Uncle Randy’s Latin Translations of Genuine Egyptian Hieroglyphs

The other night, I had to type in Greek for some maths equations on phase density I was preparing for a meeting in London the next day. So I clicked on the wee British flag in my Mac’s menu bar, and enabled the Greek character set from the Unicode table. Whilst there, however, I also noticed they did Hieroglyphics! Took a look at those, but couldn’t make heads nor tails of any of ’em, and the only descriptions were the Unicode numbers for the characters. Some were quite amusing, others downright pornographic (if you don’t believe me, just take a look at character #D053 in the Egyptian Hieroglyphs set {I rest my case!}). So, I decided to pick a few (of the more entertaining and less prurient ones) and write my own definitions! However, these looked really boring in English, so I thought to myself, “Self? Wouldn’t these be far more interesting in Latin?!” And, thusly, I translated them. Showed them to my father & sister the next day and they just laughed and laughed until they stopped. Then, Cindy (my sister) remarked, “You know, Ashton (my eldest grand nephew) is studying Latin right now; I bet he’d get a kick out of these!” And so…

Uncle Randy's Latin Translations of Genuine Egyptian Hieroglyphics

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