Manners of the Seven Modal Schema

The following describes 7 manners of being/working based upon their correspondences to the diatonic modal scales in music theory and the Tree of Life.

Ionian Schema:

1. Sensation: The Ionian domain of sensation is remarkably acute. They possess the capability to feel - in the physical domain - the most subtle of changes within themselves and throughout their environment...a manner of "physiological compassion". Through this, they "tune" the responses of their system in all domains to react to these manner of stimuli. While the Ionian is not particularly strong or fast, they are markedly accurate in all of their movements, executing each with great discipline. They do possess great speed, however, in their perception. The Ionian's ability to perceive non-ordinary structures is second only to the Aeolian's, and their ability to exercise force of perception in the domain of sensation is supreme.

2. Awareness: Ionians are broad-minded in their scope, considering all that surrounds them - with themselves merely as a component of this - with the highest regard. There is no "hierarchy" for the Ionians...they do not have any propensity to "categorize" any element or individual within their environment, inclusive of themselves. Their far-reaching scope of awareness radiates outward from them with great flourish, and they strive to render this perceivable for each element and individual they encounter. While the Ionian would never "elevate" themselves above the surrounding conditions, they are often "propelled" into this position by the sheer force of perception of those who take the Ionian as a point of perceptual focus. Even so, the Ionian remains truly humble, as they maintain no regard for this circumstantial position...only for those who offer it. For the Ionian, the awareness of others is always the primary force creating the environment within which the Ionian exercises their manner of being.

3. Intellect: The Ionian intellect is sharp and exhibits great speed. Like their awareness, their intellect does not "categorize" that which it regards. Nothing escapes the Ionian mind, from the most microscopic detail to the most macroscopic universality...all of these possess equal "weights" in their mentality. The Ionian is a supreme organizer, and is able to take the broadest range of elements and group them within functional "organisms". The tools of language and logic and analogy and cognition are highly regarded and expertly employed by the Ionian. They are wonderful communicators, adapting what they have to say to be a functional component within whatever environment they find themselves in. Their manner of presentation is clear and gentle, never attempting to "force" an issue. As such, the Ionian's message is most often "easy to digest", as it has been pre-integrated into the environment within which presentation occurs. The key intellectual strategy of the Ionian is to express that which is to be communicated in a fashion that is both agreeable (firstly) to and understandable (secondly) by all present.

4. Desire: Ionians are driven by the attainment of "the whole" - not for themselves, but for all that surrounds (and thus includes) them. They are not motivated by position or wealth or physical desires or even their own advancement. All of their "treasures" are kept within those that surround them. The whole of the Ionian desire is to be of greatest service to all they perceive, and this is the true source of their wholesome power.

5. Self-Awareness: The Ionian is a "selfless" individual, and their identity is the cumulative nature of all that surrounds them. They have no regard for the power they manifest within their environment, only for the changes made manifest within that environment as a result. Their awareness of self is measured solely through the manifest and measurable dynamics around them, and they evaluate their workings in this manner as well. Their self-awareness is thus wholly dependent upon that which they create within the course of their manner of being. The Ionian version of "self-reflection" is the observation of the individuals to whom they are of service, and their measure of self is derived from their measure of others. Correspondingly, they freely share what is their "self" with all surrounding them. By having their "place" defined through their environment and those within it, they immerse themselves as a functional component within this environment...and, in such, become "themselves".

6. Volition: The Ionian is perhaps the most active of all the schema with regard to their volitional activity. They vigorously immerse themselves in any action of service that can be radiated outward, and are thus seen as being "always in motion". As it is with the other Ionian domains, that of volition is not subject to hierarchy or categorization. At a given moment, an Ionian might be observed in a remarkable range of activities. They are equally "at home" with actions that other schema would categorize either as "high-order" (teaching, healing) or "low-order" (cleaning, playing) or as an entire range in between. In truth, however, the Ionian does not regard the "highness" or "lowliness" of their any action in service to another is treated with the greatest respectfulness. There is always some other individual involved in the volitional pursuits of the most cases, as the "recipient". The Ionian never undertakes "lone" activities; since in being alone, not even the Ionian "self" is present. The "alone" time of the Ionian is thus always spent in "not-doing"...a true fasting from all domains and workings of their manner of being.

7. Memory: Like the Dorian, the past time-record is not a consideration of the Ionian. Instead, their memory is utilized to "re-construct" each and every component of their present environment. Even though they are considered to be abundant in the quality of "forgiveness", the Ionian need only to impeccably exercise their manner of being for "forgiveness" to be an ever-present component (thus, it is not required to be the subject of "conscious decision" for the Ionian, as the domain structure renders this as indigenous to the manner of being). Memory provides for all the inner "synchronization functions" of the Ionian being. By attaining the complete "re-construction" of their present environment - and all who reside within it - as their "memory", the maintain all inward and outward components in full agreement. This further serves as a remarkable tool for effecting their own manner of being upon the parallel and coincident assemblies residing within and without. The outside is the inside, and the inside is the outside, in all simultaneity. Ionians never appraise the past. Instead, they form the present. It is truly a great treasure to be "remembered" by an Ionian.

8. Intuition: Ionians possess profound creative and imaginative faculties, allowing all incidental or stochastic occurrences to mold their manner. An abundance of energy is derived here, and this is often used to drive the dynamics of their workings. This integration is responsible for what could be called the "fun factor" of the Ionian being. In all Ionian workings, there are components effectively "left to chance" (stochastics) from which the controls are relinquished. Thus, the "joy of surprise" is a return economy both for the Ionian and those within their environment. The Ionian nature is thus both playful and creative, never somber or fixed...and the artistry with which the Ionian approaches stochastic elements is joy-inspiring to everyone (not the least of which is the Ionian themself). On the cunning side, the Ionian employs these stochastic occurrences to illustrate their equality with everyone and everything residing within their environment. In rendering themselves subject to the same stochastic elements that all encounter, they show all share the same subjection - none "greater" nor "lesser" than the other...and in their responsive artistry in interacting with the stochastic elements, they show how all may equally and positively employ every occurrence within their environment - thus "empowering" everyone equally within the environment to become "agents of working"; thus wholly (and cunningly) fulfilling the inward-outward synchronization.

