PTSD and Sound Therapy for Healing Trauma

PTSD and Sound Therapy: The Perfect Solution for Healing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD and Sound Therapy are the perfect solution for treating post traumatic stress disorder syndrome. This disorder affects many people all over the world each year. Millions of people get PTSD from traumatic and sometimes brutal events. Serious injury, illness and even difficult childbirth can often trigger it. Some people think they might even die from such a scary incident.

ptsd and sound therapy for healing post traumatic stress disorder

It’s not just soldiers who get PTSD. It can happen to anyone who experiences something really threatening like spousal abuse, robbery, a horrible accident or other traumatic event. It can cause all sorts of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems that are really hard to rid oneself of.

There are a lot if different ways to help people who are suffering from PTSD. Some of the most well-known ways of treating it are:

  • Stress Management Techniques
  • Cognitive Processing Training
  • Prolonged Exposure Therapy
  • EMDR Desensitization and Reprocessing
  • Stress Inoculation Therapy
  • Special Prescription Medication
  • Plant Medicine with Psychedelic Substances

All of these methods have been shown to help a little, but they don’t address the real solution, which is that PTSD is a learning experience that, if overcome, can make a person stronger, more determined, courageous, spiritually evolved and boosted to a higher levels of order.

We co-create our own reality with the choices we make and the decisions we act on. People are starting to realize that everything happens for a reason, that there is a bigger picture to life and other universal forces are working to help us spiritually grow.

PTSD and Sound Therapy as it Relates to Time

As they say, life goes on, but sometimes we get stuck in a dissonant state of mind due to bad experiences. Each person has their own time governor that determines how long it will take to overcome these experiences. Some people can forgive and forget easily, whereas for others it can take a long time, even a lifetime. PTSD and Sound Therapy is the perfect solution to solving the time problem as it drastically shortens the amount of time it takes to overcome the trauma and realize that it was meant to be.

This is what the essence of PTSD is all about and reveals the real solution…learn from but drop the past…stay in the present…and project out how to change the future. Immature humans have to practice patience, but true children of the universe have a deeper understanding of the big picture and therefore see difficulties as a challenge instead of a threat.

sensory resonance versus dissonance

The chart above graphically shows the difference between sensory resonance and dissonance. Perceiving stimulating change as a challenge leads to sensory resonance, ecstatic living and self mastery whereas seeing change as a threat results in sensory dissonance, which leads to fight or flight and sometimes even death. On the other end of the nervous system scale when we slow down and begin to relax, discerning the change as a threat (need to recharge) makes us bored and causes us to sleep, whereas becoming cognizant that it’s a challenge results in deep mediation and self-realization.

Our bodies, minds and spirits can help us deal with the hardships of life, and our perception of challenge instead of threat can effect true and lasting positive change upon our lives. For more information about Sensory Resonance click on the link.

PTSD and Plant Medicine

The latest rage in medicine is a resurgence of the medical applications of psychedelic plants. Whereas this method does provide some positive results it also has some serious negative qualities that make it unsuitable in many cases. Some people have bad trips, lose control, make dangerous decisions,

PTSD and Sound Therapy – The Solution

Transformation requires three things:

  • Active Pursuit
  • The Right Tools
  • Dedicated Support

Active Pursuit is the responsibility of the one seeking change. They must be persistent and consistently seek the goal. The Right Tools for the journey are the vehicle, fuel, map, directions and intended destination. Dedicated support can come from professional therapists or even a friend who can function as a sounding board for the seeker to hear themselves talk. Ideas and solutions to any issue will come up when someone is trying to explain their thoughts to someone else that would have never been expressed when thinking about it alone. Dedicated support does not mean advice, but rather just to be there to listen and hold the space.

Sound Therapy can provide the right tools and dedicated support for a person’s transformational journey from post traumatic stress disorder to an inspired, courageous, determined, compassionate

Transformation represents a really wide range of change from something as simple as a shift of mood, all the way up through health, finances, career, relationships and lifestyles finalizing in the most dramatic transformation possible from an evolutionary, physical, material creature into an eventuated spiritual essence…who one is going to be when they pass over.

Sound Therapy can assist a person in serious trauma by helping them realize that the threat they perceive as being harmful is actually a challenge and, if it is overcome, it will lead them to a higher level of awareness of their life’s purpose and allow them to assist others with the same problem. Music is especially helpful because it can inspire as well as relax.

To read the full article about PTSD and Sound Therapy please click on this link. In order to check out this therapy for yourself please call or visit the Reality Management Center in Santa Monica, California.

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