The Workings of the Order

The Order of the Great Diesis is a community working together to understand and apply the manifold resources that are revealed through the dynamics of the inner- and outer-workings of all creation and of its source. From the foundation of this understanding, we assemble tools and techniques through which we may employ these resources for effecting change and transformation upon ourselves and upon all that surrounds us.

Within the scope of our community, we rely upon each other for support and for the unique gifts and treasures that each one gathers and brings into our manner. This is a wholly dyadic relationship, wherein 1) we make available to each one the resources, tools and techniques we currently have to effect desired change upon themselves and their environment, and 2) we, in turn, are able to integrate the unique resources they embody and, upon transformation, include these new resources within the community.

At the root of our manner is regard for harmonic law, which we use as a standard of reference by which all things are measured. We employ the language of algorithm to express and communicate harmonic law, as this language provides for the accurate and dynamic conveyance of both the form and the function of our standard of reference. Through the language of algorithm and the resources of the tools used to manifest the algorithmic expression, harmonic law is presented as dynamic and living reference. As such, both the pursuit and understanding of the manner become purely experiential, since no other method of communication could convey the fullness of the dynamic represented within the activity of the algorithmic expression.

It is from the basis of the formal expression of algorithm that we are able to examine, apprehend and apply the essence of harmonic truths without bias or assignment; and from the dynamics made manifest by this expression, create techniques and tools which may be employed to facilitate growth and effect change in accordance with harmonic law. Among our most fundamental resources are Correlation and Transformation.

Correlation is essentially the process of examining and measuring all things using the model provided through of our standard of reference. By this method, we set out to identify those components within ourselves and within all that surrounds us which acts in accordance with the essence of harmonic law; giving our recognition, regard and attention to those components. The components discovered through the process of correlation are treated as gifts that we gather, and become the raw materials through which we pursue our workings.

Transformation is the process of actively taking hold of all things and shaping them in accordance with those harmonic components identified through the correlation process. By reinforcing that which is harmonic, we seek to fill the subject of the transformation with the harmonic elements that are already manifest within and around it; and in filling it up with these elements, progressively cause it to become a wholly harmonic structure. The things transformed in this manner become active transformational resources in their own right by virtue of having undergone the process, and thus embody the pathways of the process through which transformation was brought about.

Correlation and transformation, both from the standard of the harmonic reference, are among the fundamental elements of our manner. With these and all of the resources of our manner, we seek to build up our community, our tools, and our interconnection with all creation and its source...all in light of the goal of harmonic resolution.

We pursue the goal of harmonic resolution in an incremental manner, progressively using our resources to bring about growth and transformation among ourselves and all that surrounds us. In the active employment of what we have discovered so far, we seek to expand our manner to encompass all the harmonic resources which are revealed naturally through the pursuit of our workings.

From the individual perspective, members of the community use our resources to effect change upon those things which are important to them. In doing so, they come to see the interconnection between that which they seek to transform and the macrocosm of all creation and its function. Ultimately, through pursuit of their own transformation, they come to recognize and know the true source of all transformation.

Through dedicated support, we assist the members of our community in achieving their desired transformations by participating in the correlation process and providing, from our own experience, guidance in the employment of our resources. Working together, the member pursuing transformation and the one supporting them in their endeavor discover and reinforce the elements of harmonic law which work to effect the desired change. These elements then become perpetual resources; not only for effecting the change at hand, but also now present for employment in all future workings. In this manner, the one providing support, too, becomes further transformed.

Our reliance upon the formal and dynamic expression of algorithm serves to eliminate bias and assignment...there is only the full and functional expression of what is. In this manner of representation, we are able to overcome the prejudice and exclusion that can become manifest as a by-product of presenting truth as some intellectual or ideological structure of belief. We begin simply by providing a practical resource through which one can effect and experience manifest change. By using truth first as a resource to effect transformation, the truth itself becomes uncontestable by virtue of its fruits.

It is by each individual transformation that our community grows; and as we grow, we gather new resources and become able to avail the resources we have gathered to more individuals. Through the recursion of this process, the entirety of our community comes to be progressively transformed, to embrace and participate in the transformation upon all creation in accordance with harmonic law, and, through this participation, come to know the true source of all that is.

Vix ego calcabit super tempus