9. Theurgy: Powerful workings come quite naturally to Ionians, a trait shared with Aeolians. The primary difference is that Ionians employ people as a prime resource and active tool in effecting these workings, while Aeolians primarily employ inorganic structures. The Ionian thus uses the resources within the environment to effect change upon the environment, none that would be "hidden" from ordinary perception. The many sources of "will" present when employing people as the prime modality serves to naturally and exponentially compound the "complexity" of the working. Also, this introduces the natural stochastic components that the Ionians "thrive upon", and these stochastic components further serve to expand the effectiveness of the work well beyond its defined boundaries. Thus, "effecting change" - for the Ionian - is not only a manner of being for themselves, it is made the manner of the whole of their environment.

10. Self: The Ionian "self" is the most wholly developed of all the schema - not by their own design, but through their unity with all surrounding them. Their willful immersion in all aspects of their environment and those within it attest to their expansiveness. Their willingness to partake in all volitions - from scrubbing the floor to teaching the masses, from healing the sick to entertaining a child or preparing a meal for others to enjoy - grants them a natural and wholesome authority in all things...and touching all domains. The Ionian is not "self-contained". Rather, they fill up the entirety of all that they touch...and, conversely, all that they touch fills into them. The love they express is without condition, as their manner of being depends upon this. They never render judgment. Instead, they are supportive of any and all pursuits taking place around them...and through their active participation within these, they naturally mold such pursuits toward their most wholesome orientations. This active participation within all that surrounds them is the key to the Ionian power, and the foundation upon which the whole of the Ionian schema is built. In giving so freely of their time, they possess the most extensive time resources of all the schema. And through their willingness to be of continuous and perpetual service, they possess the greatest degree of freedom possible.

Dorian Schema:

1. Sensation: The principal morphological quality of Dorian is strength, often developed at the expense of speed and agility. The great physical force of the Dorians gives them the ability to stand firm in their material position, and their massive stature renders them relatively impervious to physical onslaught. They are the warriors of the schema structure, and possess great constitution in their most impeccable manifestation.

2. Awareness: Dorians are cautious and single-minded in their awareness and relativity to all that surrounds them. The quality of caution renders them acutely aware of their surroundings and all components which may have a propensity to effect change upon their environment. Their single-mindedness focuses their awareness to a point defined by whatever circumstances they have selected to address. The "big picture" is seen as having little conseqeunce, as they are geared towards wholly devoting themselves to following through with their elected course to its completion. At any given moment, the awareness of the Dorian is fixed at a singular point...and only moved when that point has been resolved to its completion. Their position relative to all that surrounds them is dictated by the task at hand; and, in such, they place themselves within the highest position, like a "general" or "commander" over all components that present themselves within the environment they are addressing. Conversely (and to follow the analogy), Dorians would make poor "soldiers", as the position of command is critical to the success of their manner.

3. Intellect: The majority of the Dorian intellect is geared toward the reasoning of strategy and position. Rather than using words as a primary modality, they more often elect to communicate through commanding actions...letting these actions "speak" for them. They make broad measures, sacrificing detail for scope. There is little room for cunning in the Dorian intellect...their forceful nature provides compensation for this. As with the single-mindedness of their awareness, the singular focus of their intellect often separates them from taking part within a community; as their interests are kept narrow and functional toward whatever the present domain of pursuit.

4. Desire: The Dorian desire is driven by their commitment to a given task. Thus, the focus of their desire appears to change abruptly upon completion of each task. In truth, however, we cannot gauge the Dorian desire by its focus. Rather, their desire is always the same - the greatest degree of success within that which they are working in support of. It is not the "cause" itself that drives is pure victory, independent of the particulars of the given "cause".

5. Self-Awareness: The Dorian self-awareness is that of a "commander". This is critical to their success in any endeavour with which they align themselves. If they are working in service to a "king", for example, they are seen as being the "superior" of that king. In this manner - in placing themselves at the top of the hierarchy within which they are working - there can be nothing to impede their victory in the endeavour. It is their impeccability of service which "qualifies" them to take on this position in their time. As such, the Dorian can only be wholly effective when the individual who seeks to employ their skills would have the willingness to "entrust their life" to the Dorian for the time of their service. It is in this manner that the Dorian attains their position...and can, in turn, devote themselves entirely to whatever is placed within their charge. As a side-effect of this, the Dorian has a tendency to "clash" with all other schema, especially Aeolians and other Dorians.

6. Volition: By all outward indicators, the Dorian would be perceived as "slow moving" or even "idle" in most cases, as very little of the Dorian time is spent in volitional pursuits. Rather, the greatest balance of their time is spent in a state of "preparedness". When volitional activity is manifest, it is sudden and forceful. It could be likened to the manner of an avalanche, slow-moving and yet relentless. Upon resolution, the Dorian returns to their state of "prepared waiting". Thus, the Dorian's time - in terms of active residence within points of assembly - could be summed up as 10% in intellect, 80% in awareness, and 10% in volition.

NOTE: This is the point of division for the Dorian. The first six domains of being (sensation, awareness, intellect, desire, self-awareness, and volition) are taken as the primary points of residence for the Dorian. The last four domains (memory, intuition, theurgy, and self) are seen as secondary to the Dorian's manner of being.

7. Memory: The time-record of the Dorian is ever changing, primarily as a result of their constant shifts in alignment. Elements of this time-record are often purged at the commencement of each new undertaking. This functionally eliminates their potential of being "bogged down" by the past, and ensures their whole devotion to the task at hand (since it is "built anew"). Each undertaking represents a "new beginning" for the Dorian.

8. Intuition: The Dorian manner most often "puts aside" intuition in favor of the combined domains of awareness and intellect. The intuition present is governed by the circumstantial elements of the task at hand. Thus, like the domain of memory, it is ever-changing in its properties. It most frequently aligns itself with the intuition of the individual who has given the Dorian their charge, mirroring that intuition and yet keeping it in subjection to awareness and intellect.

9. Theurgy: Dorian's are not predisposed towards "powerful workings" (a trait they share with the Phrygians and Lydians), and thus all of their "effecting change" is relegated to what may be accomplished using the lower six domains (as a side note, this serves to further illuminate the difficulties that Dorians have with Aeolians, since much of the Aeolian manner is geared toward employment of "powerful workings"). The Dorian is slow to experience transformation, as this could compromise their firmness of manner. All transformation is effectively "evaluated" by the lower six domains before being taken as integral. As a consequence, Dorians are quite susceptible to the "powerful workings" of others, since they do not develop such faculties readily within their own manners of being. Likewise, the Dorian is not predisposed toward effecting creations of their own design. Instead, they act zealously upon the creations of whomever has given them their charge.

