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Since the late 1980’s InnerSense has been writing articles about the Harmonic Law, the Science of Vibration,. Don Estes, the Founder and Director, is a neuroscientist who has taught sound therapy all over the world, been interviewed by many radio, websites and TV shows, and invented the VibraSound®️ series of transformational technologies. Below is a list of articles that are featured on this website at

These articles on the Science of Vibration Can be Found at in the Learn Menu:

The Science of Vibration
Name of Article AuthorKeyword

Can Evidence Based Science Validate All of the Vibrational TherapiesDon EstesEvidence Based Science

Self-Talk and Biometric Sound TherapyDon EstesSelf-Talk

VibroAcoustics in Treatment of Adrenal FatigueDon EstesAdrenal Fatigue

Superconscious Mind Encourages Sensory WellnessDon EstesSuperciousness

Unique Transformation with Sound TherapyDon EstesTransformation with Sound

Sensory Metrics is Important in Sound TherapyDon EstesSensory Metrics

PTSD and Sound Therapy for Healing Trauma

What is all the New Rage About Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy?Don EstesVibroacoustic Sound Therapy

Body, Mind and Spiritual HealthDon EstesSpiritual Health

Breath is the #! Fuel for Great Vibroacoustic Sound Table JourneysDon EstesBreath

Experience Goosebumps on a Vibroacoustic or Vibrotactile Sound TableDon EstesGoosebumps

Sound Therapy and the Manifestation CycleDon EstesManifestation

Sound Therapy, Epiphany and MetanoiaDon EstesSound Therapy

Sound Bed – The Amazing VibraSound WaveTable Hydrosonic Music BedDon EstesSound Bed

The Reality Management Therapy Center and Technology ShowroomDon EstesReality Management

InnerSense Makes Sound Tables with Vibroacoustic and Vibrotactile TechnologyDon EstesVibroacoustic

Spiritual Technology Part OneDon EstesSpiritual Technology

Spiritual Technology Part TwoDon EstesSpiritual Technology

A New Model of the Electromagnetic Spectrum:                                        The Absolute Scale of Relative Cosmic RealityDon EstesElectromagnetic Spectrum

Membranes Have Consciousness and Separate Self from Not-SelfDon EstesMembranes have Consciousness

Harmonic Law – A New Encyclopedia of Vibrational ScienceDon EstesHarmonic Law

See the Beauty Inside if You LookDon EstesThe Beauty Inside

Peak Experience is Exhilarating Don EstesPeak Experience

Big Difference Between Sound Tables vs. Vibrotactile TablesDon EstesSound Tables vs. Vibrotactile Tables

Unique Personal Voice Analysis and Therapy Part OneDon EstesVoice Analysis and Therapy

Experience a Unique Personal Voice Analysis and Therapy Part TwoDon EstesVoice Analysis and Therapy

Sound Therapy Results on Healthy Pleasure, Peace and Well-BeingDon EstesHealthy Pleasure

PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and a Unique VibroTactile Sound TherapyDon EstesPost Traumatic Stress Disorder

VibroAcoustic Tables as Opposed to Vibrotactile TablesDon EstesVibroacoustic Tables

Sensory Resonance Results in Multisensory IntegrationDon EstesSensory Resonance

New Digital Psychedelics vs. Plant MedicineDon EstesDigital Psychedelics

Experience Vibroacoustic Tables and Therapy NowDon EstesVibroacoustic Therapy

The Waveshape of at the Golden RatioDon EstesGolden Ratio

Join the New Technedelic RevolutionDon EstesTechnedelic 

The Schumann Resonance, 432 Hz. And Solfeggio FrequenciesRandy StackSchumann ans Solfeggio

The Portacle Quantum Biofeedback SystemDon EstesQuantum Biofeedback

The Argument: Analog versus DigitalDon EstesAnalog versus Digital

Physics of the Law of Attraction and ChaosDon EstesLaw of Attraction

Navigation InnerSpaceDon EstesNavigating InnerSpace

The Race Continues:  Circumnavigating InnerSpaceDon EstesInnerspace

The Science of Universal Automata and a Unique Sound TherapyRandy & Vic Stack and Don EstesAutomata

Spiritual TechnologyDon EstesSpiritual Technology

Living Water Transformed by Intention
Structured Water

There are more articles predating these in the library on the website. These articles explain the science, technology and the use of techniques and devices that are designed to enhance Transformation. To experience such information in person please visit our showroom and therapy center in Santa Monica at

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