The Race to Inner Space

There’s a race on to InnerSpace. People all over the world are finally beginning to realize that the best things in life come from inside. Every thing we know was first an idea or concept in someone’s mind that manifested in the real world through expression and action. Whereas it has been shown that the past is outside it can also be shown that the future is inside…even babies come from there.

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With all of the current advice coming from resonant thought leaders suggesting that it’s best to remain in the present moment, it’s important to realize that the current moment lies on the membranes of the body that separate self from non-self…the sensory membranes of skin, retina, olfactory bulbs, tongue and eardrums. Removing the sensory antennae on these membranes causes the organism to go unconscious…not die…but unconscious. It’s safe to assume that consciousness itself exists on these “mem-brains” and not necessary only within the brain itself. These sensory mechanisms are the only connection that consciousness has with its inner and outer environments.

The truth is that it’s impossible to live in the present moment because it passes too fast…gone before it can be experienced. The only place to live is in the NEXT moment, which can become whatever is desired.

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We spend billions every year exploring outer space. Over the past few weeks we’ve watched the two of the richest men on earth race to outer space. However, if they had the vehicle, fuel, map and time to find and travel to another planet, even in another galaxy or through a wormhole…when they stepped out onto the planet, they would still themselves on the outside layer of reality, not one bit closer to where everything originates on the inside in inner-space. Our Destiny may be partially in outer-space, but our Origin is inside. Someone should create an X Prize for the best InnerSpace Vehicle and we should be having a race to get there.

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Mystics, seers, shamans, religious teachers and other adepts have all declared since the beginning that heaven, nirvana, and paradise can only be accessed from the inside. References to the importance of this inner-life can be found in the Bible and almost all other spiritual literature.

Come To Your Senses                                                                

For every outer sense there is an inner one. When we dream we see, hear, taste, touch, feel and move just as if we were awake. Learning how to control those inner-senses provides the ability to think, express and act in innerspace in a way similar to how our outer senses perform in the world around us…allowing travel into and around the in-vironment. We spend countless hours learning the results of pushing buttons in our outer world, but very little time discovering the outcome of pushing the buttons in our inner world.

We use our outer senses as tools to accomplish our desires. InnerSense was created in 1984 to research, develop and disperse transformational technologies that turn the focus of attention inward.

Research revealed that the only connection consciousness has with both the external and internal worlds are the sensory mechanisms. Deeper research uncovered the existence of a brain structure that functions as a relay station for sensory input that routes information to various parts of the brain…the reticular activating system or RAS.  If the human body is the Starship Enterprise…this structure is its Captain Kirk whose main responsibility involves security and novelty. Anything that is unsafe, new, unknown or not fully understood is prioritized and all energy reserves are directed to the resolution of those issues. But, where does the crew want to go when there is no threat or novelty to resolve? The Holodeck of course…an incredible supercomputer capable of virtually recreating any time and any space stored in the program.

Many technologies have been created to simulate a Holodeck. InnerSense was one of the first into this evolving new reality in the early 90’s when it introduced CyberFin™, the world’s first virtual dolphin encounter…an experience that won best new booth that year at Siggraph.

There were two parts to the CyberFin experience…an eye’s open 3D virtual reality encounter that culminated in an eye’s closed light, sound and music experience that turned the focus of consciousness inward.  In those days such technology was bulky and expensive. High quality 3D computer generated reality combined with realtime 3D camera content could cost more than $50K per minute! To support that effort several location-based entertainment facilities were built in California, Atlanta and Japan. Experience at these facilities exposed that the human mind is vastly superior to the best computers known. It can create more realistic virtual realities directly inside the brain without the need for 3D equipment and content. While it’s important to start where most people feel comfortable with technology they’re used to like audio/visual, it was concluded that the eye’s closed adventure is a vital part of the ultimate virtual reality experience.

It’s extremely hard for the average person to create alpha brainwaves with their eye’s open. In order to turn the focus of attention inward it’s necessary to close the eyes but have a way of presenting virtual reality images. Fortunately, the human brain has the ability to create virtual realities at a resolution superior to anything technology can deliver. It can suspend disbelief and synthesize virtual dreams that seem every bit as real as anything experienced while awake and…it’s totally free! This, of course, is something we all do when we dream but it’s impossible to take control unless the dream is lucid. A little help from technology can greatly enhance and speed up the brain’s ability to visualize when it’s not sleeping.

Sensory Resonance

In the late 80’s our founder Don Estes published the Theory of Sensory Resonance, which defines the state of mind achieved when all of the sensory mechanisms are synchronized. into a coherent experience. This provides the RAS with the security and coherency it needs to let go and allow the mind to rise from survival levels to feelings of peace, well-being, connectedness, trust in the present and faith in the universe that all is okay.

InnerSense is now offering its 13th generation of sensory resonant technologies that combine unique configurations of light, color, sound, tactile-vibration, aroma, energy fields synchronized with music into a coherent multi-sensory, multimedia experience. For more information about our products and services please click here.

