Navigating InnerSpace with Quantum Biofeedback

The Race to InnerSpace: Circumnavigating the Inner-Worlds

One of our associates recently remarked…”well, Don, the cat’s really out of the bag now!  “You’ve unleashed upon the world a powerful tool that can be used constructively or destructively.  How are you ever going to control that?”

Fortunately, when it comes to spiritual technology and the laws of InnerSpace, there’s mechanisms built into the machine that cause the process to backfire on the perpetrator if it is misused for personal gain. So, don’t be trying to use the Portacle to beat the stock market or take advantage of anyone:~)

Navigating Innerspace with quantum biofeedback technology
Figure One: The Portacle Quantum Biofeedback System

In fact, whatever one tries to radiate outwardly into the world eventually gets reflected back inward, just like what gets drawn in usually winds up radiating back out into the external environment.  One of the unique features of our technology is that it can measure the amount of energy moving in and out of origin, or the beginning of the complex wave that comes from intention.  This reflects a person’s direct connection to Source, and reveals the direction of and amount of energy flowing in between themselves and the universe.

Over the years we have seen that the majority of the human race function like black holes that draw in whatever is needed to resolve the difference between their actual and potential selves.  However, a rare few operate like dominant outward radiators (white holes) that can allow the divine energy within to emanate externally into their sphere of influence. They can resonate with others and bring them into resonance with themselves.  These are those who understand how to create their own reality…they have become oscillators instead of simple vibrators.

Figure Two: Real Time Quantum Indices

Becoming a dominant outward radiator begins in Innerspace  All good things come from this inner world.  Everything in the external world was once an intention inside of reality on the other side in the spectral domain. 

Every invention, relationship, event and all other forms of material reality were once merely a thought inside of someone’s consciousness.  Children come from the inside and it can be demonstrated that even the future itself unfolds from the inside out.  It’s not hard to understand that considering that it is well known that a telescope looks into the past, but less recognized is that a microscope can be used to peer into the future.

In a human being, the present exists on the external membranes like the skin, retina, eardrum and taste/smell buds. Most people consider the future to be stretched out in front of them like the past is strung out behind.  However, the future hasn’t happened yet, but rather is merely 10-44 of second away.  The next moment starts there at that quantum moment called the Chronon.  A lot of evidence is now pointing to the fact that the so-called big bang occurs every chronon, so reality is turning on and off at this speed.

Every new moment is the recreation of the previous plus whatever happens during the off segment in between successions.  It is during this off moment that intention is gathering, ordering and arranging the building blocks (automata) to set up the next moment. It is during this instant that a person’s upcoming state of being is set up and written into existence.  Effecting change on oneself at this most fundamental level of reality is the equivalent of returning to origin and being truly born again by having the opportunity to start over.

It is also here that one realizes that their origin and destiny are the same, the unification of themselves with the universe.  The past ceases to exist other than the lessons that have been learned and stored in the subconscious for future referral.  The superconscious begins to navigate the consciousness, stuck in between these two unconscious extremes of mind, through the vicissitudes of life. 

The body becomes the ship, the mind is the captain and the spirit is the navigator.  Life becomes true, beautiful and good, full of things, meanings and values.  You become a neuronaut traveling the circuits of your own nervous system (inner and outer sensory mechanisms) directly into the collective consciousness of Innerspace.

Figure Three: A Spectral Essence Matrix from an Expression

There should be an X Prize for designing and building the best mind-craft with which to circumnavigate innerspace, just like there is for outer space:~)  In every such journey there is a preparatory time, blast-off, travel, destination landing, investigation, departure and homecoming…a circumnavigation of InnerSpace.  Used optimally, the Portacle can provide the tools for every segment of your journey down the wormhole and back again. 

If we ever won such a prize we would use it to accomplish the goal of our mission, which is to further enhance the conscious evolution of humankind.  Thank you for being one of those who are helping us achieve that goal.

Many of the classic fairy tales are testament to the fact that the essence of life resides on the inside.  Stories or legends involving mirrors, crystal balls, wishing wells, deep-sleep, dreams, imagination, the internal struggle between our dual animal/spirit natures and the actualization of potential permeate our cultures.  We invite you to experience yourself on the inside.  To go outside of your “home” and look back in through the windows to see what is going on in there.  The Portacle can be the opening you’re looking for.

Harmonic Law: The Science of Vibration by Don Estes, Harmonic Law Publications, Santa Monica, CA.

See article on Sensory Resonance on the website in resources-library-Don’s articles.

For your own Portacle reading please call the Reality Management Center to schedule an appointment.

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Don, what are the experiences of people who have tried your equipment? Is is possible to access the subconscious and change behavior with what you are selling?

Hi Marcus, our technologies assist in bringing about a whole host of different experiences. They’re transformational technologies that can help across the entire spectrum to possible changes from something as simple as a shift of mood, all the way through more complex changes involving relationships, careers and living locations. At the top end of that spectrum lies Allasso, which denotes the transformation from an evolutionary, material creature into an eventuated spiritual essence…in other words…transcending the human condition. Rather than allowing access to the subconscious, it encourages a communication between the animal and spiritual parts of a human being…the sub-conscious and super-conscious minds, which helps balance the autonomic nervous system (sympathetic and parasympathetic). People have reported profound relaxation, intense inspiration, deep meditation, astral travel, OBE’s and “spiritual experiences”.

