The entirety of this information is derived from the magnitude values of the center column of the Spectral Transform Page. To the left of this column, imaginary is presented for each sphere and band as a literal value (in millions, thus the "m") and as a percentage of the whole journey. Likewise, real is presented in the same manner on the right side. In the center, the literal value of complex magnitude is presented. Below it, the direction of the progression of the journey, with arrows indicating the flow (for example, if imaginary (i) is rightmost, real (r) in the center, and complex (c) on the left, this would indicate that the progression would begin with the draining of imaginary into the draining of real into integration within another example, if imaginary were on the left and real on the right with complex in the center, this would indicate that the progression would begin with both the draining of real and the filling of imaginary into the integration within complex. There are six possible progressions:

Where "i" embodies initial conception, "r" embodies perceived manifestation and "c" embodies complete integration with respect to transformation:2

1. "i>r>c" - change must be fully conceived before it can become manifest, and only once perceived can transformation be integrated into the whole (for example, a person wanting to lose weight who must plan their diet and then see some visible results before their being "becomes" the "new person" with changes in metabolism, etc).

2. "r>i>c" - change must be perceived outwardly before it is permitted into aware conception - and, once rooted in awareness, can finally be integrated into the whole (for example, a person who sees things going on around them and then dwells upon the ramifications exhaustively before they are able to truly adapt to the exogenous change - thus, much of the world as governed by the news media, really).

3. "i>c>r" - once something is fully conceived, it is free to take root and integrate in a transformative manner - then, manifestation flows forth from the complex, integral structure (for example, creation...or the true "miracle workers" who appear to transform themselves and those around them with a mere thought or belief).

4. "r>c>i" - outward events and actions assembling naturally into transformative bodies - these dynamical systems then coming to shape the origination and conception of new awareness (for example, the presence of a pebble in a stream altering the dynamics of flow as the movement of water integrates with this change in "rule space", thus modifying the direction and "intent" of the stream).

5. "c>i>r" - the transformative potential of a complex, integral system takes root within awareness - and, only once aware conception is fulfilled, are the changes that it is structured to effect perceived as manifest (for example, God! - wherein one feels they must have a inward grasp of God's power before they will allow themselves to perceive the outward impact of that power upon their world)

6. "c>r>i" - the transformative potential of a complex, integral system effecting manifest change - the perception of this change then causing that which was affected to begin at the origin of inward transformation (for example, how God really works! Another example would be the tides, where the transformative structure of gravitational pull integrates between the moon and the water, and the realization of its manifest impact thus changing the "awareness" and behavior of the living-seas).

There are many different definitions and examples of the above, especially considering how these are chained together. A good example of this "chaining" would be the process of having a baby, where we progress from "i>r>c" (where the i>r is the parents deciding to bring a new child into the world leading to the sexual act, then the r>c being the manifest mechanics of this act starting the miraculous transformation of the raw materials integrating into the genesis of life) to "c>r>i" (where the c>r is giving birth to the being who resulted from this transformation, then the final r>i being the origin of their journey of awareness). Thus, "having a baby" - being a "i>r>c" / "c>r>i" progression - could effectively be represented as "i>r>c>r>i"!

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