10. Self: Considering the staunch firmness of their manner and nature, the Dorian "self" is surprisingly malleable. It is supremely adaptive to the essence of whatever it is addressing, and will willingly undergo a profound "paradigm shift" in order to align itself with the circumstances of the task as hand. This accounts for the extreme "trustworthiness" of the Dorians, as they have the free ability and willingness to dedicate the wholeness of themselves to their charge during its time. It is critically important that the Dorian be "secure" in their position, as any rapid change or inconsistency will be met with their resignation of service. Without having a very firm foundation upon which to take their charge, they cannot exercise their manner of being with the wholesome impeccability of their true nature.

Phrygian Schema:

1. Sensation: The Phrygian is generally slight of build and very fast in the physical domain. This speed is a prime focus, and often developed at the expense of strength and agility. Their speed is optimized for their reactive nature. The chief sensory stimuli for the Phrygian is gathered through the eyes and the ears...however, since their speed is directed solely within the morphological domain, they do not possess the faculties of perception necessary for the discernment of non-ordinary structures. In all cases, their tonal attention is turned inward toward - toward an organized core group of individuals and resources. Thus, the Phrygians may be seen as the managers and administrators within the schema structure, possessing a profound degree of organizational skill.

2. Awareness: The Phrygian's sphere of awareness is concentrated in the domain of their charge and all that lies within its bounds. They require the presence of "hierarchy" to be most effective in their manner of being. Within such structures, they govern the whole of inner activity...serving to maintain the defined order and function of the structural manifold. Their awareness is thus a combination of their own and that of the core which they govern...and their relativity to that which surrounds them is regarded as a position of leadership. It is critical to the Phrygian to possess a firm and stable position within the hierarchy, as only through the established "commitment" of their domain of charge can they exercise a wholesome and impeccable commitment to its structure...if it becomes insecure in any way, they will immediately seek to relinquish their position.

3. Intellect: The mind of the Phrygian is quick, as it is employed over their responses to tonal stimuli. They are adept at employing words as catalysts in directing and maintaining their domain of charge. Within the mind exists a "mirror" of the established hierarchy, and its prime purpose is to ensure the continuity and viability of the structure upon which such hierarchy is based. "Reason" is considered a most valuable resource to the Phrygian, although any challenges to hierarchy will cause them to "override" reason for the survival and preservation of the hierarchy. In the absence of challenge to the structure of hierarchy, the Phrygian's logic and reasonableness becomes a profound resource for management. Their communicative ability, coupled with a freely social nature, is the fundamental means through which they effect the smooth and progressive function encompassed within the definition of their domain of charge. Their mind is "at home" with other minds...both in providing and receiving stimuli for mutual growth. They "challenge" these minds in a manner which demands continuous growth and impeccability of function...and as such are "challenged" themselves to grow and remain impeccable, lest they be surpassed by those they have fostered.

4. Desire: The Phrygians are like "nurturing gardeners" within their charge, and accept the growth and good function (the "fruits") of this charge as their primary economy...yet, they must always remain in the position of "gardener" for their effective manner - this is why they are averse to being "surpassed" (see Intellect above). They possess a profound commitment to that which is place within their charge, and the focus of their desire remains unwaveringly upon wholly maintaining the definition established for this charge. As such, their own desire is as a "mirror" of the desire of the one who granted them the authority of their charge (the one regarded as their "tonal master"). The Phrygian desire thus is a reflection of the desire of their "master"...however, as with the Dorian, they must pursue this in "their own way" (without interference).

5. Self-Awareness: The Phrygian self-awareness two-fold: First, it is that of a "servant"...this being their position within a greater hierarchy of which their domain of charge is but a functional component. Second, it is that of an "administrator"...this being the position over the domain of their charge. The servant-self of the Phrygian resides quietly within them, while the administrator-self is the outward manifestation. They are the "top" of their domain of hierarchy, and they actively foster this perception within those who reside within their granted domain. They make themselves the "point of focus" for those whom they govern, effectively encapsulating the scope of their domain into a singular "whole" within its defined function.

6. Volition: Like the Dorian, the Phrygian would be conventionally seen as "remaining still" for a great measure of their time...their profound speed minimizes the time-domain required for volitional pursuits. The balance of Phrygian time is spent with the mind and among minds. Their "cerebral" nature orients them more toward mental than physical pursuits. Their skill at management conveys most of the required volitional activity to those within their domain of charge. However, they are always quick and willing to take on any volitional pursuit necessary to ensure optimal functionality. In this capacity, the Phrygian would often be seen taking up what others might consider to be the most "meager" of tasks (such as arranging and organizing things or cleaning up) they would reserve the individuals employed within their domain for the "greater" or "more important" tasks. This is a manifestation of their impeccability in the organized application of manifold resources...distributing critical function among the manifold rather than taking it for themselves. Further, these "meager" tasks serve to "occupy the body"...and thus "free the mind" - to exercise its focus in a parallel nature upon the simultaneous whole of their domain of charge.

NOTE: As with the Dorian, this is the point of division for the Phrygian. The first six domains of being are the primary points of residence for the Phrygian, and the last four are seen as secondary to their manner.

7. Memory: The time-record of the Phrygian maintains the entirety of the progression and hierarchy of their present domain of charge, as well as that of all prior charges. This is employed as a continuous "measuring stick" through which they gauge their own performance and progression and that of their sphere of awareness. It is selective, however, in that a manifest change which would challenge the past time-record will instead supersede it. Thus, the Phrygian memory remains wholly malleable by all occurrences which would have the propensity to re-shape it.

8. Intuition: While intuition and stochastic knowing are employed by the Phrygian as stimuli for their reactive faculties, this most commonly occurs below their threshold of conscious awareness. Intuition is not "embraced" by the Phrygian, and is often met with disdain if placed before them (into their sphere of awareness). Their primary reliance upon the intellect and reason are at the root of this resistance. As such, anything sourced from stochastic knowing must be first "converted" into the domain of reason for integration into the Phrygian manner. Like the Dorians, their demand for (and dedication to) functionality outweighs any movement toward purely creative expression...even though they may actively seek out the artistic expression of others for "recreation" and "relief" from the ever-demanding rigors of their own manner (this illustrates the extent of their aware regard for the "utility" of the stochastic domain).

