Sound Tables and Therapy are Doctor Approved

The VibraSound Hydrosonic Sound Table and Sensory Synchronization Is Doctor Approved

Dr. Micheal Galitzer of the American Health Institute uses his VibraSound Wavetable with most of his clients and has a near 100% success rate in accomplishing the intentions and goals of both parties.

In addition to the many reasons why Dr. Galitzer is sought out by celebrities for being renowned in his field of Energy Medicine, another reason is that his clients get access to the VibraSound Sound Table, which they all love. Below is Dr. Galitzer explaining in layman’s terms how hew uses it. To read his webpage introduction go to

He and his wife Dr. Jan Hranicky founded and direct their clinic in Santa Monica, Ca. Dr. Hranicky has recently taken their work to the Hippocrates Institute in Palm Beach, Florida.

Anhedonia anhedonism healthy pleasure from sound table

Dr. Hranicky has developed a program to treat cancer that she originally created while being a colleague of Dr. Carl Simonton, one of the first pioneers of alternative medicine for degenerative disease. Her research led her to the concept of the pleasure freeze, an expanded understanding of anhedonia or anhedonism,…in inability to experience pleasure. This, according to her theory, this is the first step of all diseases. To increase or enhance one’s ability to experience pleasure is vital to achieving and maintaining health.

This theory fits in well to the technologies and techniques developed and taught by InnerSense. The American Health Institute and other medical clinics have been successfully integrating InnerSense technologies and methods for over 20 years, with a large percentage of goal achievement.

There’s a huge difference between healthy and sordid pleasure. Healthy pleasures are those that lead to constructive and transformative changes while sordid versions result in bad choices, hurtful habits and other destructive behaviors. Learn more here about the differences.

The VibraSound Wavetable is considered to be the state of the art in neurotechnology and sound tables. Its fluid, hydrosonic mattress perfectly matches the sound characteristics of human tissue fluid and therefore signals easily pass back and forth between them…effectively turning the body fluid into unique personal speaker that can be simultaneously felt in every cell of the body. Turning most of the sound into physical vibration insures that it is very quiet and does not require sound proofing to the room.

A proprietary impedance processor enhances this vibrational connection. The power of its patented 15″ transducers cannot be matched by any others by producing high quality, noise frequencies well below the hearing band.

One of the best features about the sound table is that it can be synchronized with audio, frequencies, light, color and aroma. This leads to a state of mind called Sensory Resonance. For more information about Sensory Resonance click here.

A patented next generation audio dimensionalizer that dramatically enhances the sound of both live and recorded music by creating the perfect, phase coherent, personal listening environment.

In 2014 we were awarded Patent No. US 20140330879 A1 for the Separation and Reintegration of Real and Imaginary.  This discovery came about as a result of studying the Complex Wave Equation that defines a sound wave.  Consider that the following equation represents a music signal going down a wire to a speaker that contains all of the information coming from the players and instruments in each moment.

 Complex Wave = Real x Cosine x Frequency + Imaginary x Sine x Frequency

The study revealed that real and imaginary components of the wave equation create the timings of each of the simple waves that make up the complex.  These two partials determine what is known as phase. 

In a live music performance the audience hears sounds coming directly from the stage but also the sound that is reflected off of the walls, ceilings and floor of that unique environment, each of which get to the listener’s ears at different times.  

In most rooms or spaces there is one “sweet” spot that receives all of the reflections at the same time from both sides.  All of the other seats have unbalanced phase. This is why special venues like the Disney Music Hall are created to give a more phase balanced sound to each seat.  When music is recorded in a multi-track studio there is no environment so an engineer has to create one with channel separation, reverb, echo and other artificial means.  This process is devoid of natural environmental phase and therefore looses the pure sound of a live performance.

Patent No. US 20140330879 A1 creates near infinite phase by separating the real and imaginary components and presenting them to opposite ears, which forces the brain to reassemble them in order to hear the sound.  This densely phased signal creates the perfect listening environment as if one is sitting in all of the seats at the same time and dramatically improves the quality of sound and music by removing noise and creating a new third dimension…an audio dimensionalizer.  

This description of the patent does’t give regard to the more important application of balancing the phase of an individual person via their thoughts and voiced expressions, enhancing agricultural methods and imbibing substances with intention…all technologies that have been developed and now appear on the website. 

In addition to sound and vibration, light and color are also required to accomplish Sensory Resonance. Very sophisticated light and color technologies have been developed to add the sense of sight to the experience. These technologies allow the synchronization of light pulses to 16 decimal points of accuracy along with a seventh generation music modulation program that allows the programmed light pulses to be modulated to follow the amplitude or volume of the music.

All three of these signals are then combined and synchronized by a sensory interface that functions as a module that controls the entire system and allows a single touch to run a pre-programmed session.

To experience this for yourself please make an appointment at the American Health Institute, call or visit the Reality Management Center in Santa Monica or contact a Center near you where you can experience this unique technology.