Our vibrotactile tables and chairs allow sound and music to be simultaneously felt in every cell by adding new pathways to the brain through the body's corpuscular membrane system.
Our sound technology is proven to engage the listener's brain by adding a new dimension to any music. This Hyperspatialized sound creates the perfect personal listening environment inside the mind.
Pulsed light and color synchronize music and sound into a mind-blowing technodelic visual experience that allows them to be seen in addition to being heard.


Experience Total Sensory Coherence

Our technologies synchronize light, sound & vibration into one programmable coherent experience,
creating a state of
sensory resonance with the push of a button
along with feelings of peace, well-being, inter-connectedness.

VibraSound Bed with Lights

InnerSense Products


State of the art sound & vibrational therapy devices.


Integrated light, sound & vibrational control software.


The world's first group sensory entrainment experience.


Algorithmically transformed ultra pure water.


Check out the library of knowledge and try out some of the amazing frequency technologies we offer for free in our Learning Center.  

Vibrasound Hardware


Psiometric Science

Definition The term biometry is derived from the Greek words ‘bios’ (life) and ‘metron’ (measure). Human biometrics can be defined as the measurement of the

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Sensory Science

Exploration of the Mind / Body / Spirit Connection The Body/Mind/Spirit link is the most subtle but powerful force in the known universe, and yet

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New Brain Research

Similar to the call of JFK in 1963 to land man on the moon safely, President Obama issued a new research initiative in April which

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