Artificial Intelligence versus Superior Natural, Inner Intelligence

Natural and Inner Intelligence is superior to Virtual and Augmented of Forms of Artificial Intelligence

There are various types of reality and intelligence…natural, virtual, altered and even spiritual, an underlying intellect that deals with the bigger picture of life, why we are here and what is our purpose for being.  

natural inner intelligence versus virtual augmented forms of artificial intelligence
Figure One: Levels of Intelligence and Realit

Methods and devices that lead to artificial intelligence also fall into the category of immersive technologies. (See notes).

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the current big buzz word around town these days with many scientists, writers and industry delving deeply into its concept and science. Computers can possess not only artificial intelligence but also artificial awareness.  The computer in your home that notices and warns about an intruder, fire, carbon monoxide and senses other potential problems around our homes is one example. There are many applications of artificial intelligence and many people have put most of their hope in it as solution to the world’s problems.

Natural (Innate) Intelligence

The natural intelligence experienced by most people is an awareness and control of the external outside environment that deals with what the subjects learned about their upbringing and schooling.  However, another form that deals what is going on inside of a person’s essence…their inner-reality. 

The one thing that artificial awareness does not have is spirit.  Artificial spirit is what can be seen now in the so-called New-Age movement that attempts to replace parental love with brotherly love.  A parent would go to any extreme necessary to help an offsprings whereas two siblings in an argument will argue and maybe even slap each other silly.  However, this is an artificial awareness of spirit that has tossed the concept of a first-cause, originator and creator of reality known by all of the world’s greatest religions. 

Spiritual Reality

Spiritual reality is a form of natural intelligence because we are hardwired for it.  It is a built-in glandular system that is controlled by the endocrine system that drives human behavior.  Our spiritual self enters the Pineal gland through light that attempts to reveal itself to the Pituitary gland that controls our behavior.  However, the direct transfer is interrupted by our external and internal senses that block access to it. For more information about this glandular model please visit the article on Sensory Resonance and Multi-Sensory Integration.\

Figure Two: Physiology of Spiritual Experience

Rigorous research into this concept reveals that a certain part of the brain called the Reticular Activating System (RAS) is blocking access to such awareness of the bigger picture.  The RAS is a wonderful mechanism that is responsible for our survival because it can alert to danger as rule out things that distract us. 

There is a huge difference between belief and faith. Faith is not a noun but a verb. It steps out on the belief that it awesome that belief to be correct and takes action. It is like a muscle that has to be exercised, otherwise it will not be there when needed. Sensory Resonance experience has been shown to increase faith in one’s belief.

There is also a big difference between religion and spirituality. True religion is a person’s own private relationship with the divine. When that experience is shared with someone else it becomes philosophy, not religion. All of the world’s institutionalized religions are mere philosophies compared with an individual’s own communion with it.

Technology’s Role in Modifying Intelligence

All types of methods have been developed over the years to deal with this obstacle for advanced growth. The ancients used to dance wildly around the fire, some even mutilating themselves to force that part of the brain out of the way.  Later drugs were used to numb out its over-control of awareness and  transcendental meditation was created to calm it down.  However, why not just give it what it wants…security and the assurance that everything adds up, fits the picture and makes sense.

Figure Three: Sensory Resonance & Dissonance

Technologies have been designed to synchronize the senses into one coherent experience that gives the RAS what it wants and gently asks it to move out of current consciousness.1 This results in an immediate realization of the higher thoughts in life, the spiritual mind…that leads to feelings of peace, well-being, connectedness, that one is on the right path and can take faith in their fate and the universe that all is okay. The only reason we don’t live there is the action of the survival system. Artificial intelligence must be replaced by our natural, inner and spiritual versions of intelligence.

Figure Four: VibraSoundR

Instead of putting so much effort into artificial intelligence, perhaps we should start concerning ourselves with natural intelligence instead.

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