Do you think this is superior to ‘old fashioned’ meditation? Or are you supposed to combine it with meditation? I’ve asked a bunch of meditators about those flickering Light machines and they all seem opposed to these devices, saying they are just affecting our actual brain and not achieving the true effects of what meditation is supposed to grant ( beyond the physical brain). Thanks for any insight.

Thanks for your interest in our science and technology. It used to take 40 years of dedication and pursuit to reach deep levels of transformation through what has commonly been called meditation. Many years ago an associate of ours wrote a book called “Would the Buddha Wear a Walkman”. Whereas there’s many opinions about this, our stance is that every generation attempts to utilize the technology available at the time. Those who subscribe to the “old fashion” method would not want to admit it, but even many of them utilize some form of technology to assist them in their approach. Using recorded music, playing an instrument, using gongs, or even their own voice are forms of technology. Let’s face it, the human body and mind are the greatest technologies that have ever manifested on planet earth. To try and separate our natural technological selves from those technologies that we’ve developed to extend our consciousness to wider bandwidths of reality is not only old fashion and narrow minded, but denies the actual reality and realization that we can be more than what we currently are.

Since 2016, we’ve been honored to be named as one of the top 200 researchers in the world on transformational technology. Research by the TransTech community has proven that each individual has a unique personality that requires a different approach to transformation. Not everything works for everyone. They’ve been offering a “Finders Course” that allows the participants to experience a wide range of technologies in an attempt to identify the one that works best for them. We highly recommend this course to anyone who is unsure of which method might work. The “flickering light” technology you mentioned does not work for everyone. A person’s NLP profile has a lot to do with which method might work the best for them. For example a highly visual NLP personality who is extremely sensitive to light, might have some issues with flashing lights. Many would then say that it is not good for them, even though we’ve shown that it is indicating too much visual sensitivity and that working through that is the answer…instead of saying it’s not right for me and therefore I should avoid it. This is a whole different story that you will have to read about on our website…our new paradigm of healing that identifies and enhances what’s right instead of the old fashion allopathic method of finding what’s wrong and trying to fix it. Our approach works much better and is so much easier for both client and therapist.

The brain and our sensory mechanisms are our only connection to consciousness. They’re the mechanisms that have to be utilized in reaching the deep states of meditation these other people are telling you about. There are parts of the brain that keep us from attain such higher levels of mind…a sense of peace, well-being, connectedness to all of life, we’re on the right track and it’s okay to trust the universe to know that all is okay. These brain components must be satisfied in order to silence them enough for the good stuff to get through. Over the years, many technologies have been used to accomplish this. From dancing around a flickering fire in ancient times for inspiration, self-mutilation to transcend the senses, meditation to quieten those parts of the brain, drugs to put them to sleep and various forms of new technologies to hack the brain and heart…all of these eventual accomplish the goal of getting us to these higher levels of consciousness. It’s simply a matter of finding the method that works best for you.

Our particular and proprietary approach is something we call “sensory resonance” where we attempt to quiet those parts of the brain that are blocking access to this higher, big picture view of reality by providing it with what it wants and needs…security and the realization that there is nothing to figure out…everything adds up and makes sense. When that occurs “Captain Kirk” leaves the deck and everyone on the ship gets to go to the “holodek” where they can experience whatever they desire. As I said, the old method could require as much as 40 years of dedicated work, whereas some of these new technologies allow access to the same place in a much shorter period of time. There’s not enough time for us to spend that amount of time these days to transform ourselves. These technologies can cut the time involved and dramatically enhance the experience. It’s not just about flashing lights, but involves all of the sensory mechanisms at the same time creating a coherent experience.

On top of all of that, there’s further considerations. What is usually accepted as meditation is a method of “tuning out” and getting outside of time and space. This is useful and necessary in situations where there is too much anxiety and a person needs to escape and recharge. However, there’s another approach that we call “contemplation” that “tunes in” and focuses on the reality of all that is going in a person’s life and allows them to rearrange and reassemble themselves to a higher level of order. We tested this for many years and proved that the ability to be inspired and turned on is equally important as the ability to relax, let go and turn off. Knowing how to remain alert and relaxed at the same time is the greatest life coping tool a human being can possess. The ability to crawl into the cave to escape, hide and withdraw is only part of what a person should be able to do. So-called meditation usually requires the eyes to be closed because it’s very hard to create alpha waves with your eyes open. Learning how to achieve that state is important. However, knowing how to achieve that state with your eyes open is even more important. The quantum biofeedback Portacle program we offer is the most powerful form of eyes open meditation we’re aware of. Both abilities are valuable.

So, would the Buddha wear a walkman? Our opinion is absolutely! However, the nature of the content is most important…it has to be something that will work for that individual. More information about this can be found on our website in many of the articles and blogs we’ve posted over the years. Let me know if that answers your question?

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