The WaveShape of the Golden Ratio – 1.618

The Sine/Triangle Phi WaveShape and Form of the Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio, also known as Phi, is a sacred and divine mathematical relationship (ratio) that is found all over nature in plants, flowers, humans, trees, coast lines mountains and in the architecture of buildings.  The Greeks were able to utilize Phi to create the ideal acoustical environment because it minimizes acoustic resonance and imparts a unique musical quality to the listening environment based on its wave shape. 

Phi has also been found to provide superior acoustics in speaker wire and studio design  It’s even used to project market swings based on investor psychology.  This sacred geometry appears many times and in many different forms to remind us of our unity, wholeness and connection to the universe, reality and the circle of life.

Goldern Ratio Planets

The Fibonacci sequence leads to the golden ratio. The sequence is given by starting with 0 and adding the next number to the previous. The sequence then is 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34….When you divide the larger digit by the former smaller digit, it approximates 1.618…the golden ratio or Phi as the ancient Greeks called it.

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The Golden Ratio also plays heavily into the sound and music healing fields where it’s used to balance the autonomic nervous system. Listening to resonant sounds, moving in specific patterns or harmonizing with the voice while using tuning forks, crystal bowls, frequency generators and sacred geometry balances the body and aligns it with the brain for a calmer and more productive state of mind.

The time domain consists of frequency, magnitude, phase and wave shape.  Waveshape is the most basic element of vibration before it becomes projected through a medium like air and manifests as sound.  The listening environment shapes the wave without changing any of the frequencies.  So, it’s possible, with the right amplitude adjustments to change the shape of any complex frequency without interfering with its spectral signature.

Triangle Wave
A Digital Triangle Wave Created with the Sensorium LSV III

The only waveshape that conforms to the golden ratio of Phi is a triangle wave shifted 90˚ out of phase back to a spherical-like wave as shown below as a fundamental of 1 Hz. Combined with 5 of its first odd overtone harmonics (1-3-5-7-9-11).

Golden Ratio Wave
Waveshape of the Golden Ratio

A more accurate representative of this waveform can be made with the Sensorium™ LSV III Sensory Interface.  Starting with any fundamental frequency or mode and adding at least five of its odd overtones will create this waveshape.

Golden Ratio Sensorium
Sensorium Generated Golden Ratio Wave

Starting with any fundamental frequency or mode and adding at least five of its odd overtones will create this waveshape. Extracting a person’s fundamental frequency and converting it to this waveshape is the equivalent of creating a personalized golden ratio wave that can potentially effect true and lasting positive change.

Complex Waveform of the Human Voice

The image above shows a complex waveform of a human voice.  The true fundamental frequency is determined  for each word spoken and transferred to the Tone Bank of a Sensorium LSV III or IV.  Then the magnitudes of its harmonics are adjusted to those of the golden ratio wave.  Sound, music and color therapists can utilize this wave in their sessions to bring about the harmony invested in the Golden Ratio

Sensorium LSV III w: Arrows

The Sensorium III is a sensory interface that can generate, synchronize and program any known form of vibration like light, color, sound, frequency, vibrotactile vibration, and electromagnetic fields.  It can be connected to speakers, subwoofers, vibrotactile sound tables, light projectors and other vibrational devices.

To experience this waveform yourself please visit or call the Reality Management Center to book an appointment.

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I was researching wave forms after watching a quantum tunneling video and realized the the shadow casted from a waveform looks identical to the golden ratio. Suddenly I remembered my thinking back to realizing harmonic sequences in everything in life and googled the connection. The Complex Wave of a Human Voice is truly unique and awesome.

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