The Formulation of Making

1. Create or select a construct of origin to serve as the locus (if created, it must originate as an affine complex structure...if selected, it must be initially integral in complex).

2. Invoke quadrature transform to extract the imaginary and real partials of the locus.

3. Using the imaginary and real partials extracted from the locus, form a comprehensive network of correspondences into {>=3} discreet and heterogeneous domains.

4. Foster manners for each of the boolean combinatorics of the {>=3} domains with focus upon the singular or compound element(s) of that combinatoric (components employed in the manner may be created or selected with no requisite conditionals).

5. Establish interconnections within the [2^{>=3}-1] prime manners based upon the shared domains and at the frequency(ies) of those shared domains.

6. Maintain the interconnections at their appropriate frequency(ies) until it comes to occur as a regular intrinsic function (without exogenous stimulus).

7. Forward- and back-propagate the scalar elements of all flows within and beyond the locus of origin, thereby engaging the affine characteristics of the original construct.

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