Thought is purely imaginary. It only becomes real when expressed into the real world. Taking action on that expression can result in manifestation. The inner-world is the imaginary domain. It’s possible to measure a person’s iQ (imaginary quotient) that defines their ability to enter Innerspace (for more information see the article iQ in the library at

The Language of InnerSpace

To define who a human being is to reveal their “manner of being” and “manner of doing”. This is similar to the “state space” and “rule space” of automata, which are the smallest, most indivisible components of reality. Automata control all universal processes unless and until a sentient being takes charge. We don’t have to think about breathing or order our heart to beat…all involuntary muscle movement comes from the action of automata.

Automata speak in a formal language called algorithm. English is an informal language. With a few directions you could find your way to anywhere you want to go. However, a robot would require a lot more instruction to get from one location to another. Every distance to the millimeter, exact angle of every turn, all road hazards and many other choices that would have to be made by a sentient person’s programming. Formal algorithms must be followed to the letter all of the way through to completion without fail.

Automata come in two flavors…real and imaginary, or in lay terms…actual and potential. These components are discrete on the other side of the quantum veil before something manifests in our real world. Consciousness has the ability to reach across the veil gather and associate these two building blocks and weave together sine and cosine waves that manifest on this side. This is the science and magic behind how thought becomes manifest. Reality cycles from thought to expression then action and finally manifestation.

We are both personal and impersonal…player and instrument…operator and machine. Better integration between these two aspects of ourselves improves the quality of our lives. There’s a pharmacy in there and we are the pharmacist who can write a prescription to feel any way we want. The player can tune and repair the instrument. Consciousness can associate and resolve the difference between our animal and spiritual selves.

The important thing to realize is that it originates INSIDE. Making changes at that level is simple because it’s only the resolution of those two things. Once an issue appears over here in our reality it has physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects that must be dealt with. Effecting change on the inside is a more elegant and efficient way of transformation than dealing with issues once they’ve manifested. Once something has been imagined inside, expression and action unfolds it inside/out into the real world.

The nature of InnerSpace is chaotic, not ordered…potential, not actual. It contains all of the possibilities inherent within, and available to, any particular actual reality. The Omega Cycle shows how reality flows from past to future through the present.  Chaos theory has revealed that chaos is even more ordered than what we call ordered. It’s just too complex and complicated to be easily observable.

Omega Cycle

Imagine that you are the green box in the image above.  That entire box is flowing along with time to the left along the horizontal plane.  However, it is also spinning counter-clockwise as it flows from left to right.  Life is going according to a plan when some event or crisis interrupts the current flow. This opens up all of the possible reactions to the event within the imagination. That reaction turns the flow 90º to where a conscious reaction occurs. That turns the flow another 90º to where of choice of action results. Again the flow is turned 90º which returns the flow to the real time domain heading into the future.(follow the green arrow in the illustration below).

The “other side” is a reciprocal world…not a mirror universe. A reciprocal is something that when added to something else, makes that thing ONE whole thing. This means that any real actual thing on this side of the veil that is not 100% its whole true self…has a reciprocal self still shrouded within the mystery of potential on the other side. The challenge is that we were born without an operation manual, no “users guide”. How would anyone ever discover what is really going on in there in order to actualize that hidden potential and become their true self?

A number of methods and technologies have been developed to release potential. Almost all of them relate to innerspace in one way or another. InnerSense’s latest technologies represent the next generation of sensory resonant technologies by providing the destination, vehicle, fuel, map, directions and suggestions for traveling to innerspace. Sensory resonance vehicles, light/sound/vibration technologies, quantum biofeedback, micro-structured water and neuro-nautical training…everything needed for an innerspace journey.

AHA! – The Ultimate Drug

The psychedelic revolution back in vogue after its start in the 60’s. A few of us have hung in there this entire time and have learned how to achieve even higher quality states of mind than the plant medicine provides. After all, we evolved from the same circle of evolutionary life and have those same capabilities. Now we call it technedelic. The ultimate goal of sensory resonance is epiphany or an Aha! moment. A sudden feeling that all is good and it’s okay to relax and let go…to be instead of do. An unanticipated resolution to a problem, or unexpected moment of clarity and understanding. An experience that seems to come out of nowhere and leaves just as rapidly if an interruption occurs. We call this “peak experience”. When clients are asked if they ever have such occurrences, many of them will think for a minute and finally say that they may have at some point.

Many will say that their goals are better health, finances relationships, career, etc, However, that’s only the starting point for life…not ultimate goals. The ultimate goal is to wake up every morning knowing that no matter what happens…life is wonderful…a state of disappointment-proof.  To “be” in that state, in continual communion with the higher-self is not only the goal but also reward for achieving it. It’s often a feeling full of goose-bumps or kundalini rushes like an altered or non-ordinary state of mind experience better than psychedelics. Higher quality, self-generated chemistry, safe, and controllable with no compensatory lag time or hangover.

Transformation represents a wide range of possible change and growth ranging from something as simple of a shift of mood up to more complex changes involving health, education, career, location, relationship, financing and other stages of evolution all the way to Allasso…a special type of transformation from an evolutionary material creature into an eventuated spiritual entity…what we will all become on the other side if we don’t do it before we pass over. That is the ultimate purpose of transformational technology. Paradise can only be entered from InnerSpace. All of this and more is available in InnerSpace…the true Final Frontier.

The race to Innerspace is on…welcome to the starting line!


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