9. Theurgy: The Phrygians possess no direct regard for "powerful workings". Anything not readily resolved by tonal reasoning is "passed over" by them. Like all schema, they possess abilities in the area of "force of perception", but these are exercised well below the threshold of awareness. They are admirers of the Ionians, but this admiration exists only from a distance and without comprehension (this is based upon the overt effectiveness of the Ionian nature, although its modalities escape them). They are suspicious of the Aeolians, likewise from a distance and without comprehension (this is based upon the covert effectiveness of the Aeolian nature, its means also beyond Phrygian reason). While the Phrygians have a willingness to undergo transformation, they will only do so when they first perceive that which surrounds them transforming in kind...this further illuminating their dependence upon "what may be seen". Once they perceive such outward transformation, however, they are quick to integrate it within themselves.

10. Self: The "true self" of the Phrygian is remarkably malleable...a trait shared with Dorians and Lydians. When faced with a new manifestation, they will quickly adjust their relativity to encompass its tonal components. Their impeccable nature demands this rapid adjustment for their nurturing manner to wholly address all that may impact the domain of their charge and those individuals employed within it. They expect a profound degree of impeccability from their "master" (the one who grants them authority over their charge)...and will abandon their position upon any breach of this. Thus, they are most inwardly sensitive to the nature of the domain which exists "above" them in the established the point of "demanding" its impeccability - such being a requirement for their own secure and impeccable functioning. Conversely, they are quite gentle (supportive, understanding, patient, lenient) with those existing "below" them in the established hierarchy, as these individuals are regarded as still "growing into" these "higher states" - a growth that the Phrygians actively foster through the exercise of their manner of being.

Lydian Schema:

1. Sensation: The Lydian is generally tall and large of frame, yet is quite agile. Agility is a prime focal point, and often developed at the expense of strength and speed. Their agility is optimized for their adaptive nature, yet this is applied more toward communication and the faculties of the mind than to the physical domain. Lydians do not commonly pursue gathering of outward stimuli (as do Phrigians and Dorians). Non-ordinary domains are morphologically non-existent for the Lydian, although their agility and powers of conception render these domains functional from the standpoint of their mind. The whole of their tonal attention is directed outward - toward the manifestation of that upon which they set their focus. Thus, the senses of the Lydian are employed chiefly as an output device, rather than for gathering. Lydians are the propagators and the actuators within the schema structure.

2. Awareness: As is the case with their perception, the awareness of the Lydian is focused outward from the self. Rather than "surrounding" the domain of their charge (as does the Phrygian), they stand at its center and radiate outward to all points encompassed within that domain. Within the scope of its functioning, the Lydian awareness "stands alone", acting as a stimulus upon their outward is not a synthesis of the self with the domain. In fact, the Lydian remains non-integral in an effort to continually establish new domains. In this respect, they effectively serve as the "pioneers" of the schema structure - carrying and propagating that with which they have been entrusted. As such, the Lydian gauges their awareness upon the expansiveness of the domains they leave in their "wake". Although they do not possess the intrinsic regard for hierarchy that the Dorians and Phrygians share, they nonetheless require the same degree of stability as these schema. It is critical that the Lydian is given "free reign" over their manner of propagation (even with such "flexibility of presentation", however, their impeccability demands that the purity of the original essence be preserved)...if this freedom becomes restricted by any force apart from the Lydian self, the Lydian must relinquish their position in order to maintain the impeccability of their function.

3. Intellect: The mind of the Lydian, while not of great speed, possess a profound degree of depth. This is where their agility is most prominently made manifest. Since the vast majority of their resources are devoted to establishing new domains within which the "concept" they represent may take residence, they will exhaustively pursue all possible avenues within the scope of determining appropriate "nodes of integration". This depth is likewise recursive, in that the Lydian will seek to form positive feedback loops among these nodes so that the propagation may continue growth after the Lydian's departure to some newly-elected "frontier" (at which point the whole process begins all over again, but with the addition of whatever nodal constructs they conceived for the prior domain). Lydians are great communicators in all forms and media, and will actively seek new manners through which to express that which they represent...they will freely embrace new tools, languages, nomenclature, philosophies, ways of thinking, and modes of communication if such will enhance their functioning (and, conversely, stubbornly resist anything which they would perceive as not providing such enhancement). Their faculties of logic and reasoning are quite malleable - designed to be shaped by their resources. As such, the Lydian is perhaps the most open-minded of all schema.

4. Desire: Lydians are like "evangelists" within their charge, and accept the continuity of attention to that which they propagate as their primary economy. They are strongly averse to any change within that which they represent, as such change could potentially disrupt continuity after their departure from an established domain. They thus desire stability in light of a strong fundamental...and with this unchanging foundation, they are driven to pursue its introduction (as well as the introduction of all of its fruits as manifest over time) into that which would be considered by the other schema to be "foreign" domains. Lydians are committed to taking that which they represent within their charge and widely distributing it for consideration, attention, acknowledgment, and - ultimately - integration.

5. Self-Awareness: The Lydian self-awareness singular: They are the embodied "voice" of that which they represent in their charge. This is both what they conceive and project as their identity. They maintain a profound degree of independence from that which manifests within their sphere of perception (sometimes providing the mistaken assessment that they are "self-absorbed"), which further serves to ensure their solidity and stability. Although it is their nature to embrace and employ any resource that will facilitate their functioning, the Lydian will always "keep their distance" in terms of immersive involvement. They do not "adopt" these resources into the self...rather, they merely "employ" these - apart form the self - for their function within their body of working. Thus, the self remains independent.

6. Volition: Similar to the Dorian and Phrygian, the Lydian would be commonly perceived as "remaining still". However, the greatest exception to this condition is with regard to travel. Within the pursuit of their manner, Lydians are constantly traveling about in pursuit of "fertile lands" wherein they will "sow" that which they have been charged to represent. At each destination, they will first seek to observe and experience every evidence of the surrounding culture and manner of being (in this respect, Lydians are the true masters at taking the best advantage of any hospitality that may be offered). Next, they will formulate a strategy of great depth by which they will establish the nodes of connectivity for that which they come to propagate. At this point, they will put these formulae to test by "planting" some limited measure of "seeds"...employing the subsequent behaviour of these in conceiving an optimal manner for more extensive propagation and recursion. Finally, they will exercise this manner for a comprehensive integration within the whole of the surrounding domain. Within this final task, they will commonly establish "stewards" to watch over the functions of integration, recursion, and growth...and through these they will derive the feedback which is their prime economy. The Lydian - even in their apparent "stillness" - thereby remains constantly attentive to the growth that has been effected along their path.

