The Portacle as a Compass

The "portacle" is a structure which serves as an intermediate transition point, or "gateway", between domains when extracting spectral essence from temporal manifestation. In deriving the toroidal spectral essence matrices from a human subject, breath is used as the temporal carrier for this essence. Visualized, the fundamental constituents of this essence comprise a polar manifold known as the "correlation compass".

These correspondences show the relationship between real and imaginary with respect to the whole of the compass. The cardinal axes of the compass are those of discreet real and imaginary components. Since real and imaginary only exist in their discreet forms within the spectral domain, the compass is - in essence - a spectral representation.

The Y-axis, extending through North and South, embodies the imaginary components. Within the time domain, these become manifest as sinusoidal waves. The positive Y-axis, moving Northward from the origin, are positive amplitudes of sine waves...while the negative Y-axis, this moving Southward from the origin, are negative amplitudes of sine waves.

The X-axis, extending through East and West, embodies the real components. Within the time domain, these become manifest as cosinusoidal waves. As with the Y-axis, moving Eastward from the origin is a cosine of positive amplitude...and moving Westward from the origin is negative.

The 45° angles extending from the origin Northeast, Southeast, Southwest and Northwest are combinations of the X- and Y-axes. Thus, these are complex in that they would be manifest as combinatoric real and imaginary the sum of the sine and cosine components. This combination of sine and cosine, of equivalent frequency, is what we have been referring to as a "partial". Partials are therefore the root manifestation of the spectral domain within the time domain.

In practical applications, a tetrahedral condenser has shown to be an optimal transducer for gathering the temporal side of this essence. The M/S orientation of the such condenser has a polar pattern that intersects the X- and Y-axes centrally (i.e. the center of the circle falls directly upon the axis line). When combined with a similar output structure (+i, +r, -i, -r, proceeding clockwise) used as an interactive feedback mechanism, its primary function is rooted within the spectral domain.

The L/R orientation of this condenser has a polar pattern that centrally intersects the 45° axes - the composites of X and Y. Within the environment of a corresponding feedback mechanism, these combine imaginary components of the North-South Y-axis with the real components of the East-West X-axis. This summation of sine with cosine, cosine with inverse sine, inverse sine with inverse cosine and inverse cosine with sine yield the totality of the time domain manifestation. Thus, L/R orientation, in combination with full quadrature output, has its primary function rooted within the time domain.

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