings of tension.2

Sensory Resonance

Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Hypnotherapists, Psychologists, Attorneys, Frequency/Voice/Music Therapists and even Entertainment facilities are beginning to realize the power of sound therapy.

While massage is generally focused mostly on the body, sensory interfaces can produce, integrate, synchronize and program the body, mind and spirit with light, color, aroma and tactile vibration to create a state of mind called Sensory Resonance, that can lead to transformation. This state of mind is achieved by integrating the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems such that they are perceived as challenges instead of threat.

Figure Two: Challenge versus Threat and the ANS

Sensory Interfaces

There is a small bundle of nerves at the bottom of the brain stem called the Reticular Activating System (RAS) that functions as a sensory relay station to receives all of the sensory input to the brain. Everything seen, heard, smelled, tasted and felt passes through this mechanism. It is a wonderful mechanism that is responsible for our survival because it can alert to danger…like smelling smoke and knowing that means fire.

However, it is also the mechanism that blocks access to all of the good stuff like feelings of peace, well-being, connectedness, that one is on the right track and that fate can be trusted. Those feelings are hard to come by these days. This has been going on since the beginnings of human consciousness and, even though it was unknown that the culprit was the RAS, many things have been used to block that part of the brain. Tantric dancing to tie it up, self-mutilation to force it away, meditation to calm it down, drugs to numb it out and even sound to distract it.3

However, instead of getting it out of the way, what if it is just given what it wants…security and the realization that everything adds up and makes sense. Sound massage and sensory resonant devices can provide such an alternative to those other methods by synchronizing the sensory mechanisms into a coherent experience inside a safe environment. Seeing, hearing, smelling, and feeling the same thing at the same time provides the RAS with what it wants. When done in a safe environment, this brain mechanism gets what it wants and moves out the way so that higher brain functions can be activated.

It is a matter of tuning in rather than tuning out in order to rest, recharge and recuperate. A method of contemplation rather than meditation. A way to commune with one’s higher self and consider their place in the universe. Vibroacoustic sound massage systems with music therapy, when synchronized with other forms of sensory input, can provide such deep contemplative experience.

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