NOTE: As with the Dorian and Phrygian, this is the point of division for the Lydian. The first six domains being the primary points of residence for Lydian, and the last four being only secondary to their manner.

7. Memory: The Lydian time-record is exerts greatest focus upon the present domain of exploration, and queues all previous domains behind this point. It is selective and self-editing, in that only the resources and prevailing conditions of the time are given significance, while those not presently employed are quick put aside or even discarded in order to make room for those which address current demands within the manner of working. This highly-developed and autonomous inner hierarchy of thought may, at times, give the outward impression of "inattentiveness". However, it is the essence of formulated strategy, and not the details of execution, which forms the foundation of the Lydian's workings. Memory becomes a short-term and transient utility in this capacity, serving as a "scratch pad" for formulation. These rapid shifts of time-record support the agility of the Lydian manner, and maintaining such action serves to stretch their capacity for the transient integration of any new resources.

8. Intuition: The stochastic and intuitive domains are not commonly regarded as such by the Lydian. Instead, they tend to attribute these to the natural flux of prevailing conditions. They do not go so far as to consider the determinism of stochastics, however...yet their approach renders them as functional component of algorithm, rather than one who is merely "blown about" within algorithmic flow. Although it is relegated to "the unknown", Lydians nonetheless embrace stochastic events merely as "everyday occurrences" (to the point of accepting them as "ordinary" in the flux and reflux of time). They are thus free of any aversion to stochastics. Likewise, the Lydian regards intuition as being more a manifestation of the mind. They tend to attribute all intuition and inspiration - even dreaming - to the domain of intellect and the mind...a "by product" of taking primary residence within the first six domains. As such, the Lydian subordinates their creativity and stochastic knowing to the intellect, and thereby place intellect at the root of their manner of expression.

9. Theurgy: Being originators of the "scientific method", the Lydians have no regard for "powerful workings". They acknowledge "force of perception", but tend to relegate this to be a "power of the mind", believing all things may be possible through the development of such resources. However, this assignment does not have a significant impact on the "usefulness" of the Lydian as a component of these workings...quite often, the essence which they represent within the scope of their charge has its basis in this domain. They possess an equal respect for Ionians and Aeolians, based upon the results that these two schema achieve. Frequently, the Lydian will see themselves as "employing" an Ionian or Aeolian in their workings (a consideration which is commonly a subject of disdain for the Ionian, and a subject of amusement for the Aeolian). The Lydians regularly come to regard themselves as being the oscillator for that which they represent, placing the true source of the essence in a secondary position. They may regard their propagation as the "doing" portion of a working...that without this being fulfilled, the work itself would effectively be "mute". However, in their impeccability, the Lydian will not take undue credit. Instead, they will wholly acknowledge the true source of that which they represent.

10. Self: The "true self" of the Lydian is similar to that of the Dorian and Phrygian in terms of malleability. It possesses a strong presence, and its agility allows it to fit into wide ranges of environments and conditions. A master of establishing and taking their place within an elected domain, the Lydian effectively carries their "home" with them wherever they go. When they depart, they leave some portion of this "home" behind as a witness to what they have "sown". They are impeccable at taking on responsibilities, and drive themselves to the fulfillment of these. In this manner, the Lydian remains in the constant pursuit of their own freedom - exercising this to the greatest extent possible at each juncture along their path. Lydians embody the principles of being "self made" and "their own person". In such, they maintain themselves as the source of their own definition.

Mixolydian Schema:

1. Sensation: Mixolydians thrive upon all sensation whose origin is outside of the self. They often greet with an embrace, which is indicative expression of the entirety of their manner. Their prime domain of experience is through the senses. Like the Ionians, they fine-tune their sensory faculties in order to maintain a physical perspective of all that is taking place around them (but, unlike the Ionians, this perspective is solely based upon tonal stimuli). The morphological domain of the Mixolydian is focused at a point outside of their physical bodies, and is characterized by its expansiveness. There is a strong orientation toward "collecting" things - possessions, land, people, ideas, structures - into their domain, and this becomes their "bodily manifestation".

2. Awareness: As alluded to in the domain of sensation, the whole of the Mixolydian focus lies outside of their being. As such, their awareness and relativity to all that surrounds them is measured in these terms. The "inner" portion of the Mixolydian exists to connect with and coordinate that which is collected into the "outer" portion. The Mixolydian awareness is a remarkably functional one...treated as a catalytic device to promote the interconnection of all that surrounds it. Their chief regard is for that which they "possess" - anything that they can wholly and wholesomely regard as "their own". These become the resources through which they relate to all that surrounds them, creating utilitarian connections and structures which promote the integration of these "possessions" with the whole of their outer environment. The need for some resource to be a true "possession" is rooted in the Mixolydian foundation, as they cannot exercise their manner of being impeccably with something that is not a secure and stable element within the scope of their awareness. If a resource can be "taken away", for example, the Mixolydian cannot wholly devote their manner to its outward integration. Since the "world" of the Mixolydian is built upon these resource connections, the possibility that some element could be "taken away" would deliver a devastating blow to this "world". Thus the orientation toward "possession" or "ownership", as anything that is truly "theirs" may be regarded as a stable component of foundation upon which to impeccably exercise their manner of being and build up an integral and dynamic "world".

3. Intellect: The mind of the Mixolydian is perhaps the most outwardly versatile and utile of all the schema. It is capable of "branching out" from some point into a multitude of vectors, and then converging all of these heterogeneous vectors to another singular point. This is the root of the integrational resources of the Mixolydian. Upon establishing some new "possession" (resource), they combine and re-combine it with all that they perceive within their environment...ultimately conceiving a multitude of potential interconnections that may be effected through the new resource. In this manner, Mixolydians are the ultimate "entrepreneurs", as they are able to rapidly formulate many manners through which a given resource may be applied throughout the entirety of their environment. There is a curious "line" drawn within the Mixolydian mentality, dividing that which is numbered among "possessions" from that which lies outside this scope. The establishment of these "interconnections" serves to remove that line, bringing that which lies outside their scope into agreement with their own resources...expanding their domain to encompass all things regardless of their "ownership" status. In this manner, the Mixolydian established a vast "network" connecting all that they perceive through the utility of their own resources. This becomes the ultimate wholesome manifestation of the Mixolydian manner, as the benefits of these connections are shared by all.

