New Beginnings

The truth never suffers from an honest observation. As a child in the ‘60’s living next to one of the most polluted great lakes in the US, I observed fish too weak to swim, yellow with toxins, some having succumbed already to the obvious toxicity in their environment. I asked myself, how is this possible? Doesn’t anybody see this? Who’s responsible? I ran around in a panicked state, rescuing as many fish as I could, filling the empty cola cups carelessly  thrown on the beach, with toxic water. I tried to save as many fish as I could. After finding a lifeguard, I asked him why he wasn’t rescuing these fish. Wasn’t it his job to save lives? I remember the blank stare that was returned. I was four years old.

As a child growing up in a big inner city, I observed racial tension and violence. I could not see any difference in those that did not share my skin color but shared time with me. We were too busy having fun playing, dreaming, and laughing to know that we were different, supposedly as different as the amount of  melanin in our skin.

At the same time, President John F. Kennedy spoke of the intentions to land man on the moon and return him safely to earth in 1961 and I grew up in anticipation of what those brave astronauts would find there. I witnessed great collaboration and ingenuity as this exploration by mankind unfolded, and was inspired to explore my own surroundings through the lens of science. I still have the newspaper from July 20,1969 when the Apollo 11 crew landed on the surface of the moon, and in step with their steps I challenged myself to become more aware of my own environment, my own steps, my own being.

Fast forward to today, and the same question circles through my head: What is the truth that I am now observing? Today is the 2012 Winter Solstice, a day that some believe is the birth of a new era. Through the work of thousands of citizens on the planet, guided by the inspirational words of many thought leaders in conscious evolution from around the planet, humanity is rising together, connected in ways never before available or possible. With the shared intention to end one way of being as a species that has led us possibly to the brink of our extinction, and to dream of a more inclusive, peaceful and compassionate existence, we are all witnessing, participating and experiencing a great moment in man’s evolution and realization: that we are one consciousness. Although we are solely responsible for our being, what we do indeed, affects the whole.

We have collectively learnt and grown so much since JFK’s speech in May of 1961,urging his country to have a man land on the moon and return to earth safely.This was a call to action based on fear, speaking of a battle between freedom and tyranny. But there is a call to action right now, based on something totally different. To borrow from and alter his speech slightly:

“Now it is time to take longer strides–time for a great new HUMAN enterprise–time for humanity to take a clear and leading role in our own conscious evolution, which in many ways may hold the key to our future on Earth.”

Once again I find myself on the edge of my seat with anticipation for the coming Era.

With a shared intention to connect and change the way we think in order to change our world, we at Psiometrics Science, Inc. want to thank all of you that are joining in this effort. We want to thank the many thought leaders, teachers and wisdom keepers who have spent their lives urging us all to take those longer strides. We want to acknowledge all of those who are helping make this happen. THANK YOU.

With this collective intention, we have the distinct possibility of creating a new world-one in which all life is seen,honoured and cared for. I invite you to take this step along with millions of people with the same dream, the same hope, the same vision around the world. Lets do this together.

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