4. Desire: The desire and drive of Mixolydian could be summed up using the terms "expansiveness", "growth", and "economies of scale". They are perpetually seeking to expand their networks of interconnections, making optimal use of dendritic growth. While these goals primarily focus inward, the resulting manifestation is an equally-balanced inward and outward flux. By critically managing their inward economies, they are stimulating wholly dyadic returns. Mixolydians are regarded for their "fairness", in that their first regard is for what they can provide outward (from the resources numbered among their "possessions"), only secondarily establishing the inward economies. They thrive on the balance between inward and outward flow...since this balance, maintained over time, leads to natural expansiveness. The widespread acquisition, distribution, and integration of all possible resources is the driving force behind the Mixolydian schema.

5. Self-Awareness: The word "failure" is not even present within the vocabulary of the their relationship with time and scale render them impervious to this concept. Their acute awareness of and integration with the "big picture" serves to elevate them well beyond all condition and circumstance. There is no regard for "fixed quantities", as these are irrelevant in the presence of time and scale. Self-awareness, for the Mixolydian, is thus based purely upon ratio and progression, not prevailing measurements. The concept of "measure" is employed solely for the derivation of ratio relative to time and scale. Mixolydians are most "at home" with other Mixolydians, as mutually-beneficial relationships may therein be fostered to stimulate dyadic growth...however, they are able to establish productive relationships with all other schema structures (although they have a "particular fondness" for Aeolians, as these are frequently the source of the most profound resources "given away" to the Mixolydians). Their utilitarian approach renders all manners of being "useful" to their manner, and these relationships are always dyadic in nature. Thus, they possess a "holistic" perspective not unlike that of the Ionians, in that all resources become "equal" in the absence of fixed measure (and in the presence of time and ratio).

6. Volition: The volitional domain of the Mixolydian is one of constant motion: "rounding up" and redistributing resources, traveling and exploring their environment in search of new "nodes of connectivity", and managing their resources and economies of scale. Their orientation causes them to treat all volitional tasks with equal regard and specificity. They will devote as much time to microscopic "organizational tasks" and they would to the macroscopic establishment of a "new venture". Coupled with the domain of sensation, volition becomes a means through which the Mixolydian can "touch" all of the components of their only by "touching" something - and optimally "taking its possession" - can it become a true Mixolydian resource. The Mixolydian is thus driven to maintain constant contact with all elements of their perceived environment.

7. Memory: The memory of the Mixolydian is based upon relativity and relationality. Many parallel renderings of the stored time-record are kept and subjected to continual updating. These provide the "combinatoric" functions of the Mixolydian intellect with a wealth of resources from which to draw and through which to establish their outward network. They are diligent "record keepers", most often employing exogenous tools for the generation, expression, and maintenance of their "records" (this again revealing the "outward" orientation of the Mixolydian)...their wholesome relationship with time and scale requires this. Thus, the memory of the Mixolydian is not "self-contained", it is expressed outwardly to the benefit of time and perpetuity. There are no "secrets" carried within the memory of the have such would jeopardize the continuity of the interconnections they have established through their manner of being. Likewise, the Mixolydians have a profound and wholesome aversion toward anything "secret", as only those things that may be held as a "resource in common" can be of true and lasting benefit to all. The Mixolydian memory, like their sensorial domain, in based upon the concept of "accumulation"...and is locked toward the future.

8. Intuition: Because of their harmonic relationship to time, Mixolydians exhibit finely-tuned intuitive qualities. No occurrence is regarded as being too stochastic or too volatile to be beneficially employed within the scope of their manner. Their expansive view reveals all occurrences to be utile components in establishing and maintaining their network. Mixolydians excel in creative pursuits, always making these manifest in a utilitarian fashion. Masters at considering and taking advantage of all possibility, they enthusiastically embrace all prevalent conditions outside of them, regardless of the orientation of such conditions. In this manner, reason and intuition go hand-in-hand in their pursuits.

9. Theurgy: Mixolydians are frequently employed as key tonal resources in the propagation of the results of "powerful workings" (mostly by Aeolians, while the Ionians prefer to make use of Locrians to this end). While their own pursuits remain tonal oriented, Mixolydians are quick to integrate the results of "powerful workings" into their own array of resources. The Mixolydian is capable of rapid transformation based upon exogenous conditions. This further enhances their action as a catalyst for integration. Like the Dorians, they are profoundly impacted by "powerful workings"...and due to their degree of acceptance of these workings, the results are often more profound and integral than that of the Dorians. Not only do they "accept" such transformations, they truly make them "their own" (in the manner of taking these as a "gift").

10. Self: The will and true self of the Mixolydian holds the key to the identification and utilization of all resources. Beyond this, they go so far as being the ones who define the manner in which a given resource will be utilized (by the natural authority in this granted through their volition). Given a resource to number among their "possessions", they will devote the whole of their being toward establishing as many applications and points of integration that their combinatoric faculties can conceive. In such a manner, they establish the foundation for their "world"...and from this foundation, they render manifest all of the benefits and economies that may be derived through this "new resource". The most critical initial condition for the wholesome achievement of this manner of being is that of "possession" or "ownership", as only through this condition can they naturally exercise their creative authorities over a given resource. The network established by the Mixolydian becomes their "home"...and this must rest upon the secure and stable foundation of their resources.

NOTE: To expand briefly on the common manner of relationship between Aeolians and Mixolydians: Much of the Aeolian manner is geared toward "powerful workings", and the Mixolydian is often employed to propagate the results of such workings upon their tonal manifestation. The issue of "ownership" is dealt with quite effectively and cunningly by the Aeolian. First, the algorithm of the working is created and progressed forward in phase to some point just prior to its complete tonal manifestation. Next, the Aeolian generates a parallel automatous progression through which the Mixolydian can "discover" the resource of the tonal manifestation of the initial working. In this "discovery", the Mixolydian can wholesomely take full and natural possession of this resource...and thus impeccably exercise their manner of being in its regard. Since the transition to tonal manifestation is effected by the Mixolydian, they can purely regard the resource as being "their own" (as they would not conceive the sequence prior to tonal manifestation). From the perspective of their manner, they are the sole "origin" of this resource, and thus can employ full authority in its integration and utilization. The Aeolian may choose to maintain a loose connection with the tonal workings of the Mixolydian, but this is rarely the case except on workings of a profound scale. The Aeolian "cunning" is thus: As part of the algorithmic structure and conditional dynamics, the Aeolian builds the desired "economies of return" into the initial working itself - locking these in place long before tonal manifestation - ensuring their inclusion within such economies for the derivation of dynamic and material resources for utilization within their further workings. A far less common manifestation of the mode of relationship between Aeolian and Mixolydian occurs in a more dyadic and interactive form. In this form, the Aeolian and Mixolydian establish a tonal-oriented relationship through which the Aeolian can assess the needs of the Mixolydian and create workings specifically geared toward a particular Mixolydian goal. The same progression of the establishment of "ownership" occurs as above, but the working itself is optimized for the strengths and existing network domain of the Mixolydian...culminating in the ultimate expression of both manners of being toward a mutually-wholesome result.

Aeolian Schema:

1. Sensation: The appearance of the Aeolian is relativistic and subject to change. While remaining consistent to a given sphere of perception, it will often "adopt" new manners of appearance to suit its immersion into some elective situation. The Aeolian remains acutely aware of all stimuli within its surroundings, making use of all possible means for the observation and assimilation of behaviours. Outwardly, the Aeolian may be expressive or quiet (or any of the wide range in between), all of these manifestations being "calculated" with regard to both the furthering of its own workings and the growth of the domain within which it pursues its manner. In this, the Aeolian may be perceived as being highly social, but never with more than one individual at a time. In such singular relationships, the Aeolian can become both a functional resource and resonant reflection of the individual whom it is addressing. This provides a functional essence of the Aeolian being as "all things to all people", but only "one at a time" - such manner being an effective resource on only an individual basis (this is in contrast to the Ionian manner, within which entire manifolds become a point of simultaneous focus and interaction). The Aeolian requires these singular dyadic relationships as a navigational mechanism for their works, and must maintain profound discretion to ensure the purity of dyadic flow.

2. Awareness: The Aeolian maintains a "low profile" - if any at all - in its relativity to that which surrounds. It will often place itself in a state of tonal subjection within the visible structures that surround it, bending or yielding to the authorities of the tonal environment. This is goal oriented, however, in that taking on such a subservient position is optimal to the manner of working of the upper four domains (memory, intuition, theurgy, and self). The Aeolian structures itself to render optimal (and impeccable) service to the authorities which it has identified, and in such remains free to pursue its true workings in a state of agreement with a selected tonal structure. The relativity of the self to all that surrounds is structured on a point-by-point basis, with each element of connection and relativity being maintained separately. Within the scope of the tonal time base, the Aeolian fully immerses itself within the environment and conditions of a given time. However, in the broader sense, this immersion is cyclic considering the multiplicity of diverse environments to which the Aeolian must tend.

3. Intellect: While the Aeolian is strong in intellect and the faculties of the mind, these are rarely made manifest except when demanded by a given situational immersion. The Aeolian mind is maintained in a "background" role, being strictly a situation-specific utility. In contrast to this, the Aeolian is in constant pursuit of learning - actively taking in all that is presented to them. Through this learning, they become better equipped to address the tonal components of a given environment in agreement with its knowledge base. They do not employ this knowledge in a "direct" manner, however. Instead, they make use of its "pathways" to connect this "base" with the components they establish through their workings.

4. Desire: The Aeolian is not primarily driven by its own desire, as the Aeolian body of workings are not geared toward the self (except in terms of "lower-level" tonal economies and the "higher-level" economies of the non-tonal). Rather, the Aeolian takes its drive from the expression of the desires of those within the environment in which the Aeolian pursues its manner of working. These "sources of desire" actually originate from a multiplicity of diverse environments, as the Aeolian manner cannot be impeccably exercised if restricted within a singular system (connecting myriad tonal and non-tonal systems, both directly and by imputation, is common within the Aeolian manner).

5. Self-Awareness: Aeolians maintain multiple bodies of self-awareness, each geared toward a given elective environment (or any subset thereof). As such, the Aeolian is able to functionally interact in a subservient role to any other schema orientation, providing for an uncompromising fullness of support to stimulate the manner of that schema. Aeolians enthusiastically embrace all individuals, conditions, and components which have dynamic presence within their elected environment. Each of these are regarded for their role in either forwarding or perturbing this environment...and each of these is treated as a functional utility by the Aeolian within their manner.

6. Volition: Highly regarded for their reliability and efficiency, Aeolians are seen as constantly working (even more so than the Locrians). The Aeolian visibility is relegated purely to their tonal functioning...and, even then, is kept to an outward minimum - each manifest tonal function being made wholly visible to but a singular individual (in most cases) as dictated by the needs of the given task. In terms of capabilities, the Aeolian shows a high degree of adaptability to any domain within which tonal functioning is required. They will readily become a technician, an architect, an artist, a teacher, a writer, a builder, a gardener, etc - any task which from a tonal perspective would serve to facilitate their true workings. As such, they are effectively the "renaissance men" of the schema structure, demonstrating an acuity for any pertinent volitional task. The only exception to this is with respect to travel, as the Aeolian is only fully functional when they are "standing still". All outward manifestation - both within the first and second attentions - are measured relative to their fixed point. Any movement will require a re-calibration of their monitoring and feedback structures, thus impeding the forward progression of their working. In all cases, Aeolians establish a solid and static point of residence - a "home" - within the first and second attentions, and from here pursue the whole of their workings.

7. Memory: Of all the schema, Aeolians are the only ones who wholly embrace the total mass retain. It is in this manner that they maintain a contiguous map of the correspondences between their first and second attention functioning. The memory of the Aeolian is as a living organism (in the form of active algorithm), within a constant state of flux and re-flux. The impeccable Aeolian will relinquish even their own personal history in order to provide the optimal environment for this structure of mass retain (sometimes, they would be outwardly perceived as being "forgetful" as a result of this). Memory, for the Aeolian, is therefore not so much a place for containing stored time-records as it is an active mapping facility. As a consequence, Aeolians will typically employ other modalities (written, etc) as tools for "remembering"...reserving the memory exclusively as a place of residence for the total mass retain.

8. Intuition: The Aeolian manner of working makes profound utilization of stochastics in the act of creation, freely incorporating their behaviours into all workings. In this manner, these events can serve to further the effects of the working. Intuition, however, is not afforded the same it is subject to intense provings before it is incorporated into their manner. The Aeolian's comfort with and utilization of stochastics is rooted in their adherence to algorithm. Their skills at formal expression render the form of the determinism behind the stochastics, providing for a stable and even "predictable" (via rational approximation) structure for integration.

9. Theurgy: Aeolians employ "powerful workings" as a common component within their manner of being. Their highly developed abilities within the algorithmic domain render this a natural tool for their pursuits in effecting change. However, they are lacking in the domain of "force of perception", as their intimate understanding of the determinism of stochastics renders this resource ineffectual. Instead, all workings are pursued in a deliberate manner and with the exhaustive definition of every employed component. This domain is where the true function of the Aeolian becomes manifest.

10. Self: The true self of the Aeolian is the embodiment of a catalyst for effecting change, primarily through the workings of the second attention. In their most impeccable state, Aeolians possess two distinct "selves". The "outward projection" of the self is that of the selfless servant, quiet, faithful, taking on any required role and making themselves malleable to fit within any manifest condition or circumstance. The "concealed inner" self conversely is fiercely independent and remarkably powerful in terms of their effective deployment of second attention algorithmic structures. These two "selves" create a balanced synthesis in their manner of being. The composite will of the Aeolian is thus optimized for wholesome and natural integration within and throughout all that surrounds them. The absence of self-reflection both accentuates their service orientation and attenuates any propensity they would have to dwell upon the scope of the power that they wield within the algorithmic domain. The self is merely treated as a utile worker within the whole of the natural scheme, neither greater nor lesser than any other dynamic component therein.

Locrian Schema:

NOTE: The term "infrastructure" is used within this description to denote the combination of the family, the neighbors, the community, the self, and the environment within which these reside. This "infrastructure" - in the order presented above - is the prime consideration of the Locrian.

1. Sensation: The Locrian sensation is characterized by its dependence upon proximity. Perception occurs in concentric spheres which decrease in magnitude as the distance from the body increases. Thus, the closer the stimulus is in the physical domain, the greater the impact...there is no "action at a distance" for the Locrian. The whole of the Locrian "world" is firmly rooted in the tonal, and the "non-ordinary" does not even enter into the sphere of perception. All action and reaction is localized. Only that which is manifest to the senses in stability and continuity is rendered the fullness of regard. The Locrian must effectively be "touched" by something - through its proximate tonal manifestation - for it to be "real".

2. Awareness: As with the domain of sensation, the Locrian awareness is localized. The focus is upon the infrastructure...all things that remain in direct and continuous contact with the Locrian. They are profoundly social individuals, and actively seek to establish their "place" among all things proximate to them. Awareness is dendritic, and propagates among Locrians through their direct contact and interaction. Communication - their mode of transmission of awareness - is verbal and through action. This localization brings about consensus, and this consensus becomes the foundation of the Locrian manner of being.

3. Intellect: The Locrian intellect is a composite of proximate consensus and that which is learned in order to address local needs. It is a purely functional intellect, dealing primarily with the conditions of the immediate perceived surroundings and those within this environment. There is little consideration for "hypothetical" or "symbolic" is a resource to govern the doings, not for thinking about them. The whole of the Locrian mentality is simple, straightforward, and "to the point" - geared solely toward the needs of the infrastructure.

4. Desire: Locrians are driven by that which is pragmatically shown to be of greatest benefit to the infrastructure. Desire is rarely individualized, as it requires the full support of the surrounding "body of desire" in order to have any persistence. To be of "service to the infrastructure" is the single greatest motivator for the within this infrastructure they find their "place" and make their "home".

5. Self-Awareness: For a Locrian, self-awareness is comprised of the aggregate sum of the nearest "points" - most commonly the family, the immediate neighbors, the self, and the immediate environment - and touches the remainder of the infrastructure only through these "points". Similar to the Ionian, the Locrian is effectively "selfless" (albeit on a less global scale). The concept of "self" is wholly generated from that if the most proximate points of the infrastructure, and it is thus formed by the "force of perception" exercised from these points.

6. Volition: Locrians are highly volitional beings, geared towards hard work and exhaustive effort. Because of their localized orientation, they rarely travel beyond the scope of their immediate environment. They approach every action with great vigor - work, recreation, eating, even sleeping. Most volitional tasks undertaken are structured as a manifold effort, optimally employing the individual strengths of each member according to their abilities. Volition is the key to the Locrian manner of being, as this is how the infrastructure is created and maintained.

7. Memory: Locrians place great value upon memory and the stored time record. This is where they keep the "inner fruits" of their workings and interactions. The memory is the repository of all sensorial stimulus and experience. Further, it acts as a "greenhouse" for the consensus derived from the infrastructure. The Locrian memory is firm and not readily inclined to change. It is a solid and well-grounded foundation, providing a means of inner stability and reinforcement which exists in complement with the outer infrastructure.

8. Intuition: There is little room for intuition and creative pursuit within the Locrian manner of being. When such qualities are manifest, it is most commonly employed as an "expressive outlet" - and given to recreational or artistic endeavours. Stochastic occurrences are not well received by Locrians, as these are perceived as a threat to stability. They thrive upon predictability. However, these same stochastic occurrences will often serve to "strengthen the bonds" of the Locrian infrastructure.

9. Theurgy: Taken as a whole, the Locrians exhibit a profound acuity for "force of perception". In this manner, they establish and effect change upon their immediate environment. Combining their awareness with the steadfast nature of their memory, they are constantly involved in the "re-creation" of their infrastructure. However, rather than using this resource primarily to effect change within their environment, they employ manifold force of perception to "effect stability". Because of the great power of this manifold force, transformation becomes a most labored process. When such transformation does occur, though, it does so on an grand scale - propagating point by point, and over time, throughout the infrastructure - ultimately becoming the "new consensus" upon which all is built. Thus, "powerful workings" for the Locrians simply involve "rebuilding the same world anew" perpetually...and all below the threshold of awareness. As such, they become a profound resource for "holding the world together".

10. Self: Locrians are highly organized within their collective manner of being, comprising a singular wholesome body. Likewise, their will is the will of this aggregate body. No Locrian can exist separate from this body, as it is the whole of the collective body which makes up the "definition" of each individual. While the Locrians are effectively "self-contained" in this manner, they will frequently turn to Aeolians or Ionians - those involved in "powerful workings" - in times of uncertainty or instability. The primary economy they provide in return is their cumulative force of perception.

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